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    Abbi shared a story:

    I want to support Kerri and her amazing organization. When I was a senior in high school, I did my final writing project on the Kasem Cares Foundation. While learning about this organization, I came across the numerous elder abuse stories and it tore me up inside thinking about what these poor individuals are going through when they have no voice to stand up for themselves! I want to learn how to be a voice for the voiceless and put an end to elder abuse.

    Anki shared a story:

    As a nurse I have seen horrible things so let s stop this elderly abuse once and for all.

    Teresa shared a story:

    The bottom line – make sure all paper work is in place and everyone has a copy. My parents trusted a sibling and he did what he wanted with the money. He basically stole money from my parents. He took the money in their bank account that was suppose to be divided by the grandkids. We went to mediation, which was a waste of time and not to mention money. We could have gone to court for another $20 grand to fight it. He forged my Dad’s signature and had his notary friend notarize it. (I will be reporting her. ) No one seemed to care that he forged a legal document. The justice system doesn’t really care about elderly abuse. I hope no one ever goes thru emotional abuse we went through during this ordeal. Loosing both parents within a year of each other is devastating enough.

    John shared a story:

    Laura shared a story:

    My mother died May 2017 after a long hard dementia illness where my father was the primary caretaker. Shortly thereafter, a younger woman who was dishonest about her past clung to him, talked him into marrying her, and then, via a mendacious campaign against those who were closest to him, she isolated him from kids, grandkids, friends, and service providers. Then my father died suddenly in February 2019.

    Robert (aka barney) shared a story:

    My wife and I have been friends with Command Sergeant Major Dana Baldwin (U.S. Army retired) and his Korean American wife for 28 years. Dana passed away on Jan 13th of 2019. Since then, some unethical person (or people) have had his widow, Sun Cha Baldwin admitted to a facility and twice when we finally found out where she was; we went to visit her and they are REFUSING ALL VISITORS. In the meantime, she has called me (or my wife) repeatedly asking us to come see her; but, they keep relocating her. Just last week a moving truck showed up at her house and cleaned it out saying “it was headed to an Estate Sale.” The captors have twice taken a phone away from her, and continue to hide her away from us (long time friends); her church family of 40 years and her next door neighbors. We live in Colorado Springs, CO… I have called Social Services; the Sheriff’s office (for a welfare check) and the District Attorney’s office….. all to no avail. Sun Baldwin is 79 years old and last year was a vibrant, intelligent, warm, friendly lady. The last couple of times she was able to get to a phone and call us, she was barely intelligible and kept asking for help!….. At one time, the couple had well over a million dollars in the bank; yet, now they cleaned her house out for an Estate Sale. Something bizarre and nefarious is going on. Please help. CMSgt Robert “Barney” Rummel, (USAF – Ret)… (719) 596-4144 home phone.

    Sheila m shared a story:

    I moved here June of 2018 my dad passed away I had a nervous breakdown my stepmom used that agents me to sign my name off my dads house I didn’t know what I was doing because I was so sick I really need someone to help me it is not far because all her 4 daughters are on the house please someone help me.

    Kerry shared a story:

