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    Kurt shared a story:

    Why Producer – Director, Actor – Signature Voice Over Artist Kurt Kelly support Kasem Cares

    Kurt Kelly, like Casey Kasem, both hail from the Great Lakes State of Michigan; and knew each other personally over the years while both work for ABC Networks in Los Angeles. Casey and Kelly would meet at the studios where American Top 40 was taped weekly, and for dinners around Hollywood; in addition to Network and Celebrity events.

    Kelly feels it is tragic what happened to Casey, and his family; working with Kerri Kasem, and his contacts at the NBC Today show, Kelly helped keep the Kasem story in the news for the world to know. Casey Kasem is clearly an Icon American Legend in Entertainment Radio, Television, Film and beyond. It is truly deeply saddening know the living hell Kerri Kasem and her family have suffered due to this intolerable abuse. It’s time to enact laws to stop this type of inhumanity globally; not just here in Hollywood, but the grassroots need to span the globe.

    Please do you part to support the elderly, and to give to the works of Kerri Kasem and Kasem Cares!

    Bless you for doing the right thing!

    Lori shared a story:

    My name is Lori Walston I was referred to Kasemcares by Sheriff Swain who is part of the elder abuse unit in Clovis Ca and my last hope to be able to see and spend time with my mother. Mom ( Doris ) is 87 and in good health, however she has suffered from anxiety and allergies and has been on medication for both for years.
    These are the events that lead to my absolute inability to ever see or even speak to my Mom over the phone for the rest of our lives. . If i could just find a way to stand in her presence everything would all change in an instant!
    My sister Janice who is 10 years older than myself, stole the living trust from my Mother’s safe 15 years ago . She would not return it to Mom nor provide me with a copy. My brother Brad committed suicide in my sister’s barn on New Years Eve 12 years ago from a long distance bitter divorce and two children he would rarely see again.. One day, Mom asked me for my opinion, she tells me Jan says she thinks my brother should be cut out of the trust and his children should get nothing . Their mother comes from money and has money and his children “ don’t need it” . I told Mom “that is not dad’s wishes” and how the heck could she do that anyway? I can still hear her reply “Jan can be very intimidating” but” I will handle her”. Some time later, Janice conveys to me her half ( no brother ) of trust money will go to her kids, because “:she doesn’t need it.”
    In secret, Mom assigns Janice as her power of attorney over medical and financial . Janice lives close and is 10 years older. She is no doubt the one that should do this for my mother, Why the secret?. I have to assume that the medical is durable because I have never seen the documents. Since then, Mom has never had her own bank card. She has checks but trouble seeing is a problem. If she needs money for anything she has to ask Jan. Asking Jan for money is , lets just say, “difficult” .
    Then when on a visit at Mom’s, the relative on Jan’s side of the family who is renting a room at my mom’s, is moving. His daughter tells me that her Dad has been giving my sister the rent money in cash for the last 2 years and just think’s it’s odd. I asked her Dad and he says that he has, he couldn’t very well tell her no . I ask mom if she has been given receipts for the money and she says that she hasn’t. I then ask why she let Jan take the money, she says “Jan says I owe it to her”. Mom just wants me to say nothing and keep the peace. So that’s what I do, and that’s what Mom does.
    My mom over a year’s time began to lose her sight and she began to say things to me that I know are coming from my sister. Most people have to have suspicions about a family member that is using undue influence and durable power of attorney to exploit their loved one. My Mom finally told me that Janice has been after mine and my brothers inheritance for years! . I asked her why and mom says that “she thinks she deserves it”. My heart broke in two that night, our lives are very different. Janice who has never worked a 9 to 5 job is being left 2 large properties and a 12 room house barns and corrals for her 20 horses. Her husband, Bud long since retired, is 11 years older and is suffering from cancer . I on the other hand am single, renting an apt in Santa Clara County living paycheck to paycheck. Mom and I have spent every holiday together because everyone else was busy with their own families. I spent the last holiday’s alone under a dark cloud of betrayal. I have spent every New Years Eve and day with Mom Since Brads decision to be certain she knew what she has ment to me in my life and that it was not her fault . No other family member ever came to call. I text Jan only on that holiday to beg to speak to Mom. I never got a reply. Mom and I were very close because of the fact we