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    Hi Vicki I’m not exactly sure of the recourse given the situation we have experienced the exact same thing and some states are more keen on this than others what we did is got pro bono attorneys and then conducted mental evaluations of the relative and the caretaker to see if they were fit to be taken care of then you can proceed to get guardian/conservatorship by going in front of a court with magisraters it also depends on if that family member is the POA as well power of attorney which covers the general power of attorney and durable medical power of attorney it’s a much harder case if this person is the guardian and power of attorney and you can also call an ethics investigation according to your states statue and contact adult protective services some states have a separate department for elder affairs more priority is given to older adults or disabled and they can provide a welfare check along with you citing possible mental/psychological abuse by keeping them isolated this is a form of brainwashing and manipulation