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    My siblings and I went through this with my father. Our daily conversations and weekly visits with my Dad ceased over a 6 month period. During this time his wife of 25+ years unplugged the phone, would not answer the door completely isolating my 89 year old father and refused to a!low his children visits. During this time she began to sell off and transfer all of my father’s assets into her individual accounts. AP S recorded 8 complaints for elder abuse my regarding my father’s care 3 were filed by his children the other complaints were filed by his bank and caregivers. My siblings and I met with several attorneys requesting assistance to force his wife to release funds for his care. ( His wife stated he did not have the assets for care) prior to my father’s declining mental and physical health and the isolation he endured he was a successful multi millionaire. My Father died in a board and care home alone and afraid my siblings and I were not able to be with him his wife refused to let us know where he was. This was never my father’s choice. CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT AND CARE FOR THEIR PARENTS !!!!!! I believe this is what is often referred to as a natural reversal of roles.