both lived alone however I spoke to her over the phone many times through out the day . We discussed that I would come and care for her so she could remain in her home. After a visit to her eye doctor she calls me and says she was diagnosed legally blind and told there is nothing the doctor can do to help her. We agree it’s time, and being single I am the natural one to care for her in her home. i will begin to move my things to her house the next week on Halloween weekend 2016. The Friday i am to start bringing my things to her house I call mom’s phone and there is no answer . I text my (nephew and sister) he texts back grandma’s fine, she is with Janice. Sunday I finally get a text from Janice that Mom is fine “very fine” she is with all of us. I text back and ask Jan to call me so I can talk to her that we had plans . Janice sends no reply. So I drive the 3 hours to my sister’s. I saw my nephew first that lives on the ranch and he tells me that he saw my Mom a week ago and she was talking and acting funny ( he draws a circle with his finger to his head) so he notified my sister . Instead of my sister calling me to come help, my sister takes my mother “who can barely see” and in the crisis of a “first time delirium” out of her home and moves her to her house. I have every reason to believe that my Mother had a full blown mental breakdown right then and there from further shock that was intentionally brought on by my sister. All done to gain further control over my Mother’s living trust and the money she lives on now. I also believe that she switched her mental health doctor at this time as to not raise any questions . I cant access any medical records of my Mother’s. When I knocked on the door mom heard me outside and Jan let me in. She stands in front of my Mom so she can’t see me. Her and her husband start yelling all i do is upset my Mom and I have never taken care of anything in my life. Jan is even raising her arms up and down rapidly to further confuse my Mother. I told my sister I work for In home support services and i see her face crack a little but she shrugs it off. She continues to yell so we can’t communicate. Then they threaten that they are going to call the police.. Mom is holding her head and crying but says she will see me in the morning when she feels better. My sister would not give me the keys to Mom’s house so I went to a hotel. I just wanted to tell her she can go back home and that she has a choice. The next morning rather than cause Mom more grief I went to A.P.S. and told them what i just expressed to you, They said they would go see my Mom and talk to her alone. I went home to wait for an answer to all the confusion.. All the next week i text Jan about Mom I tell her she can have the money, she has more expenses than me please just let me see Mom! She replied, It’s half, if there is anything left” the medical bills are through the roof!. Half? What happened to my brother? A week goes by and in the morning A.P.S. calls me about confusion over the directions to her house. That night I get a call at work from Jan’s husband who can barely contain himself, he is so happy, He tells me “your mom says she doesn’t want to talk to you”. When i insisted on seeing her he called me a baby!. He cared for his own Mother at their home until she passed on! “how dare he judge my feelings”!.
    A.P.S. referred me to the sheriff to get a police escort to try and see Mom, however if someone says they don’t want to talk to you there is nothing anyone can do. The police escort is only to create a paper trail. I have told my story to Dr. Phil and was accepted to appear on the show. The effort was another dead end. My sister would have to agree to appear with me on the show. I asked in a text and got no reply. I asked my sister why Mom doesn’t want to talk to me and she says" I will want to tell he my issues". I cant afford private mediation, the courts don’t give it in this situation and Jan would never agree to it anyway. I will text her about it today, more paper trail.

    I spoke to the sheriff mentioned in the beginning of my story who could not offer any help either however he did say for the police to ask why Mom doesn’t want to talk to me. He also told me about the kasemcares web site and said maybe the can help. He mentioned that the website is all about what I am experiencing
    I am having deep depression and anxiety attacks , I have trust issues now. This is affecting my friendships. I can’t eat and I have to take medication or i can’t sleep. I cry and then get angry. I am an extremely positive person that adapts easily to any situation life hands me, be it good or bad. I am not use to feeling what I feel every day. I cant believe my flesh and blood is intentionally doing this to Mom and I for money ! If someone, anyone out there can restore my faith in humanity and justice please answer my plea. Thank god for my two little dogs, my best friends. They are the only ones that have been able to help me. My Mom is with her little dog now, I know he comforts her as well.