    I am Kerry McAuley and my father David McAuley died from his wife’s medical neglect August 24, 2019. He was put into a known horrible nursing rehab “Roswell Nursing Rehab Center” in GA from the hospital June 1, 2019. His wife Alma, Dutch and 21 years younger his 3rd wife married over 30 years lied in text’s telling me from Boca Raton my dad is fine when he was admitted to North Fulton May 15, 2019 In Roswell GA for traumatic injuries. His wife let him drink at a wedding and left him alone and I believe she protected herself again not my father. I even got a letter stated he cannot drink and must be supervised at all time but she continued giving him wine and leaving him alone. I found out and arrived June 10, 2019 not recognizing my dad from months earlier picking him up every day because I did not want him left alone while Alma worked 9 hours a day a Brown Jewelers. I leaned dad was not dying but was narcotized, drugged by this negligent facility and I took video’s of his severe bed sores and buttock wounds his wife ignored and my estranged siblings. Dad was Catholic an this wife a non believer and this bothered him. I got him a priest and this nurse Dee on his wife’s side interrupted twice screaming “I am not on the list and the wife does not want priest” Thank God I was video taping dads last rights and fought for his rights all on video I need help getting viral my story please. The wife told the facility she did not want me visiting and the police were called all on video because I got my dad a priest he wanted. The police thought this was strange they were called as I was not confrontal or currish as this nurse lied to his wife calling her at work rushing over telling me to leave. I went back after 5:00pm to check on my dad and their risk manager was upset I had the video’s of them changing dads diaper and seeing elder abuse and neglect and knew they were over medicating him so he could not function. I was brought into a room with 5 staff members including the risk manger threatening to delete the video of the priest or I cannot see my dad. On June 14, 2019 the Roswell Police were called a 2nd time to have me removed and a criminal no trespass the wife told them to get. I fought with them and asked her why she had not cleaned the feces in dads nails. It took me to arrive June 10, 2019 not finding out because again his wife gave him wine and left him alone causing his injuries and now early death. I had no rights to see my dad and was told his wife had POA and since he cannot speak for himself she makes his decisions. He did speak for himself even drugged stating in many video’s I took daily he wanted me to protect him and not leave and visit him. I protested fro the first time in my life knowing my 1st amendment rights across the street from the nursing rehab so they could not have me arrested with the criminal no trespass warning how insane. I bought a microphone and made signs and set up a small table and so many others that shared their story and video’s of their loved one being neglected but they were afraid to say anything because they were on Medicaid. My dad had Medicare and his days ran out an this wife and my siblings dead to me called and told me they all decided they were going to let dad die in Hospice. They actual said to me we will give you 30 minutes to say good bye to dad with my sister, Jane and the police there. I was heart broken knowing I now had no time to stop this or do anything because they told me they would testify for his wife not wanting to pay fo this care to recover. My brother when in town from Arlington 3 times since June 14, 2019 wheeled dad now in a wheel chair, diapers and speech difficulty all from his wife continuing to let him drink wine with her deigning problem causing his fall again and alone. I have a video of very visit with dad and the last one was August 4, 2019 him holding his chest telling me Alma was not getting him help for pain. My brother did not want me to video dad telling me to get POA and help him and get him out of this place. He wheeled my dad off abruptly and this was the last time I saw my dad conscience and did not even have the chance to kiss him goodbye and tell him I love him, I sent everyone the video including this nursing rehab administrator I had never met but texted and emailed that my dad needed immediate medical care for chest pain which turned out to be pneumonia they all neglected and