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    Hi Carrie I’ll try and be brief I wish I had read about your story back in September but I want to say how sorry I am that you’ve gone through such a terrible time in the past. My father was hidden away without any disclosure of address between September 2017 and November 2017. Because the eldest brother has power of attorney nobody would help I contacted everyone from assembly people to the Senator’s office District Attorney’s office Social Services my dad’s doctor Police Department I was just shocked by the lack of help. Because of my dad being hit in the way he is also blind legally his house of course it. Which was my primary worry once he entered hospital I contacted Social Services again because I have an extremely dysfunctional family that I stay away from I was the only person outing the fact that my dad was being hidden and things that were being done to him I was treated very badly by Young nurse who was caring for him on his first night there as if I was a source of the problem my son also witnessed this. I finally got a little help on the social services side when a house supervisor helped me out as I needed to report an incident the poww brother intercepted a phone call on the hospital phone and try to intimidate me and told me to stay away. After this call a few days later all sorts of information was texted to me and disclosed update on his hospital care were given and I had one day of happy victory. My dad was been moved by the p o w and a sibling who happens to be an RN have the eldest brother also works for Kaiser but not in a medical capacity. I wanted that house supervisor and case manager to document what happened to the police and I called at least 8 to 10 times speaking to every department and no one ever returns my calls. I am a single parent of low-income therefore getting a lawyer is not an option but I just wanted them to be accountable for what they did to my dad since they got in trouble at that hospital I’m assuming as all information had been overturned to me by the way the caregiver that they hid him away with quit as soon as her address was given. They have now moved him to a hospital so far away that they know it will be difficult for me to visit once he was out of hospital he is now living with that RN who is the spokesperson and receiving 24/7 care with caregivers coming in because she lives so far away and I haven’t spoken to her in over 9 years because she is a mentally unstable person but no charges have been made by people in the past which is unfortunate she always comes up smelling of roses. Fortunately my dad is still alive and with us I thought we were going to lose him before Thanksgiving as a result of the treatment he had and the isolation he suffered between September and November she has suffered some small Strokes and now can no longer speak well enough to understand over the phone they’ve put him so far away. I am not a freeway driver they know it is difficult for me to get there and I have not been invited or given certain times to be there so that I do not run into other family members. I just want the power of attorney who has pretty much put that RN in charge of everything and as far as I can see never even visited him just takes care of paperwork to be accountable and for it to be documented as to what they did to my father. I wanted it 2 be local law so that the police will have to be involved, I wanted to be a crime to hide an elderly person and a crime to not disclose and address for an elderly person this is the reason why no one on a city level would get involved not even the DA’s office people like me who do not have access to lawyers cannot get any help trust me I called the ACLU legal aid every single number you can think of I called and I am now exhausted and my heart breaks because I don’t know when I will never see my father again. He was always an enabler of abuse that’s why I don’t see my estranged mother to the siblings and their behavior and so I stay away even when they were hiding him and he could still speak because he was blind he didn’t know where he was and he didn’t want to rock the boat and now the poor man can’t even eat he wanted so much to have a Thanksgiving dinner she’s been on the tube since November. Maybe with your help we can speak to assembly people and our local senators and get a law passed to make it a crime to hide an elderly person without an address you cannot get a welfare check social services Just Smiles and says I can’t help you it is imperative that a laws passed so that police and District Attorney’s office has to help and find an elderly person that’s in Hidden Away. Anyway I’m so sorry for your loss love your dad and the horrible stress you’ve gone through thank you for your time and I pray that all people contact and write a letter to their assembly person to get this ball rolling let’s make it a law let’s get legislation to pass this so no one will ever have to suffer not knowing where an elderly person is and for that elderly person not to be isolated. Everyone knows isolation break a person down this is why it is used in prisons but should never be used on civilians and those weaker than ourselves. Thank you j u d e Mata s

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