Kerri Kasem - Founder / President

Kerri Kasem, a multimedia personality, producer and writer, has anchored music, talk and entertainment programs for radio and television. . 2017 marks her twentieth year in the business. In February 2010, she joined Premiere Radio Networks for the launch of Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx and The Side Show Countdown.  In April of 2014, she left Sixx Sense to form the Kasem Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization which and has successfully passed bills in multiple states to stop elder abuse. Soon after her exit from Sixx Sense, Kasem joined Gurvey’s Law on 790KABC.

In addition to co-hosting Gurvey’s Law, Kasem co-hosts the syndicated Red Carpet Radio for Cumulus Media heard on 300 across the US and Get Mortgage Fit heard on 70 stations. In the summer of 2014 Kerri made her return to TV hosting segments for ABC’s Rising Star. Kasem previously served as co-host of the nationally syndicated Racing Rocks with Riki Rachtman for nearly seven years. She has produced and hosted shows for MTV Asia, National Lampoon® and Sprint.Her credits include hosting, MTV USA and Asia, America's Funniest Home Videos and Coming Attractions on the E! Network, FOX News, SiTV’s The Rub and UFC programs Ultimate Knockouts 3, Ultimate and Ultimate Knockouts for the UFC and SPIKE as well as a motorcycle travel show for SPRINT called SEE America. She has also co-hosted mornings with Alan Stock on KXNT in Las Vegas and The Solomon Free Money Hour on Angels AM-830,  she co-hosted Protecting Your Family with attorney Naz Barouti and spent six years on 97.1 FM TALK in Los Angeles and has also been featured in dozens of magazines.

Kasem founded the Kasem Cares Foundation to establish and fight for the rights to have visitation and reasonable access to an ailing parent, especially when under the care and control of an uncooperative spouse or sibling. The Kasem Cares “Visitation Bill” has been passed in 11 states so far CA, TX, IA, UT, LA, VA, AL, WI, IL, AR and NE with 9 other states adopting a version of the Kasem Cares bill to make it a total of 20 states.

On April 27, 2014, her father Casey Kasem’s birthday, she was awarded a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for her foundation’s “dedication to fighting elder abuse and protecting the integrity of the family unit through advocacy.”  On April 23, 2016 at the Kasem Cares Conference on Aging, Assemblyman Mike Gatto gave Kasem Cares the California Assembly Certificate of Recognition. Kasem is also an ambassador for Youth for Human Rights.

She has made guest appearances on, The View, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood, The Doctors, Piers Morgan, Good Day LA, Fox and Friends, Greta Van Susteren, etc. 

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Kathleen Wright-Brawn - Chairman of the Board

Kathleen holds the title of Chairman of the Executive Board at Kasem Care. She is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of Wyatt, Wynnie and Dylan.She worked for the United States Postal service as a mail carrier and union representative for eight years negotiating with management for the rights of her co-workers. 

In  1990 Kathy got involved with the self help movement attending many talks and conferences on sexual abuse, domestic violence and chemical dependency with speakers such as Deepak Chopra,  and John Bradshaw. As a member of the Red Cross she helped hurricane Katrina victims by listening to their stories and obtaining clothes, medical attention and funds for lodgings.

During the Christmas of 2012 Kathy's father was taken by a caregiver friendwho left no information on where they were going or when they'd be back. That was the start of her fathers 14 month isolation, abuse and eventual death at the hands of others. Not only did they isolate Kathy’s father from all family and friends, they stole his entire estate and changed his will leaving nothing to his 4 children or grandchildren. This led to her involvement in Kasem Cares and her position on the executive board of Kasem Cares.For the last 2 years Kathy has lobbied the “Visitation Bill” speaking to dozens of Senators, Assembly Members, Delegates and State Representatives all over thecountry.  She was an instrumental part of the successful passage of the bill in 8 states which helped earn Kasem Cares several awards including Congressional and State Assembly recognition.Kathy personally helps victims who write in or call in to the Kasem Cares helpline. She continues to push the “Kasem Cares Visitation Bill” forward in 2017 by
lobbying 13 new states who have the bill currently going through their legislature.

Naz Barouti

naz_headshot.jpgNazanin “Naz” Barouti is a licensed California attorney and founding partner of Barouti Law Corporation located in Southern California with offices in Brentwood, Glendale, Irvine, San Diego, & Woodland Hills. She is admitted to practice before all California State Courts and the United States District Court for the Central District of California.