ignored. From August 4, 2019 to August 24, 2019 when they let him be starved and over dosed with morphine when there was nothing really wrong with my dad except mild Dementia that only worsened from Alma giving him wine and not getting him the medical care he deserved and needed because of the cost. I went to the police in tears emotionally distraught demanding to see my dad. They scored me to the facility as if I am the felon when it was his wife. The administrator only gave me after 58 years to say good bye to my dad for 10 minutes. I knew dad could hear me and he was alive and warm and I asked him if he still wanted me to protest outside and keep protecting him to squeeze my hand twice and he did and hard and did not want to let go. The detective said your time is up and in tears crying I could do nothing the wife who was neglecting him had all the legal rights. I protested telling dad I was there for him and when Alma showed up called her a murderer. Because I was doing this they moved my dad to a location I could not find or at Alma’s home. My daughter, Kay a senior at UNF in Jacksonville flew in August 23, 2019 the day before he lost his battle and went to the house to ask Alma if she could say good bye to her grandfather in tears his first granddaughter. Alma said no Kay you can thank your mother. How far would my family go to now hurt my daughter who is also dealing with a rare eventually terminal heart condition she was born with everything n her body reversed Google last article I wrote (“Heart Wrenching Story 2010”) My story made national press and I was a guest with Chris Cuomo on Prime Time’s special ABC at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC where I have been bringing Kay every 6 months since a year old. I must get this story national attention and have all the video’s and need your help. His wife and my horrible siblings kept where his Catholic service was and the Northside Chapel funeral home said the wife will not let us say good bye to my dad. Kay and I went there and left notes for his coffin. I protested outside the funeral home but felt bad interrupting a 19 year old boy who hung himself over a girlfriend breaking up. Another problem happening in the country. Oddly I felt horrible for doing this the 5 minutes until I found out and left. God had me meet his father out drinking last Friday night so drunk and distraught. His friends tried to explain why he was so drunk and I knew this was the boy at the funeral home where my dad was. I hugged him and said I was so sorry crying still mourning my dad. He said he did not hear me but heard about someone doing this and forgave me. Life and karma and fate seem to prove this once again to me. My family posted dads service information after the service on the obituary site where I read what was written his devoted wife of 32 years. I was the only one to post on the wall about the truth and feel bad but had to tell the truth. Please look this up on (Northside Chapel Roswell GA David Charles McAuley. ) The story gets better. I called every Catholic Church around to ask if they were having a funeral for a David McAuley. The church around the corner where I live St Answers where I called days earlier and was lied to after reading dads obituary it was Thursday 10:30 am at St Andrews and a burial at a VA cemetery with a military memorial my dad a Marine. I called the head priest Father Dan who knew my sister, Jane and he told me he told his staff to lie to his daughter if she called or came in. He said he did not want to argue with me and said his wife did not want me there and one of my siblings had a restraining order which was not true. I asked him "Father did you ask to see this restraining order he ignored me. I will be protesting outside this church soon. I am still in such mourning my first death close to home my father. I learned a wife had no power of attorney and death succeeds. The Captain I have been working with to get elder abuse charges impossible against her and the nursing rehab another issue. He informed me the only way they can keep my daughter and I from attending the wake and his funeral and burial is a court order which I would be served and a hearing. Not to let me visit my dad because I got him a Catholic priest and then not to let me say good bye for longer then 10 minutes and not attend his services is beyond belief. I will have the last words. Kerry McAuley the eldest daughter.

