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    Catherine shared a story:

    Catherine shared a story:

    Tim shared a story:

    My sister in law stole over $673,000 the day her mother died depriving her dad from his money, she did this by becoming the financial POA and convincing her mother whom had a limited education and could not read or write English to move the money from a bank the family had banked at for 50 years to a credit union she banked at. Then the day her mother died she falsified POA paper work showing that she didn’t need a doctors note stating her mother was incapacitated (Which was on the original POA paper work from the family attorney) But instead the new POA paper work stated she didn’t need a doctors note and could immediately invoke the Financial POA. We have been fighting this with our attorneys for 3 years come September 2019 . The family member was arrested July 15th as our attorney by law had to give our evidence to the police since a crime had been committed, we have been pushing the Iowa attorney Generals office Tom Miller, the US District Attorneys office southern District in Des Moines Iowa and the Johnson county Iowa Assistant DA to push this to the feds for federal prosecution since she committed bank fraud by falsifying POA paper work and she was a Co-Executor to her mothers estate.

    We are forming a foundation to try and fight elderly Financial abuse as this is a growing problem and most people have no idea where to turn or where to get resources. It has been an up hill battle and no one has believed us but we had the evidence and uncovered more evidence in our pursuit of this family member. Our foundation is looking at ACFCS certification so we can speak to Police departments, Attorneys, Banks and nursing homes to educate them on the red flag warning signs as well as hopefully be able to sell certification to help fund the foundation. We intend to do FREE events to the public, tell our story of my father in laws financial abuse and bring in Financial planning companies, and Trust attorneys to show people how to set up their estate correctly so the abuse doesn’t happen, this will be an educational event and IF someone wants more info they can ask to be contacted, we will not SELL at these events, more focused on education to the public that attends.

    Our foundation intends to set up attorneys in states and be able to offer services to families at reduced rates as well as forensic accountants to fight the cases of abuse when a family has strong evidence but little to know money to litigate the case.
    We also want to work with Legislators in each state to make new laws addressing punishment for these crimes.

    We are trying to bring National attention to our story and so many more stories of Financial Abuse against the Elderly, together we can make a difference!

    Link to story below.

    Louise shared a story:

    Laws need to be in place to prevent conservatorship abuse. Amanda Bynes , Britney Spears , Casey Kasem have all been victims to individuals that colluded against them to get control of their assets and life! This is not American! Death threats should not be made for standing up for woman in the industry . Intimidation made to artist that want to speak up on behalf of other artist. Artist being threatened to be blacklisted if they blow the whistle. Lou m Taylor , Samuel , Larry Rudolph , sexual predator James Spears and more! This is not our America and things need to change! It’s the same scenario just different celebrity the they are not capable of attending court or , thinking for themselves , the controlled and limited visitation for loved ones it’s sick what money can do to people

    Cindy shared a story:

    My dad left my mother after 50 years , and married someone that worked with him , they were only married less than 2 years , I receive a call that my father is in a coma , his wife stopped my mother and I from going into his room to see him, she pulled the plug, and his family could not see him before he died He died in Tyler Texas

    Florips shared a story:

    I would like to say thank you Joanne Bougalis for sharing the incredible and inspirational story of how you saved your mother Katherine from the guardian racket.
    This is a beautiful story of a loving daughter’s courage and strength to save her mother’s life. Your mother looks beautiful and happy. May God bless you everyday with peace, love and happiness Joanne and Katherine.

    Deanna shared a story:

    My dad is in a nursing home he has dementia . I have complained to mom and to the head nurse of things going on like a cna being rude or clothes missing or other things so the nursing home pressured my mom until she signed papers saying I was banned from seeing my dad. Is this right or do I have rights ? I want to c my dad it has been three weeks and I really want to c him I used to go every morning to feed him and shave him. Now I cant go at all

    Tim shared a story:

    Tim shared a story:

    The link shows just the tip of the problem we have been battling for 3 years and still do not have the funds returned although we are close to getting back about $400,000 of the over $673,000 that was stolen.
    Our battle has inspired us to start a foundation in my father -in-laws name and fight for the elderly all while partnering with other like minded non profits to bring light to elderly abuse. Please assist us in sharing our story to help us gain national attention to this growing problem of elderly abuse.

    Phoebe shared a story:

    My mom was medicated and my sister and her husband got her to sign over her property

    James shared a story:

    I wish I could afford a Lawyer and put my “family” members in prison where they belong. My dieing Father was lied to, takin advantage of, manipulated, had his vehicals, antiques,ect stolen by a grandson, He once told me how he was being treated, so I placed recorders in his house and have all the things done to him on tape. I have only listened to about half of all the recordings, because it’s too painfull to listen to him wishing for death, listening to my own “mother” spew out lie after lie about me. My “sister” is a text book narsissist, manipulating sociopath and a psychopath who convinced (with lies) her own mother to dis-owned myself and my siblings for the sole purpose to grab my parents entire estate. Again, I have it all recorded,and they still deny everything.

