Corey Feldman On-Air Saturday, Call In Number To Talk ‘A Tale Of Two Coreys’ Lifetime Movie

Corey Feldman is getting a lot of press these days. In addition to his activism and Truth Campaign where he is taking action against an elite pedophile ring that abused him while a teen in Hollywood, he has a new Lifetime movie coming out in January. Feldman co-wrote and executively produced A Tale of Two Coreys that discusses his viewpoint of life in Hollywood and the relationship he had with fellow actor Corey Haim. Though Feldman isn’t speaking publicly about Corey Haim’s abuse, it is depicted in the movie based on information that was confided in Feldman and what he himself experienced. Both Coreys came to prominence for movies they made together. Meanwhile, both were suffering their own private hells due to sexual exploitation and abuse.

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