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    I need support to fight the intentional isolation of my father at a facility. My 94 year old father had been living in the NC Veterans home in Black Mountain for almost a year following rehab from a fall. My sister who was his POA and who lived in Pennsylvania decided she was just going to leave him there to die. Meanwhile she started cleaning out his house without his permission. He noticed a lot of items were taken and he was quite unhappy about it. So he called me in Indiana and asked me to come see him, wherein he changed the POA to me. He decided he wanted to move out of the nursing home, so we took him to Indiana with us, and thats when she filed a petition against him alleging he was incompetent. A interim guardian was appointed for his finances (which was fine by me as there had not been any auditing or oversight of my fathers finances for 7 years.=). An Interim guardian was appointed for his person ( a for profit organization) and they proceeded to force him back to NC and back to the nursing home. He has been isolated at this nursing home that he calls “jail”. He is not allowed phone calls or visits from either my family or my sisters until the hearing is over. Basically he is being denied his civil and human rights. He states he is no longer a person- and they are telling him when he can breathe. He is not incompetent. yet they are treating him as such. The guardian of his person removed the new cell phone I purchased for him. I am fighting to get his rights restored and to have this agency stop treating him like a child. i would agree to supervised visits as well. If he needs help with some things, fine— but he should be allowed to live where he wants and to choose who he wants to spend time with. Removing all his rights is unethical and improper and if the NC courts support this abusive treatment of their elders while they are waiting on incompetency hearings then the state legislators need to put that in writing. If it is not a common practice to deny people their rights, then that also needs to be in writing and if a guardian agency oversteps their bounds they should be held accountable.

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    What state are you in? I feel the sadness you are having and know that you are suffering. Does anyone have guardianship? You can file a petition at the courthouse where your mom lives and request guardianship. You can also request the local police to do a well check on her. They will ask her if she is being treated well. You can also call the states Adult Protective Services with your concerns. They are required by law to go check. Let me kniw what state you are in and ill find someone to help you.