    Christine shared a story:

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    motivation subconscious of Capitalism fake food malnutrition fail blood-pollute mouth, nose, skin coping aging,…; heal: specific biochemical-taxonomy—siblings none weeds (family undistinguished compared). Health-Ecology/biochemustry-sociology lifestyle-environmentalism free 515-210-1054 by On With Life Ankeny, IA

    Barbara shared a story:

    In 2006 my Father suffered a massive stroke. Three months later just days before he passed, behind my back my older brothers (2) and a older sister took Mom to the Attorney had me removed as The Executor of the Estate, POA of Medical and Finance. Don’t really know if legally they could do that but he’s Chief of Police in our city and he does what he wants. Then in 2012 Mom suffered a massive stroke. In 2013 he put Mom in a nursing home, my younger sister and I would visit Mom 3-4 times a week. We ended up adopting (as we put it) the elderly lady across the hall from Mom’s (she was a Old Maid) no family and the 4 of us had so much fun together. Going to prom grams, taking them outside for walks, bring treats every night and then in Sept. 2014 we received a call from Mom, crying, (the Chief of Police in the background, telling Mom what to say) “You have caused so many problems I’m being evicted. Don’t come to see me, don’t call me, don’t send me anything.” This was totally out of the clear blue. We than received a letter stating it was a 30 day temporary ban. 30 days later we were served papers to appear in court, permanently banned, by my older brother “Guardian ship”. We were never told about the Guardianship, he just had a judge sign it. Within minutes one judge signed the 30 day ban, a different judge gave them Guardianship and we had 10 days to find a Attorney. This was virtually impossible with him being the Chief, everyone would say, Sorry we have to work with him. Finally a Attorney who couldn’t take our case found us a Litigation’s Attorney who agreed to take us because he doesn’t work with “The Chief”. That was a Wed. he asked for a Extension to prepare and the Judge denied it. We had to meet this Attorney on a Saturday morning for 4 hours to try to put a case together. Yes 4 hours. That Tuesday the trial began, our Attorney once again asked for a Extension the Judge said NO this trial starts now. Our Attorney turned and look at my sister and I and said, “This is a done deal.” Our Mother was not there, and No Guardian ad Litem, she had no say. Under oath our brother could not even come up with anything we had done wrong, when asked if he had ever gotten any phone calls that we were causing a problem? NO. When they asked the Administrator of the nursing home if we ever caused a problem she said, NO. Two months later the judge ruled a Permanent Ban, No Contact. Our Attorney was livid, he sent me a email saying, “In 34 yrs of practice I have never seen a worse case of Miscarriage of Justice.” It has since been a nightmare, as our Dr. said in 2015 “You are mourning the loss of your Mother and she’s still alive.” She tried calling us a couple times but we are NOT allowed to pick up. I came home one day and Mom left a message on my machine, “I Love You and miss you and I haven’t seen you in 3 yrs. “ I have never erased that message. Nobody knows what we have been through, 5 Christmas, 5 Mother’s Day, 5 Thanksgivings, 5 years we can NEVER get back. In 2017 we went back to Attorney to try and turn this around. He said, “In 37 yrs of practice I have only taken 1 case to the Supreme Court and it was nothing compared to this.” We decided to hire him again, he quoted us a $$$$ over the weekend my sister and I decided we couldn’t afford it, we are both living on Social Security now, we are retired. I sent the Attorney a email on that Monday and told him not to move forward. He replied, “No one should have to make this decision and you two do not deserve this, there was 700 pages of testimony and they still couldn’t say what you did wrong.” Well last Oct. we decided to represent ourselves, went before the Judge and begged him to let us see Mom, she’s now 92, he gave us 15 minutes a week, supervised in this small room. When the time is up Mom grabs our arm and begs us not to leave, she’s crying, I’m crying it’s so hard, we debated after a few weeks if we could keep putting Mom through this 15 minutes. My sister did ask this Judge why he wouldn’t give us a Extension? He replied, “You know why!!! Because you girls had caused so many problems at the home your Mother was this close to being evicted.” He had already made up his mind before we went into court in 2014, geese…. guess who had told the Judge what horrible people we were, but yet nobody could say what we did wrong. I did *67 my Mom’ two days after my birthday last summer and she answered and when she heard my voice, she just kept saying OMG, OMG I dreamt about you last night and now I’m talking to you,OMG. And OH you have made my day, wanted to know if I was gray? She said, “It’s been 5 birthdays since I’ve seen your face.” During our 5 minute talk I told her, we’ve been doing everything to see her, we have never given up. She said, You never gave up? NO. She said, Don’t ever give up,keep trying til the end. After we said Good Bye a nurse went thru her phone, she called my brother who went there that night and screamed at Mom because she wouldn’t tell him who called so he took her phone away. That was 2018, she has no phone. We just went to court again, our brothers are trying to take our 15 minutes away. So once again I had to hire a Attorney to save my 15 minutes, this has been going on since Nov. 2018. We have to spend our money but yet they are spending Mom’s money to keep us away. She wants us so bad but yet they are allowed to use her money to stop it. Mom is still alive but everything is gone!!!!! Last May he sold Mom’s house for half the market value to his daughter. Every Attorney we hired has asked for copy of the original Trust, he has never given them a copy. In 2002 when Dad and Mom wrote up the Trust they told the Attorney on more than one visit, “If anyone gives Barb a hard time or contest the Will they are automatically out.” I would consider the last 13 years a hard time. Our phones have been tapped since 2013 that we know of, Mom’s Aide said she would testify who causes all the problems because I’m the one who has to calm her down when they leave. Well the day before court in 2014 she was met at the front door of the nursing home and told if she testified she would never work there or in the health field again. We subpoenaed the Attorney and he was a No Show. The Judge definitely did our brother a favor. Even his partner, before becoming a Judge, read the ruling and said, This doesn’t even sound like him, yeah he definitely did your brother a favor.” We paid $700 for the Transcript, and it was edited, stuff has been removed. We can never get back the years we have lost with Mom, never. No amount of money can give us back Mom, all we want is someone to investigate this, have him and these Judges exposed. They have made us look like horrible daughters. I don’t know how Mom has survived this nightmare. In November of 2017, Mom attempted to slice her wrist. When I heard this I asked a relative to go see her and find out if it’s true. Yes, she told my cousin, “I know I get to see my girls when Im dying, so I thought if I cut my wrist I would die and I could see the girls.” My cousin took a picture with Mom wearing these sleeves so it doesn’t happen again. Our brother even has her mail held so he can go through it before her. A friend of Mom’s from church sent her a card for her birthday and then went to see her about a week later the card was not in her room. Her friend asked her if she got it? NO, she said, I send you a birthday card a Christmas card and a Easter card every year have you ever gotten any of them? No. We’ve tried everything we can think of, with his power we are screwed we will never get a fair trial in this county, he has known every judge here for over 45 years and I talked to the county attorney and he laughed. If anyone has any ideas we are open for anything. I have written every State Senator, The Governor, 20/20, Dateline, Nightline etc…… I’m sure he’s probably reading my emails too, he stops at nothing, he’s above the law .

