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     The Kasem Conference on Aging took place Friday and Saturday.  I spoke on Policies that Encourage Elder Abuse.  Those issues apply equally to abuse of dependent adults.  Send an email for a pdf of my slides.

    Several speakers spoke on isolation as an indicator of abuse.  San Diego DA Paul Greenwood called isolation the biggest red flag for elder abuse.  Greenwood trains police officers that isolation nearly always accompanies financial and/or physical abuse.   

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    2015 American Public Health Association Conference

    Elder Mistreatment and the Public’s Health

    Moderator: Linda Kincaid, MPH

    Opening Comments:

    As we discuss public health aspects of elder mistreatment, please bear in mind that statistics represent individuals. Charts and numbers represent suffering of families and their loved ones.

    My mom had Alzheimer’s and spent her last years in long-term care. It was a beautiful facility nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. An enclosed courtyard kept residents safe from outside harm.

    But all was not as it appeared… Caregiver records tell a story of pain and fear. My mom was terrified of a male caregiver who worked alone at night in the dementia unit. Records show that my mom fought, screamed, and begged for help. She often complained of “pain in stomach.”

    Records show that my mom received extra meds when the male caregiver present. The facility silenced her cries with Ativan, Seroquel, and Haldol.

    After a year of increasing agitation and chemical restraint, the facility nurse left a message that my mom was at a “non-emergency medical appointment.” But Kaiser’s records say my mom was in the emergency room. An ambulance took her to the ER for vaginal bleeding, genital trauma, and severe agitation.

    Records show that my mom begged, “Help me. Help me. Help me.” Kaiser discharged her back to the facility.

    The facility nurse quickly determined that my mom needed “a higher level of care.” They transferred her to skilled nursing. They terminated the male caregiver. And six weeks of staffing records mysteriously disappeared.

    Our attorney asked the male caregiver if he ever sexually assaulted my mom. The caregiver exercised his Fifth Amendment right and declined to answer the question.

    The sheriff refused to discuss the case with us. The DA determined there was “no evidence of a crime.” California’s Department of Justice also determined there was “no evidence of a crime.”

    You may ask why we didn’t move my mom from the facility. She was under guardianship. We spent $400K trying to get the court to intervene. But our concerns were ignored.

    Our current systems are failing our elders. And public health interventions move very slowly. But if we move slowly on these issues, we could be the next victims.

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