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    I have been working for two years with a mother and daughter.

    Daughter was not ready for adulthood when she turned 18.

    Mother applied for guardianship. The guardianship was initiated

    but she did not get the appointment. The guardian now holding

    that position made sure the 18 year old would not have contact

    with her mother. The ward was put into a psychiatric facility for

    several months. She was not permitted to talk to family.

    She attempted suicide.

    Two years later her condition is far worse than before. She has

    also increased her weight.

    Her mother found where she was staying in a group home

    and attempted to call her. Her guardian called the police.

    The young lady is quite confused. She has no idea of her income

    and does not know where her belongings are.

    The ward’s cell phone is blocked. Somehow the mother has reached

    the ward more and more. The mother’s doctor told her to summon the

    ward to standby brain surgery. The was was permitted a few minutes

    with her mom but the guard who brought her insisted on being in on the


    Last week the ward attempted another suicide. The local hospital was

    crowded and she was sent to Carrol Iowa. Today she returned to the group

    home and texd her mother. At the Carroll Hospital she was denied when

    she wanted to contact her mom on her moms birthday Feb 11.

    There are many examples with Lisa Noble has interfered to cut off communication

    between mother and ward. The longest isolation was from mother’s day 2015 to

    December 2016.

    I have noted that 633.637 can be used in legal case – but how does one report

    the violation of the Kasem Law in Iowa?

    Thank you.

    John Harvey 515-282-2672

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