Kerri Kasem—Bill AB2034 Passed the Senate Committee Hearing

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June 26, 2014

The bill AB2034 passed the Senate committee hearing on Tuesday…  Two more to go and it’s on the Law Books!


With divorce and remarriage becoming more prevalent in today’s society, there is a greater possibility of conflicts between the second spouse and the children of the first marriage. These conflicts can become exacerbated when a parent becomes incapacitated or dies. Such conflicts are very painful for those involved and discourage healthy family relationships. A conservatee, who by definition cannot make decisions for him or her self regarding his or her health and finances, cannot make decisions regarding visitation with his or her children. Currently, the laws provide all rights relating to the care of loved ones to spouses, which leaves children without the basic rights to visit their ailing parents, to receive notice of hospitalizations or the death of a parent, or to be provided information regarding the burial of a parent.

Summary of Proposed Bill

The Proposed Bill seeks to improve family relationships and provide options to children who are faced with being excluded from their ailing parent’s lives.  The bill proposes changes to the Conservatorship Law that will provide an express right of children to visit their ailing parents.  The bill would allow a child to petition the probate court to obtain an order granting visitation rights.  Such a petition may be filed with or without a concurrent petition for the establishment of a conservatorship.  Further, the bill will require conservators and spouses to inform children of hospitalizations and death of their parent, and to be notified of burial of their parent.

Proposed Bill

Currently, the law does not provide any right to children to visit with their ailing parents.  Although Catherine Falk was able to obtain an order for visitation from a court by filing for a conservatorship, that order was made at the complete discretion of the judge.  Neither does the law place a duty upon spouses or conservators to keep loved ones reasonably informed regarding the health of an ailing parent, including providing notice of hospitalizations or death.  Accordingly, the Proposed Bill would add a section to the Conservatorship Law.

If you have been blocked from seeing an ailing family member or dear friend, for no good reason, please tell me your story, it will help get the “Visitation Bill” passed. YOU count.

Please write me at: [email protected]
A big THANK YOU goes out to all of you that have already written me!
With Love,
Kerri Kasem

4 Comments for : Kerri Kasem—Bill AB2034 Passed the Senate Committee Hearing
    • Tarri
    • July 3, 2014

    I cannot Thank You enough. I am in the same situation with My Dad…hoping for swift approval.
    I have been allowed by the stepmom to see him 5 times in 7 yrs
    Very painful when we talked every day….xoxo

    • Regina Greer-Smith
    • July 8, 2014

    I’m having the same issue with my 87 year old mother in an Illinois nursing home; good care, bad guardian

    • Danna Mongoven
    • July 8, 2014

    This is my THIRD letter, Kerri. Sorry if it’s redundant. The only thing that really bothers me about this bill is the fact that some of these dads (I don’t know about moms) DON’T want to see their kids because they become so dependent on the caregiver and get brainwashed. I HAD TO SEE MY DAD and when I got there, he was always happy. There needs to be an objective, trained mediator to help the families see their parent. She even hid pictures of us kids toward the end so he’d forget us. I feel mixed happiness for your cause only because I had no support from anyone in my family and I was a “nobody.” Good for you for having the celebrity power and moxy to do this!!!! xo Danna

    • Rebecca Lopez
    • July 13, 2014

    My Sister died Dec/2013, mass on Pancreas, kidney failure, collapsed lungs & Diagnosed w/Dementia last year of life, that I knew of. Her 3rd husband had her sign over her pensions(2) & her son was the Benefactor/Executor, until 3rd husband, had my Sister sign over new paperwork, making Him/new & sole Benefactor, two mos., before she died. This Dementia consumed her so fast, however she knew she had been forced to change these Documents, having confided in myself & others. He put all conversations on speaker phone; controling every facet of her existence; lied about so many things & she referred to him as her “Jailer” &”Hater”. Made her sign him over as her executor. Can this be Legally done & her 4 adult children left powerless, even in the Court System? Please enforce more changes so this cannot happen to anymore Families who have no Voice. I called her 4 times a day to make sure she was fed, given her meds(she thought he was over medicating/or not giving her the right meds. I nursed her back to a place of better consciousness/awareness in 9 day period; she was speaking gibberish & couldn’t hold her head up let alone stand up, or lift her feet. I spoon fed her cooking organic soups & clean nourishing meals…. But he would not allow any help or nurses in the home to care for her, she died Dec. 5th. Please Fight the Fight all through the Courts & Congress.No one else should endure the hell you had to go through or what the rest of us powerless siblings of these helpless patients have to suffer in silence. My heart is wounded & I will fight alongside you on this cause. Thank you for being the Warrior in this Battle. Your Father must’ve been so proud of you, his children. God Bless You & May He Bless this passionate Fight. PIn Peace & Light, Rebecca Lopez

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