    Anthony shared a story:

    Our story is rather strait forward. My father in law, Jose Argueta, passed away on July 10, 2019 at our home, while in Hospice care. My wife Sonia, is also an R.N. In or about September of 2017, Jose, who’d had metastasized Prostate Cancer, was becoming more frail, he was unable to care for himself without monitoring and assistance. For over a year, he steadfastly refused to move in with us. At first, we thought, “well, its about independence.”. However, sadly, this was not the case. Sonia and I knew that Jose had been involved as was Sonia’s late mother , with the Jehovas Witness organization. (Hereinafter, "JW’s. ) He had been involved for about 10 years or so, prior to his death. As Christian’s, my wife and I were appalled at what conveluded ‘theology’ these folks had involved him in, yet we were unable to convince him otherwise. During his resistance, we became concerned that the JW’s insisted that regardless of his health, that he go out “door knocking” It did not matter if it was sub-zero or 100 degrees, they insisted he also wear a suit and tie. He was at a point where he could barely walk. He was passing out a lot as well. What’s more is, that we learned that as an Organization, the JW’S , teach their followers (much like Jim Jones did) that their families and others whom are not JW’s are evil apostates. They threatened him and scared him and also Sonia’s mother when she was alive, with “Disfellowship.”, if they were found to have associated with us, his very own family. If they found that he still celebrated holidays, the punishment would be disfellowship , as well. Not even a birthday. What we also learned was quite devious and criminal. The JW’s teach that upon retirement and preparation of the Last Will and Testament, that all of their assets, real estate, clothing, jewelry SHALL, be left to the JW organization. They’re brainwashed into believing that leaving your estate to your family, is a mortal sin. They insist on taking the elderly to the elderly persons bank and adding persons from the organization to the accounts. They insist that the elderly sign documents such as Quit Claim Deeds for property, DNR (Do not Resuscitate) orders as to their healthcare and leaving everything they own to the Organization. Around September of 2017, as Jose was further deteriorating, we insisted that he come and live with us. He finally relented. He also insisted that we allow as a caveat, the JW’s to visit him at our home. We literally had no choice but to agree. After each visit, we noted Jose was different. He was more confrontational and condescending. He was a VERY mild-mannered soul. We decided to extend our outside surveillance system to the inside living-room. We explained that it was for his own good and that he were to fall, that we would be notified if we were not at home. It was pretty high tech. This worked to our advantage as our concerns grew about what he was being told by his visitors. We uncovered what was being said and heard them as they pressured him to give up everything he owned upon his death. They sent up to twelve (12) people at a time. Often several times in one day! It was crazy! Finally, we told the leaders of this Cult, that there were too many people at once and that it compromised his immune system. They sent less people, but not realizing everything was being recorded, they kept on about his assets. Finally, Sonia convinced Jose to establish a Living Trust. She took him to an Attorney and also was granted Power of Attorney as his daughter. Anything he might have signed previously was now superseded by the Trust. The JW’S did not know if the Trust. But, a few months before his passing, I told them that he’d decided to establish the Trust. As you might imagine, those frequent visits become quite infrequent. All of those years of door-knocking and we later found out, substancial financial support of that organization, meant nothing to them. They tried to find a way around that Trust I’m certain, but we were able to live monitor, eventually insisting that we be present if a visit was to take place all of his communications were recorded. The JW’s are truly Elder abusers. It was all about the money and convincing those close to death that their families were evil and demanding under threat, that the elderly members shed their worldly possessions and give them to the cult. My advice, get involved, don’t allow your loved one to be abused. No Christian organization would ever do anything like this nor have such doctrine. Jose passed away peacefully in our home with his family by his side on July 10, 2019.

    Catherine shared a story:

    Catherine shared a story:

    Tim shared a story:

    My sister in law stole over $673,000 the day her mother died depriving her dad from his money, she did this by becoming the financial POA and convincing her mother whom had a limited education and could not read or write English to move the money from a bank the family had banked at for 50 years to a credit union she banked at. Then the day her mother died she falsified POA paper work showing that she didn’t need a doctors note stating her mother was incapacitated (Which was on the original POA paper work from the family attorney) But instead the new POA paper work stated she didn’t need a doctors note and could immediately invoke the Financial POA. We have been fighting this with our attorneys for 3 years come September 2019 . The family member was arrested July 15th as our attorney by law had to give our evidence to the police since a crime had been committed, we have been pushing the Iowa attorney Generals office Tom Miller, the US District Attorneys office southern District in Des Moines Iowa and the Johnson county Iowa Assistant DA to push this to the feds for federal prosecution since she committed bank fraud by falsifying POA paper work and she was a Co-Executor to her mothers estate.

    We are forming a foundation to try and fight elderly Financial abuse as this is a growing problem and most people have no idea where to turn or where to get resources. It has been an up hill battle and no one has believed us but we had the evidence and uncovered more evidence in our pursuit of this family member. Our foundation is looking at ACFCS certification so we can speak to Police departments, Attorneys, Banks and nursing homes to educate them on the red flag warning signs as well as hopefully be able to sell certification to help fund the foundation. We intend to do FREE events to the public, tell our story of my father in laws financial abuse and bring in Financial planning companies, and Trust attorneys to show people how to set up their estate correctly so the abuse doesn’t happen, this will be an educational event and IF someone wants more info they can ask to be contacted, we will not SELL at these events, more focused on education to the public that attends.

    Our foundation intends to set up attorneys in states and be able to offer services to families at reduced rates as well as forensic accountants to fight the cases of abuse when a family has strong evidence but little to know money to litigate the case.
    We also want to work with Legislators in each state to make new laws addressing punishment for these crimes.

