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  • commented on Access and Visitation 2020-01-30 12:36:07 -0800
    In 12/2017 Sarasota, FL we discovered my Mom had dementia and was living without a toilet in a hoarded home with most of her IRA missing. We reported the situation.
    A Guardian was placed over my Mom. The Guardian confirmed the POA felony abuse by my sister in 1/2019, The Guardian said she did not feel the need to press charges (Sherriff’s Report).
    The Guardian then moved my Mom into the relative’s house and no other family members are allowed visitation.
    My Mom is isolated from family and alienated from all other relatives. My Mom has not received counseling to understand she is a victim to the degree she can still understand.
    The Guardian runs a home health company and her employees work with my Mom and other wards. It is a conflict of interest but allowed in Florida.
    15 family members have not seen my Mom since the Guardanship took place. Before the Guardianship we saw her often and talked on the phone.
    My Mom has missed graduations, births, weddings,holidays and more. It is devastating to our family.
    It also painful to know our Mom was placed with the relative who financially hurt her.
    We are denied any information on my Mom.
    15 family members have not seen my Mom since December 2017, because we reported abuse that was found to be true.
    While the bill will not help seniors in private family homes it will hopefully help seniors in nursing homes and hospitals.
    At first I could not believe what my sister had done to my Mom. Now I am in anger the complicit actions of the Guardian.

    Isolate, alienate and deny visitation………………