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    Hello my mother has very early onset Alzheimer’s my sister is POA my sister started out with a problem with me borrowing my mothers car which my mother offered to let me use then proceded to clean out my mothers banking account couple days later my sister started sending police to my mothers house for wellness checks and demanded my mother go into an ambulance for a competency check which my mother agreed too but wasn’t happy about well after 3 days in the local hospital mental ward my mother was released and told she was fully competent and shouldn’t even have been sent there well my mother at this time was very upset with my sister and wanted me to stay with her at her house as I did concerned about what my sister was trying to do the wellness checks by the police continued for about a week sometimes 2 a day until my mother was starting to break down I left for a couple hours and came back to my mothers to find her gone and soon after got a call from police telling me I’m not allowed on my mothers property anymore I tried contacting my sister only to get the a reply that my mother is in a nursing facility and wouldn’t tell me where now a week later still won’t tell me my mothers sister and my mothers boyfriend where she is only that she’s “safe”.I have done everything I can think of to get help with this very devastating situation and can’t get anywhere please help???