    We are trying to bring National attention to our story and so many more stories of Financial Abuse against the Elderly, together we can make a difference!

    Link to story below.

    Louise shared a story:

    Laws need to be in place to prevent conservatorship abuse. Amanda Bynes , Britney Spears , Casey Kasem have all been victims to individuals that colluded against them to get control of their assets and life! This is not American! Death threats should not be made for standing up for woman in the industry . Intimidation made to artist that want to speak up on behalf of other artist. Artist being threatened to be blacklisted if they blow the whistle. Lou m Taylor , Samuel , Larry Rudolph , sexual predator James Spears and more! This is not our America and things need to change! It’s the same scenario just different celebrity the they are not capable of attending court or , thinking for themselves , the controlled and limited visitation for loved ones it’s sick what money can do to people

    Cindy shared a story:

    My dad left my mother after 50 years , and married someone that worked with him , they were only married less than 2 years , I receive a call that my father is in a coma , his wife stopped my mother and I from going into his room to see him, she pulled the plug, and his family could not see him before he died He died in Tyler Texas

    Florips shared a story:

    I would like to say thank you Joanne Bougalis for sharing the incredible and inspirational story of how you saved your mother Katherine from the guardian racket.
    This is a beautiful story of a loving daughter’s courage and strength to save her mother’s life. Your mother looks beautiful and happy. May God bless you everyday with peace, love and happiness Joanne and Katherine.

    Deanna shared a story:

    My dad is in a nursing home he has dementia . I have complained to mom and to the head nurse of things going on like a cna being rude or clothes missing or other things so the nursing home pressured my mom until she signed papers saying I was banned from seeing my dad. Is this right or do I have rights ? I want to c my dad it has been three weeks and I really want to c him I used to go every morning to feed him and shave him. Now I cant go at all

    Tim shared a story:

    Tim shared a story:

    The link shows just the tip of the problem we have been battling for 3 years and still do not have the funds returned although we are close to getting back about $400,000 of the over $673,000 that was stolen.
    Our battle has inspired us to start a foundation in my father -in-laws name and fight for the elderly all while partnering with other like minded non profits to bring light to elderly abuse. Please assist us in sharing our story to help us gain national attention to this growing problem of elderly abuse.

    Phoebe shared a story:

    My mom was medicated and my sister and her husband got her to sign over her property

    James shared a story:

    I wish I could afford a Lawyer and put my “family” members in prison where they belong. My dieing Father was lied to, takin advantage of, manipulated, had his vehicals, antiques,ect stolen by a grandson, He once told me how he was being treated, so I placed recorders in his house and have all the things done to him on tape. I have only listened to about half of all the recordings, because it’s too painfull to listen to him wishing for death, listening to my own “mother” spew out lie after lie about me. My “sister” is a text book narsissist, manipulating sociopath and a psychopath who convinced (with lies) her own mother to dis-owned myself and my siblings for the sole purpose to grab my parents entire estate. Again, I have it all recorded,and they still deny everything.

    Christine shared a story:

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    Barbara shared a story:

