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    I am writing this for my life long friend and her mother (the abused). My friend has been a 4th grade school teacher for over 20 years. Other daughter has worked for insurance Co for 40 yrs, in management. 1 yr n 3 mos ago (Aug 2017), my Friend was DPOA of her mother’s finances and medical. There is a existing trust of 28 yrs stating friend as executor and trustee of The family trust. The mother and 2 daughters have been on the same checking account since 2002, which they’re mother paid her bills and rent out of. The mother has never once commingled her money with boyfriend/ illegal husband. My friend lives 2 blocks away from her mother and talked to her every morning on the way to work. My friend had mother and boyfriend over for Sunday dinners. My Friend had stated many times her concern for boyfriend’s health ( heart problems), 87 yr old and when mother, 84, fell twice and he couldn’t help her up. When my friends mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s and 3rd stage kidney failure my friend stepped up and was going to take over her mother’s finances and medical completely ,which she had already been doing, for her mother. My friend has a signed document, by two physicians, stating mother to be incapacitated and not able to use a phone let alone making any financial or life changing decisions. When my friend told boyfriend/landlord to mother,( she paid him unclaimed rent, for 15 yrs), that she would be completely taking over the mother and daughters check book the boyfriend became furious. The next morning the boyfriend shut off her mother’s phone and took her ,across state lines, to Las Vegas and married they’re mother. There is a CA law against that. Kidnapping report made. Friend had a key 12 yrs to mother’s house. When friend found out her mother was taken she went over to her mother’s house too see if her mother had her medication with her wherever she was. The front door was barricaded. Police broke in with my friend waiting outside. When mother and , now husband, got home 6 days later, he had her mother sign 2 TRO on daughter and husband, which was later dismissed, but kept them away for 4 mos. While daughter was restrained from seeing her mother the Husband had mother sign papers for a new POA, changed beneficiaries on trust accounts, and husbands daughter, who lives 8 hrs away, petitioned for conservator of finances and medical, which were already legally in place!!. 1st court date commissioner froze both POAs, assigned A PVP ATTORNEY to represent mother, fudiciary and Fudiciary hired her an attorney. A year ago the commissioner asked the amount in family trust and then stated the courts would eat it up. For 11mos the PVP attorney did not talk with mother’s daughters or sister, only the husband, who the PVP has addressed as his client, as mother’s attorney has also! This is her mother’s attorney appointed by the court who is to be representing the mother, not the perpetrator. My Friend has gone through 3 attorneys, $95,000. In attorney fees. There are so many declarations written from lifelong friends of mother and family. The mother has been totally brainwashed and ISOLATED ,by husband and even hired caregivers, and has repeatedly been told, that her daughter’s have stolen everything from her. When I was talking to her mother Aug 2018 she didn’t remember her life long friend of 67 yrs and also thought she was talking to my mother, who was her best friend and passed. Her Mother receives $11,400. a month, which attorneys did not inform commissioner of the full amount and all money for trust is still in bank, so monies the daughters had frozen was released because the truth was not disclosed. That is over $110,000 in 10 mos and none of These departments, which are supposed to protect the mother, Dont see a motive from the illegal husband? The court had assigned supervised visits for daughters, which are now being denied by mother. These daughters are not criminals, the husband is. The daughter took boyfriend to estate sales ever Sunday and met for Tuesday tacos, took to casino many times. He had her mother’s family totally fooled. The supervising caregivers were writing false statements against daughters, also. What are the qualifications for a court appointed supervisor? I called the caregivers company and most of the caregivers don’t even have their CNAs. Why would these women sit in on everyone of our visits? I still call her mother and have recordings of her mother stating she misses her daughter’s very much and loves them very much. When I tell her she hasn’t seen her daughter’s in 4 mos, she asks me why and then yells for husband and is upset. She totally relies on everything this man tells her. If he loved her he wouldn’t keep her children from her. Her kids and family are her whole world. I asked her if she wants to see her daughter’s and then her whole demeanor changes. The husband has also stated to me, in front of the mother, that the mother doesn’t like talking to her family and friends because they have all desserted her!! The police, DA, FBI, Elder abuse Dept, CBS News, AG- EJI (which is a total Joke) have all been contacted, by my friend and me. THE LAW AND THE COURT IS DEFENDING THE PERPETRATOR (ILLEGAL HUSBAND)!!!

    Today at 1:30 is court. The fudiciary is now requesting full conservatorship over mother. The commissioner has continued the request for more hours for court appointed PVP, FUDICIARY AND Her attorney. The sad part is the mother is paying for all of this!! The court is allowing the attorneys to eat up the estate. Daughters are trying to get this to go to trial so they can speak and show proof of financial, emotional and even physical abuse. During the husband’s deposition he admitted to taking money out of mother and daughters checking account, even getting a ATM Card, and signing her checks. He even contradicted himself and his lies. This man and daughters have their own family trust. The banks won’t even help the daughters with this? The daughters have plenty of proof of fraud, theft and abuse and to this day the court has not allowed any family members to speak!!!! I have not used any names because the way this is all going I’m affraid they will come after me! My friend and family are worried their mother will die thinking her daughter’s have stolen from her and that they don’t love her. The daughters don’t care if

    they’re mother’s sister or lifelong friend is conservator. The daughters are devestated about the time and memories that have been taken away from family. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen and heard my friend and family cry over this nightmare!! What good is a trust, will and DPOA if the court will not even acknowledge it or let the family speak!

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