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    My Father is home with my StepMother who will not ket me see my dying Father. This has been going on for years. I am 61 ..married 37 years and have 3 grown children. My father’s wife has been married 3 times. My parents were married for 35 years then my mother died. The were never divorced. My Father is now 95..had TBI…I took cared of him for 2 years in nursing Homs and hospitals after years of his new wife dividing us. He married her at 70 a few years after my mother died. For the past 4 years since his brain injury 5 years ago and me taking care of him like a private nurse with her galavanting around neglecting him, she has now spent the past 3 years cutting off phone, emails and all communication. He has dementia and has also convinced him that I am evil and she lies about things I never did. I have tried over and over again. Reaching out to so many to help me. NO success. This is evil, toxic & elder abuse not allowing a sick 95 year old dying man to have his daughter come say goodbye:(