    In 2006 my Father suffered a massive stroke. Three months later just days before he passed, behind my back my older brothers (2) and a older sister took Mom to the Attorney had me removed as The Executor of the Estate, POA of Medical and Finance. Don’t really know if legally they could do that but he’s Chief of Police in our city and he does what he wants. Then in 2012 Mom suffered a massive stroke. In 2013 he put Mom in a nursing home, my younger sister and I would visit Mom 3-4 times a week. We ended up adopting (as we put it) the elderly lady across the hall from Mom’s (she was a Old Maid) no family and the 4 of us had so much fun together. Going to prom grams, taking them outside for walks, bring treats every night and then in Sept. 2014 we received a call from Mom, crying, (the Chief of Police in the background, telling Mom what to say) “You have caused so many problems I’m being evicted. Don’t come to see me, don’t call me, don’t send me anything.” This was totally out of the clear blue. We than received a letter stating it was a 30 day temporary ban. 30 days later we were served papers to appear in court, permanently banned, by my older brother “Guardian ship”. We were never told about the Guardianship, he just had a judge sign it. Within minutes one judge signed the 30 day ban, a different judge gave them Guardianship and we had 10 days to find a Attorney. This was virtually impossible with him being the Chief, everyone would say, Sorry we have to work with him. Finally a Attorney who couldn’t take our case found us a Litigation’s Attorney who agreed to take us because he doesn’t work with “The Chief”. That was a Wed. he asked for a Extension to prepare and the Judge denied it. We had to meet this Attorney on a Saturday morning for 4 hours to try to put a case together. Yes 4 hours. That Tuesday the trial began, our Attorney once again asked for a Extension the Judge said NO this trial starts now. Our Attorney turned and look at my sister and I and said, “This is a done deal.” Our Mother was not there, and No Guardian ad Litem, she had no say. Under oath our brother could not even come up with anything we had done wrong, when asked if he had ever gotten any phone calls that we were causing a problem? NO. When they asked the Administrator of the nursing home if we ever caused a problem she said, NO. Two months later the judge ruled a Permanent Ban, No Contact. Our Attorney was livid, he sent me a email saying, “In 34 yrs of practice I have never seen a worse case of Miscarriage of Justice.” It has since been a nightmare, as our Dr. said in 2015 “You are mourning the loss of your Mother and she’s still alive.” She tried calling us a couple times but we are NOT allowed to pick up. I came home one day and Mom left a message on my machine, “I Love You and miss you and I haven’t seen you in 3 yrs. “ I have never erased that message. Nobody knows what we have been through, 5 Christmas, 5 Mother’s Day, 5 Thanksgivings, 5 years we can NEVER get back. In 2017 we went back to Attorney to try and turn this around. He said, “In 37 yrs of practice I have only taken 1 case to the Supreme Court and it was nothing compared to this.” We decided to hire him again, he quoted us a $$$$ over the weekend my sister and I decided we couldn’t afford it, we are both living on Social Security now, we are retired. I sent the Attorney a email on that Monday and told him not to move forward. He replied, “No one should have to make this decision and you two do not deserve this, there was 700 pages of testimony and they still couldn’t say what you did wrong.” Well last Oct. we decided to represent ourselves, went before the Judge and begged him to let us see Mom, she’s now 92, he gave us 15 minutes a week, supervised in this small room. When the time is up Mom grabs our arm and begs us not to leave, she’s crying, I’m crying it’s so hard, we debated after a few weeks if we could keep putting Mom through this 15 minutes. My sister