    Sherri shared a story:

    my sister lived next to my mom and had MPOA and guardianship. I live 2 1/2 hours away. Without my mom knowing or my brother or I she forced my mom into assisted living even though she was living independently on her own and doing well. It has been a nightmare ever since and a 2 year court battle to get her home. Because my mom had no idea she was leaving her home and going straight to an assisted living she freaked out as did I. The facility in Rochester Michigan began immediatley drugging her to restrain her emotions. She has been on a psychotropic drug that causes dementia, parkinsons, memory loss and a host of other 150 detrimental side effects. She went in walking and talking on her own, communicating well to becoming wheelchair bound and over medicated. My sister would not let us talk to the doctors or have any information regarding my mom. We have been batteling in court and the court system sucks. It’s been a nightmare to say the least. We were trying to get her home but my sister destroyed her home that she lived in for over 60 years by keeping the heat low during winter months which caused a water burst and utterly destroyed her home which is like an art museum. She had my mom sign a quick claim deed to her other mansion up north to ensure she would inherit it. So much more but it has been a very expensive fight and my sister is draining my mom financially by using over 50 thousand already on her lawyer of my moms money. Something definitely needs to be done about elder abuse in Michigan. It’s criminal when parents own children have absolutely no rights.

    Monique shared a story:

    My heart goes out too your family . That evil bitch step mother should be in prison for murder. I pray she is convicted she definitely kill
    The late great Casey Kasem, he was a great icon I grew up listening to him . Rest in power Mr . Kasem 🙏🏾🌹

    Daniel shared a story:

    I was 2x overdosed for 16years ;I went to Dr. that did this and fired him ,I still needed a another Dr. ,they gave me one ;same hospital I went to see her they KIDNAPPED me and held me for over 2 1/2 months against my will;my friend is the one that saved me ;Other I could only imagine what they were planning to do with me It’s Still KIDNAPPING ,and I can’t find an attorney willing to take my case ,I need help finding somebody ;otherwise they will do it again to somebody else.I sure hope you can reveal this to show their true Creditbility,Thanks Kasem

    Lois shared a story:

    I have a question. We daycared for 2 of our grandchildren for 9 years. Daughter-in-law pulled the kids away. We can not see them. They put a 5 yr no contact on me.
    They moved to another city, changed cell numbers. I have noticed my health is going down. Anything I can do, thanks

    Helen shared a story:

