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  • commented on Access and Visitation 2018-03-02 09:11:46 -0800
    I was my mothers health care agent and trustee, Senior Lifestyles Corporation still denied me access to medical information and did not abide by the 42 CFR laws or the nursing home reform act or local Pa laws. We have no means of redress, I filed a federal Habeas and it was denied
    so I appealed,_et_al
    We need STRONG FEDERAL oversight and accountability with criminal penalties, my mom Genevieve Bush has been isolated since January 2016 receiving only bare minimal care. Mom has been denied the right to see her cardiologist, urologist, orthopedic doctor. Maybe some of our advocacy should be directed to the Governor in every state and the CEO’s of these billion dollar holding facilities. I am not getting any help in Pa, the forced isolation and lack of good care will take my mothers life.