did ask this Judge why he wouldn’t give us a Extension? He replied, “You know why!!! Because you girls had caused so many problems at the home your Mother was this close to being evicted.” He had already made up his mind before we went into court in 2014, geese…. guess who had told the Judge what horrible people we were, but yet nobody could say what we did wrong. I did *67 my Mom’ two days after my birthday last summer and she answered and when she heard my voice, she just kept saying OMG, OMG I dreamt about you last night and now I’m talking to you,OMG. And OH you have made my day, wanted to know if I was gray? She said, “It’s been 5 birthdays since I’ve seen your face.” During our 5 minute talk I told her, we’ve been doing everything to see her, we have never given up. She said, You never gave up? NO. She said, Don’t ever give up,keep trying til the end. After we said Good Bye a nurse went thru her phone, she called my brother who went there that night and screamed at Mom because she wouldn’t tell him who called so he took her phone away. That was 2018, she has no phone. We just went to court again, our brothers are trying to take our 15 minutes away. So once again I had to hire a Attorney to save my 15 minutes, this has been going on since Nov. 2018. We have to spend our money but yet they are spending Mom’s money to keep us away. She wants us so bad but yet they are allowed to use her money to stop it. Mom is still alive but everything is gone!!!!! Last May he sold Mom’s house for half the market value to his daughter. Every Attorney we hired has asked for copy of the original Trust, he has never given them a copy. In 2002 when Dad and Mom wrote up the Trust they told the Attorney on more than one visit, “If anyone gives Barb a hard time or contest the Will they are automatically out.” I would consider the last 13 years a hard time. Our phones have been tapped since 2013 that we know of, Mom’s Aide said she would testify who causes all the problems because I’m the one who has to calm her down when they leave. Well the day before court in 2014 she was met at the front door of the nursing home and told if she testified she would never work there or in the health field again. We subpoenaed the Attorney and he was a No Show. The Judge definitely did our brother a favor. Even his partner, before becoming a Judge, read the ruling and said, This doesn’t even sound like him, yeah he definitely did your brother a favor.” We paid $700 for the Transcript, and it was edited, stuff has been removed. We can never get back the years we have lost with Mom, never. No amount of money can give us back Mom, all we want is someone to investigate this, have him and these Judges exposed. They have made us look like horrible daughters. I don’t know how Mom has survived this nightmare. In November of 2017, Mom attempted to slice her wrist. When I heard this I asked a relative to go see her and find out if it’s true. Yes, she told my cousin, “I know I get to see my girls when Im dying, so I thought if I cut my wrist I would die and I could see the girls.” My cousin took a picture with Mom wearing these sleeves so it doesn’t happen again. Our brother even has her mail held so he can go through it before her. A friend of Mom’s from church sent her a card for her birthday and then went to see her about a week later the card was not in her room. Her friend asked her if she got it? NO, she said, I send you a birthday card a Christmas card and a Easter card every year have you ever gotten any of them? No. We’ve tried everything we can think of, with his power we are screwed we will never get a fair trial in this county, he has known every judge here for over 45 years and I talked to the county attorney and he laughed. If anyone has any ideas we are open for anything. I have written every State Senator, The Governor, 20/20, Dateline, Nightline etc…… I’m sure he’s probably reading my emails too, he stops at nothing, he’s above the law .

