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  • commented on Julie Belshe 2017-10-30 09:44:17 -0700
    My sister and I still are being blocked seeing our father by our brother. He is keeping our father who had dementia like a prisoner in his house. We are at our wits end. My dad is now 90 and are not allowed to see him. I hired a attorney in Beverly Hills and that was useless. My brother hired people to hack all our emails, phones it has been unreal, we have police reports, FBI and DOJ and Nobody has helped us. What can we do? This is a horrible nightmare we are living… My dad is millionaire and lives at a movie ranch in Lancaster on 40 acres and my brother has everything with cameras and watches everything and he will not let us see our father. We truly need help in this matter. My father was a bit actor when he was young. He was never famous but owns real estate downtown LA. My brother has confiscated Everything and our mother died in 2012, My brother has always lived with my parents never moved out never married, no children. He and my father NEVER got along and we are all married. Me and my sister are truly living a NIGHTMARE.. Need Help from someone who can help. Ive spent my retirement trying to get help..This is CRAZY..There are actually website that show people how to do this! One is This is serious business people. We need to change LAWS about this…. Cant anyone help us???