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    People think Guardianship is going to help I only know it as a heart ache. Six siblings used Guardenship to control my mother and isolate her.

    First they arranged a home equity line of credit on my parent’s home they didn’t need. All but ONE credit card was paid in full in 7 months and the balance on December statement was only $1,560 they had the ability to pay off the loans with out the equity line of credit. One sister put her self in charge and wrote large checks to siblings on was $45,000 to buy a third property.

    Another sister wanted the house by having her son’s girl friend to get my mom sign the house over to her. It didn’t work.
    So that sister applied for guardenship in May 2014 they gave it to a paid court guardianship until Oct 2017. during June 2015 threw Aug 28 Myself and my brother’s families were court ordered NO CONTACT,

    The sister that petition got guardianship Oct 2017 and after her husband beat our mom up in the guardian’s home she moved my mom to a senior apartment after a year of being told our mom can not be living in her home on her own. that was Jan 2018 richt away she says my mom’s must be sold no the brother that got a large amount from the home equity line of credit was told to pay it back by a court order or he can not visit his mom her refused and admitted to filling bankruptcy . became conservative even with the GAL and Consevator and myself a brother objecting he brought in more siblings to side with him. Ones that got money from the line of credit Now the guardian will get the house for a few thousand.

    Non of the siblings visit my mom regularly and my sister the nurse who did not report her husband beat up my mom and she is a mandatory reporter. Cut off myself and brother again while my mother’s brother was in town staying with her in the apartment he aproved of the isolation of my mom and cutting us off again! April 2018.

    The judge was told of the son in law attacking my mother a Veteran born 1930 he asked the GAL what is this hearing about?
    permission to pay for the apartment. Then turns to my brother’s lawyer saying your client is trying to make this hearing about visitation and did nothing about the throwing my mom into the wall and letting her fall while yelling this is my house!

    I do not believe guardianship is going to help. The courts tend to agree with the abusers!
    If isolation is listed as elder abuse in your state go after them in a criminal case.

    Probate is all about draining the estate, medicate and isolate the probate court is going to side with the isolator.

    There are laws to keep veteran’s out of guardianship MI the name is uniform military guardenship act 321

    ANY FUNDS FROM THE VA my mom has dividends and that and the fact she passed SIX test! But the Judge is mad my mom used the law and got tested before the court could get their paid Ph.D, to test her first

    know your stste laws on elder abuse