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  • commented on Access and Visitation 2020-02-02 16:57:00 -0800
    My siblings and I fought in court for three years to be able to call and visit mom at her bed and board, which has multiple abuse reports from social service agencies.
    In court, when I read the California laws regarding moms right to receive phone calls or a visit for one hour on holiday s or her birthday.
    Mom says, why can’t I go to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.?!
    She cries, she is hit in the head by her caregiver and her husband, when she “doesn’t answer fast enough “, per moms report. She is very lucid and you can hear the fear in her voice when we speak, because the caregiver is holding the cell phone moms ear, listening.
    The judge said,
    “ oh, there are all kinds of laws on the books “
    (?!?!) and ruled to keep mom there, when we requested to bring her home and assume all financial needs.
    Judge said no
    ( we have pictures of her broken arm, bruises on her face, took her person pictures and robe away.)
    The corruption in Santa Ana Superior Court, Conservatorship dept. is CORRUPT.
    Read the 2019 , Sunday paper, September 23rd, front page article on this very court’s travesties , in the Orange County Daily Register,