Naz has extensive knowledge in the areas of advanced estate planning, business planning, prenuptial/postnuptial agreements, and asset protection. She has counseled individual and corporate fiduciaries in connection with the preservation, management and transfer of wealth.

In addition to managing her own practice, Naz has become a rising legal analyst, public speaker and radio personality hosting her own show called Protecting Your Family on Talk Radio 790 KABC. Every week she is eager to share with listeners legal steps they can take to create, protect and transfer their wealth.

Naz has been featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV and is a legal analyst for various syndicated radio shows throughout the United States.

Angela Clark

As a little girl growing up in Kansas, Angela Neale Clark often rode her bicycle to the local skilled nursing facility to help out with the elders in her community. Today, that early formative experience of aiding senior citizens stills inspires and drives the organization she founded. Living Your Choice is based on the sole mission of helping seniors handle difficult and confusing life transitions. 

As Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Clark believes strongly in providing options that match with an individual’s past experience as well as their vision for their future. This approach guides Living Your Choice’s service model in helping seniors and their families find the right senior housing, or other senior services needed to support a person’s aging process. Over the course of her 20-plus years in the senior living industry, Mrs. Clark has been dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of seniors. Prior to founding Living Your Choice, she held executive level positions with several top-rated providers. She has led thousands of industry leaders and as a champion for individuals during the decision-making process involved in choosing senior-living options. Mrs. Clark is committed with all her heart to making a difference with seniors every day. As a service in the community, she founded Aging Freedom, a non-profit organization that aids seniors who are struggling financially to meet their care and lifestyle needs. Angela Neale Clark received a Bachelor of Science degree and is a Registered Nurse from the University of Kansas. She also completed an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. Her hobbies include running (as part of her regular exercise regimen), as well as traveling and exploring new places. But most of all, she is devoted to her four children and beloved husband.

Carrie Jones - Secretary

Carrie Jones, a native of Southern Illinois, moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 to pursue a music career.  She was a top finalist on the hit television show “The Pussycat Dolls”, which aired on the CW network. Shortly after the show ended she was sought out by Grammy and Oscar winning producers to do background vocals and session work.  In 2011 she joined a girl-group and signed a major record deal with Sony. The group eventually parted ways, and then Carrie’s life took a drastic change..

Carrie’s family informed her that they were unable to reach her 88 year- old great uncle, who resided in California at the time.  After walking up and down the halls of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities (approximately 30 in total), she finally found him in a nursing home a few weeks later.  His first words to her were “I was beginning to think no one would find me in here”.  At that moment she decided to drop everything and help him.  She was horrified when he told her about the abuse he had suffered.  She had no other option but to educate herself about elder abuse, which she diligently pursued. 

Carrie now works for an attorney and dedicates her spare time to raise awareness about elder abuse.  Some of her accomplishments include speaking to Rotary Clubs, local hospitals, and doing radio/print interviews.  In 2016, Carrie was asked to be on the board of directors of the Kasem Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to support victims and survivors of elder abuse, and change legislation. 

“I reached out to Kerri Kasem on her public Facebook page after watching her story play out in the media. Sadly, our stories were similar.  I knew that Kerri’s voice would be heard louder than mine because of her influence.  Now, I am beyond blessed to have found an extended family with Kasem Cares.  I am encouraged to fight every day, because of the people who share their stories with us.  You are not alone.  We WILL change the way that our beloved elders are treated!”

- Carrie L. Jones 

Kelly Rooney

Kelly Rooney has been a hairdresser for almost forty years. She has a daughter Lacy who is thirty.
Kelly is the first daughter born to Mickey Rooney and Barbara Rooney, she  has three siblings. Kerry, Kimmy, Michael.
She is also an advocate for elder abuse, after she and her siblings became aware of their fathers elder abuse.
Towards the end of her fathers life, Kelly and family members were kept from seeing him. It was gradual isolation through the years!
Then her dad went before a judge where he was put into conservator ship. He was put into the hands of a step brother, and  wife. Also a conservator of the court whom should not be allowed to over see anyone's loved one!
Kelly testified about this horrible experience before the California senate, along with Kerri Kasem. We need to be watchful over our loved ones and encourage anyone to ask for help against abuse.

Kelley Rooney from Kerri Kasem on Vimeo.