    We had been married for over 40 years. He needed to go to hospital and the crooked county set about stealing our life. They stole everything put me in jail for 6 months for loving my husband they said terrorism that they made up cashed in a hundred thousand dollar annunity that was due in ,
    2018 for we don’t know how much I was my husband durable power of attorney but public administrator said he didn’t have one. She lied about everything and the crooked judge be gave her full control over my husband. His spine was pinched off on the railroad and we had a cervical and lumbar lamentocmy to open his spine and the nursing home used the wrong kind of lift on him and pinched his spine off again. The guardian said he had a stroke and all other kind of illnesses which he didn’t have just to pad the bill at county owned nursing home . You can read the whole story at medical kidnap Helen Taylor. I got him out of the nursing home in July 2017. He still doesn’t have dementia like the public administrator says. But the crooks in Morgan county Missouri still won’t let us have his money. He’s still paying the crooked lawyers.

    Daniel shared a story:

    I was kidnapped by 2Doctors & A Hospital in Colorado and held against my will only for telling the truth /I’m asking you to call before I go to the media!7206921630

    Barbara shared a story:

    I am the caregiver with living will designation, POA and on deed to her house. I take care of my mom, pay her bills for her, supply food and necessities, drive her to doctor, and clean/visit her house daily. In the past month have had her stay at my house every night because of increased impairment of judgement and memory.

    She often calls 911 for various reasons that she in minutes forgets why she did that. Officer Fitzgerald is a witness as he came to most of her 911 calls and knows of the a severe decline in her abilities to rationalize reality and illusions she is having.

    She has become totally not herself past two weeks right before my sisters visit with mean and occupational remarks that her sister and others such as the neighbors and handyman and I have noticed. I need to have her diagnosed of some kind of imbalance asap. last time i took her to doctors i had to say we were going fr my brother as she will not go willingly recently. She also is scared of leaving her pets and being put in nursing home besides other things.
    Cynthia, my older half sister, arrived in Jax, 3/23/19 saying she forgot her phone in California. She not seen my mom in over 10 years – never lived here, where my mom and I have lived here for 38 years

    She was and is answering all my mom’s calls and listening to conversations when my mom talked to me

    I went to see her at my mom’s to tell her to get another phone and to give my mom back her phone on 3/24/19. She then called 911 when I got there and filed two false police reports by coercing my mom into doing the same. Both saying that I hit them when I did not I was just attempting to get my mom’s phone from my sister. My son is my witness that I never left doorway and saw me every second I was there as he was watching from in truck parked in front of front door, Also Officer Fitsgeral who filed report said no evidence and was very disturbed by my sister and knows my mom well frm multiple 911 calls weekly and sometimes daily.

    She had my mom take my name of Vystar joint bank account 3/26/19, even though my mom is incapacitated.

    Kidnapped by sister as have not been able to find or talk to my mom since 6pm, Tuesday 3/26/19. After handy man said they mentioned they were going to California. My mom appears to have taken her dog and many pictures and belongings and left with my half-sister I believe to San Francisco, Ca. where my half-sister lives.

    Goal- Prohibit my sister from being with my mom and stop any further abuse or corruption against me or my mom.

    James shared a story:

    Iam a pastor in Kenya and my second born son died of TB last year.It is unforgetable memory but God is in control.We(our commuinty) are living in acute poverty and hope you will consider our situation and console us in any way possible.God bless you

    Barbara a miller don miller shared a story:

    Is Our FB Site Is Dedicated To: LCDR-Donald Glenn Miller – 11-9-2006
    ORS-164.145 – Criminal Negligent Homicide – 2 Million Dollar Financial Exploitation.
    We Are So Sorry About Mr. KASIMS Terrible Elder Abuse Story. He Was So LOVED By So Many People It Is Sad Beyond Words!
    We are pushing very hard to get JUSTICE for Donald G. Miller – As Per Our State of Oregon Department of Justice – Elder Abuse Unit Docs Posted On Our Site.
    I spoke with DA Paul G. Greenwood about our case & we talked about all the great work YOU Are Doing! THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS:))))
    Love Steve & Bobbi MIller – 503-341-8692

    Amy shared a story:

    Brenda shared a story:

    My mother’s husband died. For six months she was isolated. Removed from her state of birth & her then current residence to SoCal. In this system was isolated, medicated & all her rights taken away. When she spoke up in court she was medicated & headphones placed on her. She never spoke up or interupted again. Her phone was taken in court. She was denied phone calls & visitation with her only child and her dog was taken from her. She complained her pills had changed color, increased in amounts and were making her feel sick, weak & dizzy. She was then placed in memory care with a roommate that physically assaulted her twice leaving her unable to sleep for fear of being assaulted again or being killed in her sleep. She was fitted with a permanent monitor tracking device around her ankle. She states she feels like she is in jail. My mother will either go crazy or die in a situation like this.
    How do I help her?

