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  • commented on Access and Visitation 2018-06-05 04:44:09 -0700
    Laurie Lucey, the Federal Laws that govern these facilities are NOT enforced, usually the Health Department has the oversight because these facilities receive federal funding, although they are pretty good at citing for poor care they do not effectively cite the residents rights even when the resident is being intentionally isolated. I personally filed a federal Lawsuit against Senior Lifestyles Corporation because they threatened my mom that she will never see me (her only daughter) ever again for reporting them for violations of State and Federal codes. I was my mothers legal Health Care Agent and was ignored, the for profit guardian Carol J Hershey wrote a “letter” and without a court ordered “banned” me from seeing my mom in January 2016. Even with laws that are in place to protect the victim (the resident) there is no real over site or real penalties. They have profited to the tune of over 12k per month keeping my mom locked in as a cash paying “inmate” . The right of association and communication is being erased by these corporate “nursing homes” stating they are “private property” and have the right to determine who and when you can be on their premises. My federal case concluded I have a case but need an attorney to continue in federal court, I cant find any agency, state or federal court, police, advocacy or anyone who can stop this or help my mom. We need uniform FEDERAL LAWS with oversight, accountability and criminal penalties with jury trials for this abuse of our elderly who can not defend themselves from this abusive isolation and alienation from family, no disability gives these persons the right to isolate and ignore the right we have to see our loved ones.