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Mountaineagle.com: Local crime victims remembered at candlelight vigil

Kerri Kasem, daughter of the late entertainment personality Casey Kasem, was the keynote speaker at Tuesday’s candlelight vigil to honor crime victims in Walker County. The event, now in its sixth year, is one of the largest victims' rights events in the state, according to Walker County District Attorney Bill Adair. It coincides with National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, which is observed April 2-8 across the nation. Continue reading

AL.COM: Daughter of radio legend Casey Kasem talks elder abuse, prevention at Alabama crime vigil

If anybody had told Kerri Kasem that one day her life would be devoted to protecting the elderly, she likely wouldn't have believed them. The daughter of radio legend Casey Kasem - best known for hosting American Top 40 for decades - had her own successful career in radio and was living out her dream. Continue reading

Capital Gazette: Visitation bill championed by daughter of Casey Kasem advances in General Assembly

Legislation advocating for rights of family members of sick, disabled or dying people is moving forward in the Maryland General Assembly, though amendments to the bill have largely watered down its original intent.  Continue reading

Living With Someone Through Grief

It’s that smiling face the country has seen countless times, legendary broadcaster Casey Kasem whose legacy was tarnished by a deteriorating public death, one before his time. What I didn’t expect to learn was how his daughter Kerri Kasem would teach me how to stand tall while carrying the weight of grief. The one emotion and nightmare we all fear; losing a loved one. Continue reading

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Kasem Cares Visits Vintage Assisted Living in Westwood CA for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Recap of Kerri Kasem and Facebook live event Every year, 10% of Americans over the age of 60 experience abuse, which can occur at home, in a nursing home or anywhere else. Fortunately, there are many people actively researching and working to prevent elder abuse of all kinds. Many people typically think of elder abuse as being physical, but there are other ways that abuse can occur; sexually, emotionally and psychologically, as well as neglect, self-neglect, abandonment and financial or material exploitation.  

The Purposeless Life

One of the most unfortunate side effects of moving to a senior living community can often be the loss of purpose for the resident. People who have led active, demanding, hard-working lives suddenly find themselves with no actual purpose anymore. No one needs them to go to work and earn a living, no one is depending on them to cook dinner for a hungry family, no one cares about whether or not they have anything relevant to say about current events or asks for their advice on life problems. Continue reading

What is the Visitation Bill?

The Kasem Coalition is waging a state-by-state lobbying campaign to support the “Visitation Bill” or bills with similar components.  Continue reading

Kasem Cares Conference in Orange County Spurs Tears, Laughter and Awareness

The Kasem Cares Conference on Aging wove together panels of distinguished professionals, heart-wrenching stories, educational presentations and humor this weekend in Costa Mesa, California. Kasem Cares founder Kerri Kasem took the stage at the national event along with a host of prominent speakers, survivors and celebrities to elevate awareness of elder abuse issues.  Continue reading

Coalition for Elder and Dependent Adult Rights

 The Kasem Conference on Aging took place Friday and Saturday.  I spoke on Policies that Encourage Elder Abuse.  Those issues apply equally to abuse of dependent adults.  Send an email for a pdf of my slides. Several speakers spoke on isolation as an indicator of abuse.  San Diego DA Paul Greenwood called isolation the biggest red flag for elder abuse.  Greenwood trains police officers that isolation nearly always accompanies financial and/or physical abuse.    Continue reading


Here's  a list of things abusers do when taking control, isolating and abusing  an elder. The same actions are also taken by guardians, strangers,  caretakers, a family member, banks, lawyers, business employees etc. You are not alone. I've come to the realization that there are common threads in how the abuse is accomplished. Continue reading


It happened to me too.  Even though I was a mental health professional and care manager working with older adults.  Even though my husband and I had previously been caring for my grandmother in our home and received rave reviews about the care we were providing.   Isolation abuse happened to us.  Continue reading

Kasem Adds Two States In Fight For Family Rights Laws

  By Matthew Melton Washington State is working to keep the elderly from becoming isolated from their adult children. Two key laws, House Bills 2401 and 2402, were heard before the House Judiciary Committee on January 20, 2016. They would require that an individual be given access to their loved ones, in the event that their elderly family member has a court appointed guardian other than themselves. These laws become critical when considering the amount of corrupt guardians; caregivers who are not looking out for the best interests of the elderly or their families. Washington is just one battle in a larger fight. This is where Kerri Kasem comes in: she is among those championing the aforementioned laws (also known as the “Visitation Bill”). With her father-- the late radio icon Casey Kasem as her inspiration-- she takes the fight personally. To this end, she pours her heart into Kasem Cares and the Kasem Coalition. Kasem Cares is a non-profit focused on ensuring the dignity of the elderly, while the Kasem Coalition focuses solely on lobbying efforts needed to bring about changes in current elderly laws. Continue reading