    Daniel shared a story:

    I fired Dr. Mark C.Spitz (Chief of Neuorology at University of Colorado Hospital) they gave me another Dr.So I could Refills on my well needed MEDS to controlled SEIZURES;He along with Dr. Chantal O’Brien And the Hospital KIDNAPPED me when I only was in to see O’Brien for check-Up and refills ;They put me on the 6th. FLOOR for 2 1/2months against my will instead making my home FORCLOSE and became HOMELESS;Is That JusticeMexica American Indian ISTHT JUSTICE/My #720-692-1620 CALL ME

    Joanne shared a story:

    My mother and I fled the country in 2016 to escape a fraudulent guardianship, to save her life, and are currently living in exile in Greece. Our story was featured as the keynote presentation at the AAAPG event on February 20, 2019. An expanded written version of our story is also posted on the site, and our interview with Dr. Sugar is on YouTube where you can meet my kind mother who regained her health once we escaped (AAAPG victim video Joanna Bougalis). We hid across the country for two months before being granted emergency passports for our safety by the Greek Embassy, and hid in a Monastery once we arrived. I recently spoke with Rick Black who notified me of your upcoming conference. I hope the presentations can be made available online! I would like to help in any way to fight for victim rights. Please let me know if I can be of service. Thank you for advocating! My Twitter is @ioanna2277.

    Belinda shared a story:

    I need some advice. My mother has dementia. She moved to Florida about four years ago to be near my youngest brother. There are three of us left, my brother in Florida, my brother in Maryland and myself in Georgia. Mom lived in her own home until last summer. My brother and I would talk on the phone and we were fine. He would vent about being the caregiver but there were no problems. I should say that he has shown excessive animosity towards my other brother in Maryland. I started trying to reach my caregiver brother last June and my caregiver brother stopped taking my calls and texts. In September I found out that my mother was in a facility and had been there since June. To this day, my brother will not tell me where she is or the name of the facility she is in. I can talk to her on the phone if I go through my brother but he plays games and won’t set a time so we frequently miss her calls. When we do talk to her it is only 5 minutes or so and the calls are very infrequent. My brother has POA over her so there is little we can do. My other brother and I being in other states is slowing things down. Money is limited and hiring a lawyer is expensive.

    1. What are my rights? My brother in Maryland and I are very upset about this. Mom is
    80 years old and may not have much time left.
    2. If we do find out where mom is, do we have the right to go visit her? I have called
    several facilities in Melbourne Florida where they live. I was told that if my mother
    was a resident in their facility if my name was not on the visitation list, we could not

    Did I mention that my mother has approximately $500,000 in cash and property.

    What do you recommend? Is the law on our side? I have not seen my mother in over two years and am heart broken.

    Susan shared a story:

    My big sister unfortunately took her own life 4years ago her husband had her cremated since that day he refuses to tell me what he has done with her ashes i am tortured by this is he allowed to do this i am her only living blood relative please if anyone knows of anything I can do get in touch as it’s hurting more & more & not sure how much more I can take of this

    Carlena shared a story:

    Number one, if you are deemed incompetent, you are still allowed to choose who and where to live…the courts must by law allow their choice to be honored. This is overlooked with judges.

    Second, if you are denied due process to choose legal representation (they cannot go into nursing homes and offer services) then all of the judges determinations are VOID…not voidable just having no judicial authority at all.
    Most law enforcement will ignore this and just the first page of the court “record” will prove no attorney on record…
    A judge that denies due process is not authorized to make any further decisions.
    Acting as a layman and can be sued…has no judicial immunity in any jurisdiction.

    If a person is incapacitated, this means they need help dressing and toilet duties.
    This does not mean they do not have a mind to decide where and who to live with.
    Strokes happen in the brain but that doesn’t create the inability to think or to determine them incompetent…

    We must all realize, if a person is not allowed calls, or visits, then they are being violated their Bill of Rights as a resident in a nursing home or they are being abused if they are in a private residence. These people need a voice and not in the courts direction. The courts are the problem and this needs immediate and widespread change.
    My prayer and hope is to take probate or family issues away from the one judge one lawyer decision. This must not be for one person to decide and needs to be removed from the courts opinions. I am sure there are honest judges, and attorneys, but most are not and they are greedy and paid by some political agenda.
    Understand there is not one organization or group or agency or lawyer will go against the corrupt illegal court decision. Lawyers will lose all cases in front of the judge forever more.

