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    (1/2) I wrote this letter to the State Representatives in Idaho in February of 2017, they tried to be helpful, but acted as though there hands were tied on it was up to the courts. Please read the letter than the update below the on what has happened since the creation of this letter to the state reps. I cannot believe that we have absolutely no rights to see our parents and find myself completely applaud on a daily basis as the courts ignore the humanity of these situations.

    Febraury 23, 2017

    Respectful senators, representatives, of District 19 of Idaho. I am writing you today to ask for your help in a matter that my sister and I feel is in dire need of some Idaho congressional over sight. In recent years, our father has been expressing symptoms of dementia/Alzheimer. He is currently in a care facility in Nampa, Idaho. My sister and I have spent thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees trying to establish some kind of scenario where we can visit him regularly and his wife is opposed to such a situation. She constantly claims, that we have bad relations, that we have papers for him to sign, and that we abandoned him (all which are false accusations). About 1.5 years ago she began isolating him from us, by taking his cell phone away and even blocking us. It was so bad that I was forced to call the police and request a welfare check at one point. The officer was met at the door by a hired care taker that told the officer she had strict orders from his wife to make sure he did not communicate with his children.

    One day my sister and I were served papers that said his wife was petitioning to have him deemed incompetent and that she wanted to be his conservator/guardian. It also said that he had been in such a state of condition for about 2 years at the time (May of last year (2016)is when were served). But within the few months prior to her petitioning the court she had him sign a quit claim deed for his over to her giving her sole rights. She also sold all his vehicles and signed for him. Without a court document allowing such. Seeing how she was handling the matter and the fact she was not allowing us to see him. We decided to contest her appointment. Her step father was a well to do north Idaho farmer how passed away around 2008. Since his only biological child died about 35 years ago under strange circumstances, the only heirs he had left was step children. My father’s wife and her brother. They were both in charge of his estate and about 3 years ago the brother died too of strange circumstances leaving only my father’s wives to receive his approx. 4 million estate. That situation is a little off the subject, however, it seemed to be very helpful to her when we tried to contest in court. Everyone seemed to be sheltered behind attorney’s and statements and accusations were giving to the court about things my sister and I had done/said by people whom we had never met, nor spoken.

    His wife always told us that she would have a plan in place for our father and would keep us informed. But she has done nothing except liquidate him out and place in care facility as soon as she realized that the court was going to appoint her guardian. My sister and I, his grandchildren have not been able to see him on holidays for the past 2 years. Last Christmas we would of loved to have him at our Christmas gathering but she ignored our requests and we believe she traveled to Colorado. Just in recent months she has begun to let us see him once a month supervised. If we want to see him anymore than that we are charged $85 per visit. This all seems very, very wrong to me and anyone else that I discuss the matter.

    She has responded to me one time (ONCE) in the last 1.5 years. She has never provided any health info or visitation requests. Not until we filed in court did see a few docs in regards to health care, but visitation she ignored when requested by anyone (my sister, myself, my father’s brother, or our attorney).

    At times prior to the 1.5 years she would state constantly to me and others who knew my father how bad his condition and his quickly deteriorating health. I spent my entire senior year in high school assisting my grandfather who had Parkinson’s and dementia, helping him work, get in and out of vehicles, heavy equipment, and tasks like using restrooms etc. In recent years I also did the same for my mother’s father when his health was failing. But my father did not seem to be in near the ill health of either of my grandparents.

    [He walked several miles a day, rode his bike, and would swim for about :45 minutes every other day. His memory is not as sharp as it was 20 years ago, and at our monthly visits you can tell he is a bit confused about being in a healthcare facility. But he does not use a cane or have issues swallowing as his wife tells everyone as she keeps him locked in the facility.],

    So, I simply requested the name of the health care provider my father was seeing and any documents/reports that the care provider had produced. I requested this for years, and I was never given any information, not even the name of the doctor.

    One time shortly after my father’s wife had filed to have my father deemed incompetent, she blocked my sister, my uncle, and I from his phone. On advice from my attorney he said I had ever right to go check on my father. I was a little uneasy about this situation. My father’s home always had an open door policy, but his wife purchased a home in a LLC for her and her children when she received her inheritance then had my dad sign a quit claim deed giving his house over to her when she knew he was not competent to sign anything. She then moved him into the new home, which none of us have been invited since they moved there in April 2015. But I needed to know what his situation was and decided to try a visit. Once I arrived, the house keeper (who had been informed by the police officer to not deny us the right to visit our father), was reluctant, but allowed me to speak with my father. My father pulled me to the front of the home and asked me why my sister and I had filed in court to be guardian/conservator and why we wanted to sale all his assets and place him a nursing home?? I was completely beside myself. Everything that we were trying to prevent was being presented to him reversed to make my sister and I look like we had some kind of a “greed” interest. This all seemed very abusive to me and I was perplexed. When I explained to my father that just was not the case and I had the court docs in my car to prove it, he requested to see them. Once I showed him the docs, he seemed to get even more confused and in dis-belief. His wife showed up shortly later verbally abused me and told me that I did not care about my father? What? I did not see any reason to have a confrontation and decided to leave. The following day my attorney received a court document saying that I showed up told my father to put his shoes on so him and could go over to Homedale(small town where my father lived and I grew up) and get his pick-up so he could give it to me? This was never said, also

    that I was trying to get him to sign papers? Again a complete utter lie.

    That is just the tip of the iceberg in things that I have never said, or actions that I have never done. My father was worth around 2.5 million when he married his wife. She sold off his land when her children needed to go college, or she needed to buy a few $25000 horses etc. She also signed a $450,000 prior to her inheritance against my father’s property. When I questioned her about the note many years back, she claimed she was not responsible.

    So really the only money that my father had for his healthcare was his half of equity in his home. She liquidated that prior to having him deemed incompetent. She has made it clear that once his reserves from his home are depleted. That she no longer feels responsible for his health care. She also told my sister years back that she needs to have things set up to point she feels responsible so she can “move on in life”. Naturally this causes concerns with my sister and I. We would like our father to have good healthcare and not be constantly left in the dark. Never, ever in my life have I been restricted from seeing my great aunts/uncles, grandparents, nor anyone when they are in need of being seen the most in their later years. Never, ever, have I been informed that I would be charged to see anyone $85 a session (especially my own father). He always request us to visit him more often when he sees us. But at $85 a session and thousands of dollars of attorney’s fee. My sister and I cannot afford to pay his wife’s ransom. He just thinks we do not want to visit him. This just does not seem fair to us or him at this point.

    Is there any Idaho law that helps elderly people in this situation? If not, I would like there to be one so this does not happen to others in the future.

    That is why I felt compelled to write this letter to you and see if there are any bills that might help protect families and elderly from such situations.

    I appreciate your thoughts/efforts/time trying to better our state. Please put some thought into my sister and I’s situation and help these kind of things from happening to other children/family members in the future.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Hello, I sent an email a few weeks back in regards to trying to share my sister and I’s story about our father. I could not get it to load. It just says saving and never moves beyond that statement. Is it possible that it has limited amount of characters that can be uploaded and I have exceed the capacity? I was trying today as well with the same results. I sent a message before and you responded that the techs where looking into the situation. Please advise.


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