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    My niece, jessica bernal has my mother with a lady who she is paying to watch my mother. She will not put her in a nursing home because she keeps the rest of the money my mother gets from her retirement and her SSI payments. She knows that if she puts her in a legitimate nursing home there might not get any money left over for herself. When our family gets ahold of her and ask her where my mother is she tells us that my mother doesnt want to see us and she has power of attorney and she doesnt have to tell us anything. Im sure she tricked my mother into signing any papers she wants her to sign. She made my mother sell the home she lived in and the next day all that money was removed from my mothers bank account. I dont know what to do. I dont have the money to hire a lawyer I dont even have a car. I have a letter my mother wrote telling me that my nice and her daughter stole thousands of dollars from her bank acvount. I just want to see my mother before she or I die. As I am 70 years of age and not in good health.