    It is my opinion we need in every state a jury of people to do the investigation upon a request of someone to be moved from their current situations. Then a report can be submitted to a judge from various jury of people doing an investigation.
    If they are in a nursing home, or private residence, they need to be immediately rescued and released to where they want to live and who they want to live with…ASK THEM if they want to return to their spouse or children or who they want for their care. Find out their advance directives being ignored who they listed.
    People on the “Alliance Team” need to be granted authority and law enforcement needs to assist to rescue these individuals and keep the peace in removing the loved ones from their abuse of isolation, improper medications, no therapy to improve their lives, and causing detrimental deterioration of a once healthy individual.
    Elderly do not have time on their side and this is an immediate request to rescue them.
    Ex Parte all the requests, and get them back to the people that love them and they wanted to care for them.

    My man is currently being held against his will, never wanted to removed and isolated and not given any therapy in 2.5 years! Stealing his ability to recover if not freed soon.
    It is my opinion if a judge orders such cruel and unusual punishment because a person is incapacitated from a stroke like mine and has speech issues so nobody will take the time to listen, then that judge needs to be removed from ever practicing law ever again in any capacity. It should be viewed by their superiors, the judge is incompetent to make a healthy decision and this is a disability to remove their powers and duties.
    Denying a person their choice and constitutional rights is the basic foundation of law. If a judge didn’t adhere to these principles, they are void in the name of the law and the persons rights should be immediately restored along with their voting rights. No person should lose their freedom from corruption in the courts process.


    My man is Clarence A. Leith, aka Cal his initials….
    The case started with
    Petition for Evaluation of Competency
    (by his 2 sons Kelly J and Kelly P
    (who Cal has since disowned in the court hearing)
    (he was determined competent by state licensed social services)
    Ex Parte (emergency need) for Guardianship and Conservator
    The guardians requested closure of the case, it was not necessary, he is being cared for by me and there are no concerns and he is competent to make his own decisions and to honor his advance directives.

    Clear cut but the judge denied this? Why? Unsure still to this day!
    To date there has never been any other order than this original invalid one… ??

    In my case the emergency guardians assigned, evaluated Cal, the hospital he was rushed to evaluated him and they released him back under my care the next day!
    The guardians determined him competent and requested the court allow us to return to AZ and close the case.
    We returned to AZ and had a hearing by phone, where the judge asked what my intentions were? (the judge was pissed off we returned to AZ)
    I explained all the care from professionals coming to the home and we were doing therapy speech and physical (we had an awesome speech therapist) and gave the court all the specialist names. I stated improving his abilities and loving care to live independently has always been my concern. I love him and nobody seems to understand this being our age difference…but people do not understand our deep connection and genuine love and care for each other…!
    In the hearing the judge covered the microphone to have ex parte communications with the other side planning their next move. Additionally, the judge admitted in the hearing that she didn’t have the required documents to meet the order she has in place and asked social services to see if she could find any provider that could get to that determination or if one is already made, but didn’t believe what she had was the necessary documentation to meet the requirements….
    Later realizing what she was asking for…She determined a man incompetent without any doctor verifying this for her determination.
    All this information was used against us, and 2 days later was issued a temp restraining order. This got him strapped down and kidnapped against his will, paramedics were called after the cop asked if I wanted to be arrested for still being there and served an hour ago…I told him I cannot leave him alone….so the cop called paramedics and they went in and came back out…they stated he does not want us in there…so they were at a loss what to do…I had a friend there who volunteered to stay with Cal, the cop refused, Cal was supposed to remain in the home, but the cop refused and the paramedics called the doctor in charge of them….and the doctor informed the paramedics to take him out of the home….therefore it took 5 guys to go in and force him to be strapped down and carried off…OMG! The worst day of my life Oct 13, 2016 Cal begged me to not let anyone take him from me and they would arrest me if I interfered, I cry every day for this failure on my part to protect him from this evil unjust action.
    I have Cal’s wishes recorded just prior to the cop arriving to kidnap him!
    I have proof of everything I state and documentation to verify what I say from the social services and from APS
    Mind you just one week prior, APS adult protective services after 18 months of investigating with 2 separate case workers, one Native American Lady and One Black Man decided in the 4 serious charges I was facing, there were NO CONCERNS and CLOSED THE CASE. yet this judge without jurisdiction and without any valid reason issued a VAWA restraining order…then collected 3.2 million Sept 2018 for VAWA.