    Lloyd shared a story:

    I’d just like to say, this is spot on, to what my step sister has done and is doing. I was watching a TV Show and Kerri Kasem was explaining what happened to her, I JUMPED UP AND SALUTED KERRI~!!!! This is happening, apparently, everywhere~!! This page on kasem is point by point, Accurate of what my step sister is doing.
    My Brother Mark, was appointed executor#1 by our now deceased Father….and step sister took it, somehow, took it away~!!!! She became #1 now~!!

    I complained to Mark, the Nursing Home was heavy drugging Mom and My Brother told Me, He didn’t care if they were giving her Vaseline~!! “AS LONG AS IT KEPT HER IN CHECK”~!!! I haven’t seen Mom, Since March of 2015.. A couple times I received a phone call from Brother, while he was visiting Mom.. I don’t approve, Obviously of how they do/did Mom..So they’ve cut me out of their plan. Step Sister wanted my Mom to go to Nursing Home in 1994, When my Father passed.. In 2013 Mom started showing signs of mental slippage, Sister, activated her plan of snatch and remove Mom from her DREAM HOUSE… Accusing Me and my Girlfriend of Abuse~!! Which was unfounded~!! Of Course~!!! Mom cried, they made her sign over the deed to new owner, house went cheap~!! And overnight Fast~!! She’s thrown into a residential care home, THAT’S OWNED BY MY STEP SISTER’S LIFELONG FRIEND~!!

    Mom has lived in California, Most all of her Adult Life, Step Sister steals her away to Texas~!! I called Texas APS to report “THE UN NECESSARY OVER DRUGGING” Mom doesn’t need any drugs~!! As soon as they found out She was in a Nursing Home, they APS told Me they won’t investigate, But I could hire a Private Investigator~!! Then I was told to Anticipate the new arrival of the Texas APS Website~!! They seemed more excited about new website, than the plight of my Mom~!!!!

    They keep using Mom’s age against her.. Well, in 2013 She’d burn up and down our steeply inclined driveway, several times a day, checking for the mail…She’d toss a case of water out of her way and yell at me, why was that there ? Then, She’s thrown into step sister’s friends care home, lays in bed everyday and deteriorates~!!!


    There’s a whole lot more, like her falling and breaking her hip, but I will spare the
    viewers, of it…. Thank You Kerri Kasem, for Cracking These Abusive Practices, Wide Open~!!!

    NBC Nightly News and 60 Minutes, needs to create and aire’ this
    topic, repeatedly, these abuse strategical tactics are widespread
    and need exposed~!!!!!! I contacted an Attorney and She told me,

    Oliver shared a story:

    Dear Kerri,

    I am the biological father of an incapacitated adult under guardianship in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Victoria “Tori” Russell Pace, my only biological child. Tori was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder often referred to as the 11q Genetic Disorder. Her life expectancy is unknown. Tori has a sister and she lives with her biological mother and disabled stepfather. Disability is something that we understand well.

    Melanie, Tori’s mother, and I separated prior to Tori’s birth. I have been a very active parent in all aspects of Tori’s life despite the many challenges in the parental relationship. Unfortunately, Melanie and I had our own share of traumas in life before we were adults. We have always desired the best for Tori and her sister with Melanie basically dominating parental decisions. Thus, I was not surprised at the manner in which guardianship proceedings were initiated by Melanie, the custodial parent.

    I worked in the long term care industry for many years as a state nursing facility inspector and assisted living facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I also served as a Local Long-Term Care Ombudsman with Senior Connections, an Area Agency on Aging. I was a strong and well known advocate for the right’s the disabled and adults in nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and adult day care centers. I met challenges to my recommendations for actions to prevent and discipline providers and staff based on the finding s of investigation or inspection results. I paid a price then as I am today when it comes to advocacy for the rights of the disabled and/or incapacitated adults. I never thought that this would be me. I never that I would experience guardianship or guardian abuse. It just wasn’t in my thinking. i thought that I was exempt, doesn’t apply to my family.

