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    My mother’s husband died. For six months she was isolated. Removed from her state of birth & her then current residence to SoCal. In this system was isolated, medicated & all her rights taken away. When she spoke up in court she was medicated & headphones placed on her. She never spoke up or interupted again. Her phone was taken in court. She was denied phone calls & visitation with her only child and her dog was taken from her. She complained her pills had changed color, increased in amounts and were making her feel sick, weak & dizzy. She was then placed in memory care with a roommate that physically assaulted her twice leaving her unable to sleep for fear of being assaulted again or being killed in her sleep. She was fitted with a permanent monitor tracking device around her ankle. She states she feels like she is in jail. My mother will either go crazy or die in a situation like this.

    How do I help her?



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    My mother’s husband died a year ago. His 4 children arrived & isolated her including a note they actually sent out stating no contact as they were ‘bonding’ . I could not locate her for 6 months. From Illinois where she has a brother, our family, was born & raised I had our family & friends contacting me as they were unable to contact her. She penned a hand written note stating they

    had taken her address book, changed her passwords, changed the combination on her safe & taken the keys. All her legal, financial & medical documents taken. Within 90 days after her husband’s death they had removed her & everything familiar to her & isolated her. They did take all possessions, my mothers, grandmother’s & also mine. The only thing they gave her we’re 3 memory tests within the 90 days after his death while she was grieving & in shock. They placed her in a LTC 2,000 miles away. Near them. I being in the medical field was contacted by the hospital she presented with chest pain. No LTC or his children even called me. They did show up an hour after I did & only asked not how she was but how I got there. She has been hospitalized at different hospitals & gone to urgent care for amongst other things being assaulted by her roommate not once but twice leaving cut & bruises. Her phone has been taken, her mail taken, visitation refused. Medication sheets have the wrong room number & date of birth on it. She cannot access her own 3 retirements to even have her hair done or purchase toilet paper Wich they state is no supplied. Yet she pays over $4,000 a month for a room where the TV sits on a cardboard box on the floor & her medical equipment & clothing still in their storage in unknown location with refusal to let her retrieve her personal & medical items. She has a current Illinois drivers license but was refused a her car. She has a hematoma from the top left side of her forehead , through her left bloodied eye down past her nose. She is physically, mentally abused, isolated, medicated by staff & his children. I am my mother’s only child & she has no voice now. His children came to tell her they had taken her documents & would be back & she had to sign. She attempted to leave to a hotel & took her dog with her. She then requested a protection order from them. I have not seen it but they claim to have a POA over her. She also revocated any POA. She asked a friend to step in that we trusted but she suddenly became ill & declined. My mother has less rights than a prisoner in jail as I have worked in law enforcement also. How do I go about stopping the abuse & isolation & increasing medications. My mother states she is in jail. No phone, no mail, no visitors. Except his children requesting financial matters from her. Please help me help her. She doesn’t feel well & is fearful & lonley & declines weekly. I am her only voice.


    Brenda Smith Dally


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