Executive Director for Kasem Cares

Executive Director for Kasem Cares. Jennifer Ponce is a certified public health specialist, a domestic violence expert, and a bilingual prevention education specialist at Laura’s House in Orange County, California. Ms. Ponce has vast experience working with at risk populations, poverty stricken communities, victims and survivors of abuse, drug treatment centers, and in government mental health facilities. Ms. Ponce has performed community outreach and education domestically and internationally. Working in poverty stricken areas of Central America, she helped the community become self-sufficient and thrive in its own setting. She developed and implemented classes teaching essential job skills, sanitation and basic gardening techniques. Ms. Ponce worked with political refugees from countries plagued by civil war and poverty who fled with the help of the United Nations and found refuge in Phoenix, Arizona. She helped develop and implement English classes for refugees. She served as a resource by finding assistance for participants from community programs based on their individual needs. She listened to stories of social injustices they had faced due to abuse, neglect, corruption, and war. Working with children, forensic patients, and the elderly at the Utah State hospital, Ms. Ponce aided in conducting psycho-educational and symptom management patient groups. She helped to educate patients and provide counseling in regards to health, mental health, rehabilitation. She worked closely with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Ms. Ponce is passionate about social welfare, a believer in human rights, an advocate for mental health awareness, and a participant in community development. She has worked with the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and is a former member of the Utah Public Health Association. Committed to the fight against Domestic Violence, Ms. Ponce offers her time and expertise fund development, communications, media, and shelter operations within Laura’s House. She works in collaboration with The National Charity League, Girl Scouts of Orange County, University Sororities and Fraternities, and is a regular guest speaker at local high and middle schools. She received a bachelor’s of Science degree in Community Health with an emphasis in community health education from Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.