    Sherri shared a story:

    my sister lived next to my mom and had MPOA and guardianship. I live 2 1/2 hours away. Without my mom knowing or my brother or I she forced my mom into assisted living even though she was living independently on her own and doing well. It has been a nightmare ever since and a 2 year court battle to get her home. Because my mom had no idea she was leaving her home and going straight to an assisted living she freaked out as did I. The facility in Rochester Michigan began immediatley drugging her to restrain her emotions. She has been on a psychotropic drug that causes dementia, parkinsons, memory loss and a host of other 150 detrimental side effects. She went in walking and talking on her own, communicating well to becoming wheelchair bound and over medicated. My sister would not let us talk to the doctors or have any information regarding my mom. We have been batteling in court and the court system sucks. It’s been a nightmare to say the least. We were trying to get her home but my sister destroyed her home that she lived in for over 60 years by keeping the heat low during winter months which caused a water burst and utterly destroyed her home which is like an art museum. She had my mom sign a quick claim deed to her other mansion up north to ensure she would inherit it. So much more but it has been a very expensive fight and my sister is draining my mom financially by using over 50 thousand already on her lawyer of my moms money. Something definitely needs to be done about elder abuse in Michigan. It’s criminal when parents own children have absolutely no rights.

    Monique shared a story:

    My heart goes out too your family . That evil bitch step mother should be in prison for murder. I pray she is convicted she definitely kill
    The late great Casey Kasem, he was a great icon I grew up listening to him . Rest in power Mr . Kasem 🙏🏾🌹

    Daniel shared a story:

    I was 2x overdosed for 16years ;I went to Dr. that did this and fired him ,I still needed a another Dr. ,they gave me one ;same hospital I went to see her they KIDNAPPED me and held me for over 2 1/2 months against my will;my friend is the one that saved me ;Other I could only imagine what they were planning to do with me It’s Still KIDNAPPING ,and I can’t find an attorney willing to take my case ,I need help finding somebody ;otherwise they will do it again to somebody else.I sure hope you can reveal this to show their true Creditbility,Thanks Kasem

    Lois shared a story:

    I have a question. We daycared for 2 of our grandchildren for 9 years. Daughter-in-law pulled the kids away. We can not see them. They put a 5 yr no contact on me.
    They moved to another city, changed cell numbers. I have noticed my health is going down. Anything I can do, thanks

    Helen shared a story:

    We had been married for over 40 years. He needed to go to hospital and the crooked county set about stealing our life. They stole everything put me in jail for 6 months for loving my husband they said terrorism that they made up cashed in a hundred thousand dollar annunity that was due in ,
    2018 for we don’t know how much I was my husband durable power of attorney but public administrator said he didn’t have one. She lied about everything and the crooked judge be gave her full control over my husband. His spine was pinched off on the railroad and we had a cervical and lumbar lamentocmy to open his spine and the nursing home used the wrong kind of lift on him and pinched his spine off again. The guardian said he had a stroke and all other kind of illnesses which he didn’t have just to pad the bill at county owned nursing home . You can read the whole story at medical kidnap Helen Taylor. I got him out of the nursing home in July 2017. He still doesn’t have dementia like the public administrator says. But the crooks in Morgan county Missouri still won’t let us have his money. He’s still paying the crooked lawyers.

    Daniel shared a story:

    I was kidnapped by 2Doctors & A Hospital in Colorado and held against my will only for telling the truth /I’m asking you to call before I go to the media!7206921630

    Barbara shared a story:

    I am the caregiver with living will designation, POA and on deed to her house. I take care of my mom, pay her bills for her, supply food and necessities, drive her to doctor, and clean/visit her house daily. In the past month have had her stay at my house every night because of increased impairment of judgement and memory.

    She often calls 911 for various reasons that she in minutes forgets why she did that. Officer Fitzgerald is a witness as he came to most of her 911 calls and knows of the a severe decline in her abilities to rationalize reality and illusions she is having.

    She has become totally not herself past two weeks right before my sisters visit with mean and occupational remarks that her sister and others such as the neighbors and handyman and I have noticed. I need to have her diagnosed of some kind of imbalance asap. last time i took her to doctors i had to say we were going fr my brother as she will not go willingly recently. She also is scared of leaving her pets and being put in nursing home besides other things.
    Cynthia, my older half sister, arrived in Jax, 3/23/19 saying she forgot her phone in California. She not seen my mom in over 10 years – never lived here, where my mom and I have lived here for 38 years

    She was and is answering all my mom’s calls and listening to conversations when my mom talked to me

    I went to see her at my mom’s to tell her to get another phone and to give my mom back her phone on 3/24/19. She then called 911 when I got there and filed two false police reports by coercing my mom into doing the same. Both saying that I hit them when I did not I was just attempting to get my mom’s phone from my sister. My son is my witness that I never left doorway and saw me every second I was there as he was watching from in truck parked in front of front door, Also Officer Fitsgeral who filed report said no evidence and was very disturbed by my sister and knows my mom well frm multiple 911 calls weekly and sometimes daily.

    She had my mom take my name of Vystar joint bank account 3/26/19, even though my mom is incapacitated.

    Kidnapped by sister as have not been able to find or talk to my mom since 6pm, Tuesday 3/26/19. After handy man said they mentioned they were going to California. My mom appears to have taken her dog and many pictures and belongings and left with my half-sister I believe to San Francisco, Ca. where my half-sister lives.

    Goal- Prohibit my sister from being with my mom and stop any further abuse or corruption against me or my mom.

    James shared a story:

    Iam a pastor in Kenya and my second born son died of TB last year.It is unforgetable memory but God is in control.We(our commuinty) are living in acute poverty and hope you will consider our situation and console us in any way possible.God bless you