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  • commented on What is the Visitation Bill? 2020-07-04 04:13:19 -0700
    My father has been living with my brother since 2015. Since me and my brother do not get along, I haven’t seen my dad, spoke to him only once, and it’s only because I found out what adult daycare he was being taken to (and now he’s being taken to a new one since my brother found out I called) I know my father wants to speak to me and my other brother, because the last time we spoke he told me he missed us. My aunts and uncles have called, taken road trips and flights to see their brother and my brother won’t allow it.
    My kids are growing up without even knowing their grandfather because my brother doesn’t like people, he doesn’t know certain family members, he doesn’t like family members, he doesn’t like people knowing where he stays, he doesn’t like taking my dad out, he doesn’t want my dad on the phone…. we have no way of communicating with him.
    This bill means so much to me, my heart is filled with joy because I never even knew that people even cared about the victims in situation, families being torn apart because one person has guardianship. It hurts so bad, to miss my father like he’s gone, when I know he’s still us..but I have to live my life as if I lost him long ago.