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    Kasem Cares isn’t just limited to the experience of daughter of celebrity father Casey Kasem; rather, Kerri’s experiences are just like countless other adult children with ailing parents all over the country, who have a step-parent or other caretaker placing restrictions and inhumane conditions upon the relationship between these adult children and their ailing parents.

    Because she grew up the child of a renowned entertainer and she now works in the entertainment industry herself, Kerri has spent more of her life underneath the spotlight than most people. Unfortunately, these circumstances have placed her private and very personal family tragedy on public display for all to see. The legal battles Kerri has fought and won—both for the right to visit her father and to obtain control over his medical care—brought national awareness and attention to issues many adult children today face and/or may one day confront in today’s world of blended families. With the death of father, Casey Kasem in June 2014, Kerri no longer has to fight to stop the elder abuse that was being perpetrated upon her dad; she nevertheless remains actively involved in the elder abuse prevention community.

    PLEASE join us in funding elder abuse awareness and education through Kasem Cares. Any amount is helpful and appreciated.

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    Kasem Cares is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible. For your reference our tax identification number is 47-3610518.  



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    First of all – THANK YOU KERRI!

    All these stories break my heart! Together we can all make a difference and make changes happen.


    My mother and I have been extremely close my whole life. She is the love of my life!

    Approximately three years ago, as moms health continued to decline her so called “boyfriend” has taken over. I have been shut off from all communication. My mothers “boyfriend” and I do not see eye to eye on much of anything. My mother always told me, he was jealous of the close relationship she and I had. (how sick it that?) I am blocked from calling and have zero communication with my mom. This boyfriend has her under lock and key at his home. He makes it extremely difficult for anyone to communicate and or visit with my mom. He continues to alienate others as well, moms best friend and even her sister are blocked from calling the house.

    Just like Kerri, the boyfriend claims I am after her money etc. I am VERY CONCERNED about her well being. I feel she has been manipulated, and abused both emotionally and psychologically. She deserves to see her daughter, and friends. She needs love and laughter in her life. I deserve to see her!

    This whole situation has been the most difficult thing I’ve had to deal with in my life. I think about my mom every single day. My heart is broken. This is so upsetting and so so wrong!!!!

    I have reached out to multiple attorneys. The advice is not encouraging, good luck with a long expensive guardianship case. Also, no luck with the social or case workers either. I live in Colorado and my mom is in Massachusetts, which makes it even more difficult. I can tell the social workers have been educated by the boyfriend that I am the crazy daughter looking for money etc. I have my own money, this has never been about “the money” I feel my mothers money should be spent on her and her well being. What ever she wants, whatever makes her happy, right?!

    The boyfriend took control of her finances and her home a few years ago. He is hiding her money and I believe committing fraud as he claims, on her behalf that she has zero funds. Therefore taking advantage of Mass Health and Medicare.

    The boyfriend also befriended another older woman prior to her passing a few years back. Guess who has all her money and personal belongings now? I find it very difficult to believe that this wonderful sweet old woman he befriended didn’t have any family or friends??

    There have been so many red flags with this so called boyfriend. My mom talked about ending the relationship for years. But, for whatever reasons stayed stuck in the relationship. The ugly awful sad story goes on and on…

    I just want to be able to talk to her, like we used to. I would love to visit with her, hug and kiss her. Make her laugh again… I need my mother and she needs me!!!

    This law is so important to me and I would like to prevent this awful situation from happening to others . IT IS SO WRONG!! If my mom was able to comprehend any of the current situation she would be absolutely horrified!!

    Again, thank you for your support and all your efforts Kerri!

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    Every organization needs volunteers. Friends of Kasem Cares has so much work to do as awareness of elder abuse and neglect issues remains frightfully scarce. Any and all volunteer efforts will be welcome and appreciated. Will you help?

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