    My hearing came up with the MN judge and mind you she had no jurisdiction of any authority to do what she did…I asked her why I cannot see him? They moved him to a private residence with 11 state violations, I had none! Nobody in AZ was allowed to visit him as they may know me and this wasn’t allowed.
    They had to be put on a list and the list would be then decided by the judge who would be allowed…but nobody was approved that did adhere to such ridiculous terms! I asked the judge how can anything be meaningful if where he is moved to doesn’t know him and Cal is not verbal, allow me to assist in his care if this was required for Cal for whatever reason….
    Her reply was, He will want to come home with you, and I cannot have that!
    Mind you this is not a valid legal reason to separate under a protection order. The judge threatened me if I look for him she will move him and then carried out her threat. No order of protection was in place according to the Mesa PD but she moved him anyway…The judge is not to fill out any order they are to just sign it….when the person is fearing for their life…Cal didn’t fear for his life until they kidnapped him out of our safe secure home…
    I was going crazy and I did find him so I applied for guardianship in AZ as soon as their expired! Because they slandered me so bad the AZ court wouldn’t even look at all the evidence I have supporting my case against them.
    All untruths by the court by the people in charge of his care and by the attorney assigned to investigate…she was not on his side protecting his rights…she worked for the courts, and recommended I not be allowed to be near him.
    By the time court hearings in AZ were held, by the judge denying my petition for not knowing exactly his location or because I put Jr. on one form and not the other, the judge didn’t know if it was the same person, denied my petition for various petty reasons then claimed me to be frivolously filing so many times and denied my ability to file again. I was under such duress I couldn’t believe they would refuse to hear my proof and the case….but they already moved him against his will back to MN.
    In the hearing he told his sons he didn’t want to return to MN!
    Cal has been isolated in a 1 star nursing facility ever since not cared for and Medicare confirmed drugs do not match diagnosis and refused the claim, they have given him medication previously refused or confirmed allergic to and ignore anything and everything pertaining to his health. Cal is a 4-5 star kind of man…when it comes to taking care of himself and me and anyone he cares about…Cal is a generous man helps people whenever he can. He will give his last buck to someone if it would benefit them. He would save his change and roll the quarters and hand out to any veteran he saw on the street…! If they asked him for a cig…he would give them a roll of quarters…or what he had in his carton plus a roll of quarters…whatever he had…

    Cal is in Golden Living Rehab not receiving any rehab since Dec 2016…He is not on reservation land, he is not under county authority, he is in a state facility but privately owned, and there is nothing filed at the home to keep him there.
    I do not have any order of protection and yet I am still not allowed any communication or visits of any sort.
    The court ignores all my filings and just acts like this is ok…

    Ex Parte guardianships expire after 60 days in MN and according to the National Guardianship Act 90 days….Not renewable as this would be seen as controlling their lives. The judge offered to a criminal son, this is against the statues, and ignored the fact I was there to care for him.
    22 years together and I am not allowed to be considered a person/caregiver in his life.
    In the first place they were able to erase his memory with Ativan in 7 months.
    I got it back by visiting him and taking him home.
    But was arrested in Nebraska.
    The law would not charge me with kidnapping as Cal knew who I was,
    where he was going, and wanted to continue on the trip!
    The hospital exam found Cal was dehydrated from them not giving him enough nourishment…in fact he cried to me stating he has no meat on his bones all night long….In AZ never was he dehydrated, and he had meat on his bones. What does that tell you? But they arrested me and spent 40 days in jail and they sent him back against his will again.
    They dropped the felony charge and I requested the misdemeanor charge to go to jury trial, they refused and put a warrant out on me instead…this warrant prevented me from visiting my granny in MN on her 102nd birthday and funeral Sept 2018…I tried to negotiate and self surrender, but because I will be viewed as a flight risk, spending another 60 days is possible until a hearing will be allowed if the judge has a busy schedule…that would be 100 days on a misdemeanor!
    The charge is abuse and neglect for not taking his meds with me (the ones he is allergic to) I had his normal meds with me. The meds that works for him, they didn’t know this…and refuse to drop their case with no proof or give me a jury trial…
    The additional charge is for not taking his nutritional drink with me.
    What do they know about nutrition when he cried for not having any meat on his bones and was dehydrated.
    I can prove countless doctor reports under my care he was a well nourished man with cognitive functions and an intelligent man. His cardiologist stated he is a very lucky man to have me by his side…
    but the one judge will not allow him to be with me….WHY?




    Now their side will be….
    I directly ignored a judicial determination and caused him detrimental harm by traveling with him in his condition…

    She will say I checked him out of hospitals AMA…against medical advice
    This was always at Cal’s request…social services asked him this in their determination of his being controlled by me or if he had decided on his own to check out…he confirmed it was always him and his choice….he has many sensitivities to medications, and the hospital personnel would not believe me and gave him meds on the list not to give him…one time instead of being released he was put in ICU on a nitro drip because of this…many times I would put him in the hospital for uncontrollable blood pressure and they would make him worse…and he would want to come home and I cannot blame him for self discharging…I have pictures to prove this too…I document everything…so yes I took him home and nurse him back to health….we finally found the meds that work for him and they now are refusing to give him this med…causing him detrimental harm and life threatening issues…

    He has high blood pressure and had a stroke…right side paralyzed and speech affected but he could stand and pivot to the chair or car or anywhere…
    So according to the judge after a stroke you cannot travel anymore?
    I knew how to lift him and had all the equipment for comfort at home…
    They had him in a bed that wouldn’t work with the controls…
    No extra padding for his hips that hurt if laying in bed too long,
    no therapy at all, to improve his mobility, no bottled water by his bed, nothing!

