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    Kasem Cares isn’t just limited to the experience of daughter of celebrity father Casey Kasem; rather, Kerri’s experiences are just like countless other adult children with ailing parents all over the country, who have a step-parent or other caretaker placing restrictions and inhumane conditions upon the relationship between these adult children and their ailing parents.

    Because she grew up the child of a renowned entertainer and she now works in the entertainment industry herself, Kerri has spent more of her life underneath the spotlight than most people. Unfortunately, these circumstances have placed her private and very personal family tragedy on public display for all to see. The legal battles Kerri has fought and won—both for the right to visit her father and to obtain control over his medical care—brought national awareness and attention to issues many adult children today face and/or may one day confront in today’s world of blended families. With the death of father, Casey Kasem in June 2014, Kerri no longer has to fight to stop the elder abuse that was being perpetrated upon her dad; she nevertheless remains actively involved in the elder abuse prevention community.

    PLEASE join us in funding elder abuse awareness and education through Kasem Cares. Any amount is helpful and appreciated.

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    Kasem Cares is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible. For your reference our tax identification number is 47-3610518.  



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    My name is Tammy Budgins and I live in Germantown, Wisconsin. My father had an aneurysm and suffered several strokes and has been in and out of the hospital/nursing home for the past 10 years. Over the last several years, I was able to visit him at the day care center where he stayed during the day throughout the week. I visited him at least once every week for those 10 years and daily if he was hospitalized. Ever since I voiced my concerns to my mother regarding his care and the situation at home, we do not speak. My mother recently could not afford to send him to the nursing home and now he is living at home with her full time and with another male companion. I do not know this individual, he is a stranger that they met at a casino and he now lives with them rent free. You can imagine why I’m concerned. Now, my mother is solely caring for my dad and will not allow anyone to speak to him or see him. She is diabetic and in very poor health and needs to use a walker to get around.

    Due to my dad’s frequent hospitalizations, I never knew whether he was at home, at the hospital, or in a nursing home. I would have to call around to nursing homes to see if my dad was there because my mother would not tell me where he was. I made weekly phone calls to the hospital to see if he was admitted and if he was, my mother blocked me and all family members from receiving any information on his well being. One time I called the hospital and learned that he was just admitted to the ICU. Due to my mother’s instruction, they could not disclose any information to me. I spent the entire next 2 days wondering if he was dead or alive. I can’t even explain how horrible it was knowing that my father was dying and that I wasn’t able to be by his side to comfort him and to say good bye!

    I haven’t seen or spoke to my father in over 3 months now. I have no idea how he is doing and no way of finding out. For my own sanity, I have had to put this aside and come to terms that I most likely will never get to see him again before he dies. My last visit unbeknownst to me was the last time I may ever see him. I love him dearly and we really became close. Time is running out and the only hope I have to see him again is if the legistration for House Bill 43 (allowing visitation rights) is passed in Wisconsin. Not only should it be passed in the state of Wisconsin but throughout the entire United States so something like this will never happen again to anyone else. A Guardian should be the person to protect the wishes of an ailing person, but they should not have the authority to strip them of all of their rights!

    Please, please pass House Bill 43!!!

    Thank you for your time.

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