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    Harassed by my landlord for months and he’s been nothing but rude a changes his mind once little things that’s not going on and I’ve never had my Neighbors come to me with the complaint or the police called for any reason he always wants to come by and look at my home and come up with these issues and try and dive has told me a fiction that’s unbelievable then he doesn’t want to take my rent and I’ve done nothing wrong he is friends with my husband who has walked out on me and he walked out on our least not having to pay anything for their his obligations as well as mine but they didn’t care they wanted me to take him off the lease and he comes by and still arrest as me and they know that they gave me eviction notice and I just went to court to judge or an arm trial but not let us speak or look at our evidence and we had a lot of it to fill and we have until Monday to vacate our home that we love and we established and comfortable here can I have an illness that rumors of my head and I’m sick all the time and I just want to be called I have done nothing wrong and I didn’t have anybody listen to me or ask me my side of the story and I don’t know what to do but I have nowhere to go really honestly thought honestly believe that Justice would have been done at this trial finally the judge could see him put him in his place and if there was lost but she didn’t listen or even take our evidence at all it was like he was being a boy again and you’re being bullied and he was Prejudiced and he didn’t know anything we don’t know why I always have money for him he had no reason to do what she didn’t she ruled in his favor to speak at all I don’t know what to do I don’t have time on my side and I don’t have the street please pray for us God bless you all to thank you!!!!! PS. I was there with no lawyer but he did landlord had a lawyer I know I had faxed but she didn’t even look at them that you did

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