    All her orders are void from no due process anyway
    In the hearing I asked if he would be attending to say his side…with the TRO
    no response….
    I asked where is his lawyer? Judge stated he has people looking out for his interests…and then ignored me
    I asked what about his advance directives on file and he named me if ever incapacitated or incompetent I would be the one to care for him.
    The judge replied…I trump that and lets continue with this hearing….

    Now she will claim that I am not stable and need psychiatric evaluation and determine if I am competent to care for him with his medical needs…?
    Excuse me….? I will not jump through any of her hoops….to delay time!

    She will just be blowing smoke up someone’s ass…and I hear the judges make the same determinations….and use the same words…
    meaningful, and without the approval of this court, and in the medical state they require the treatment, and more stupid lines that make no legal sense if you have any cognitive abilities to determine right from wrong…

    In my opinion she needs an evaluation to determine cognitive reasoning to know when she has the authority to cause the slow death of a man and to find out if she knows the laws she has violated and if she knows she is acting criminally by ignoring all the state statues, federal laws, guidelines and Acts in place and to see if her ego is the reason for the illegal actions and causing detrimental life threatening harm to a man who wishes to die rolling down the road in the west scenery and not die lying in one place in a 1 star nursing home…
    she needs to be evaluated to see why she thinks she has the right to violate everything about what she is to protect and she needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent….

    But they will state I am crazy and want to be sure he will be in safe hands and she states that I abuse his meds, and think I can do a better job then professionals…
    Excuse me but if you ignore his previous doctor reports confirming meds he cannot have and yes I can do better than they can…I can provide love and care for him not like any nursing home will…I love him they do not care…so yes I can provide for better care than a 1 star nursing home…The therapist even stated when coming by our home for therapy that it is the first time he saw walking bars at home…I had them for Cal to practice…he was walking and talking…yes I did provide better care and can prove it…!!

    Her original intention was to keep him in MN and give me walking papers out of town and never be allowed back…thus the reason for the warrant…
    but I left with him first and she admitted she is having to do this not in her normal order of things…but will have to adjust accordingly….

    My man fought for our freedom and I will be his warrior for his freedom forever until I get him back under my care…I pray it is sooner than later…or she needs to be charged with reckless endangerment and premeditated murder of a man, additionally violation of his constitutional rights and his bill of rights and action without any judicial authority and without any jurisdiction. violating state laws, and the book needs to be thrown at her in Supreme Court and she needs prison time disbarred and an award of 10 million dollars for kidnapping and having co-conspirators assist in her plan! Taking the last years from a man when it was clearly stated what his desires were and ignoring them from an egotistical standpoint….and all in the name of her family who sued Cal and didn’t get the property and so it is actions for her family of lawyers and debt collectors that she is purposefully torturing him….and this is even a bigger wrong to be disbarred for…Jessica Ryan/Kramer attorney in Minneapolis… Messerli and Kramer debt collectors and lawyers… and she is acting as a tribal judge in Morton MN part time.
    (a judge that holds phone hearings and doesn’t even show up herself half the time)
    She is not a member of the tribe, but will not let me in on the information because I am not a member of his tribe…so I am excluded in all hearings…that concern Cal…my man of 22 years….together and never apart for more than 30 days in those 22 years…
    Tribal jurisdiction is 10 mile radius not 1700 miles away in AZ…and she has no authority at all with me being a white girl…and we lived in AZ 2 years prior to her illegal TRO…. giving us home state jurisdiction in AZ…

    I can prove this too…everything I say I have proof…either verbal written or documented copies for prosecution and to get Cal immediately removed from the Golden Living Rehab 1003 West Maple St Olivia MN small town no receptionist, he is behind locked doors, isolated without anyone that cares or loves him…
    Need an immediate emergency injunction and have him returned to me…
    and the Federal Marshalls arrest her…
    Make a bold statement for all the other judges to take notice…
    But I cannot file anything or attend from their shenanigans….of a warrant…
    MN only body only…so I am just kicked out of the state of MN and they Renville County have no proof to go before a jury trial…
    it needs to be dismissed and erased from my record.

    Carmen Severson
    480 334 3867
    Mesa AZ…

    Leslie shared a story:

    Les York
    Jan 22, 6:56 PM PST
    Please respond to me I am dealing with a psychopath and a blatant boastful pathological and congenital liar. He brags that he get’s things done and get’s what he wants by being an outright liar. I have an e-mail from him where he takes pride in it He along with his uncle colluded to separate the woman I have shared my life with for 32 years to separate us with no warning for his vicious unmitigated greed. I have never seen her again. The daughter who was made her legal guardian won’t tell me where she is and is lying to her that I never want to see her again. She has deliberately blocked me from any contact with her after she bought a condominium for herself. This woman along with her brother and their uncle are vicious greedy monsters