    I was separated from contact and communication with Tori by her mother, and not by any other authority. I was given the opportunity to comment during the guardianship proceedings and at which time I expressed my concerns over the possibility of being separated from Tori by her based on prior interference with visitation, communication and efforts to severe the strong loving bond. When I addressed the Court, Melanie stated to Judge Wallenstein, Jr. that she would never do such a thing. This line of good intentions is consistent with a long history of false allegations and statements to destroy my character. There is no finding against me as a parent in the Juvenile & Domestic Courts, child support enforcement, civil or criminal court when it comes to my interactions with Melanie and/or daughter, Tori.

    Guardianship was appointed with no enforceable protection by the Circuit Court recognizing strong and long bond between Tori, her biological father and place of worship. These bonds terminated in April 2015 by guardian. Please note that the petition for guardianship was filed at the time I had major back surgery for a neuro-spinal device implant to control chronic pain. Thus, I was recovering when the notice of the hearing was served and at the time of the hearing. I am unable to work thus unable to afford counsel then and at the present. Tori was separated from her choir the second week of April 2015. Melanie took Tori to rehearsal because I was recovering from gall bladder surgery. We had words over this incident at the choir rehearsal and then can the separation between Tori and I. The guardian alleged that she removed Tori from the choir because of her disapproved of the choir director. Tori has not be back to her place of worship where we are members. Nothing else has surfaced about the church but the focus been placed by the guardian on the allegation that Tori does not want to see or talk to me. I have phone recordings to the contrary. It was the guardian who ended the last two conversations between my daughter and I.

    Months leading up to this, the guardian demonstrated constructed efforts to separate and severe the bond. During this time, the guardian made it difficult if not almost impossible to have any meaningful shared time between Tori and I. Communication rested on Melanie meaning that she should say that Tori wasn’t available to talk or would act to bring a call conversation to a quick end. Tori is gift and very capable of communicating me. I encourage you to go to “Tori’s Talk Show” on YouTube.

    The point is that the law was used to separate a healthy family bond recognized by the court. The separation was manufactured and executed by the guardian to serve the guardian desire not to have contact or communication with me and not seeing the need to maintain or promote the strong and loving bond between father and daughter. The separation has been tragic for Tori and I. I contact the police on April 28, 2015 when I was turned away from a planned visit and activity event with Tori.

    Tori stated at two separate times on the police video recording that she wanted to leave the house and go the event with me. The guardian boldly refused. You should she Tori’s expression on the video recording. I love history and strongly believe that the existing guardianship laws in the Commonwealth can reduce an individual to a slave like status. Tori and I are decedents of slaves. We share ancestry with many of the First Families of Virginia base on DNA estimations provided by Thus, in my case, sole and complete guardianship renders my daughter and I to a slave like status. Melanie has complete control over Tori and the basis for decisions flip and flop. Where as the guardian refused to acknowledge and honor Tori’s express wishes in 2015, she states in the present under the 2016 changes to the law that Tori does not wish to see or talk to me.

    The damaged is direct result of insufficiency the Virginia Guardianship laws and abuse of authority in the presence of the failure to abide by the duties and responsibilities of guardians. I have: exhausted financial resources, written elected officials, was present for the 2016 General Assembly Guardianship committee and passage of new legislation, gone to Call 12 On Your Side in 2015 and 2016 without followup on this legal and human interest matter, suffered medical set backs and strive each day to cope with the cruelty we are experiencing under the current guardianship laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The church does not know how or is not prepared to handle this type of family matter because there is the law. They do not get involved because the guardian has the right to do so under the existing laws.

    Spirituality has been my source of strength. Legal counsel has been a challenge if not a barrier to progress. It is maddening and I have not committed a crime nor have been found at fault for anything in this matter. My daughter and I are separated because law permits with not reasonable means to evaluate the appropriateness of the actions a of a guardian. There is not recognition or provisions for the protection of known family ties at the establishment of the guardianship. In addition, there is no link between the juvenile court visitation and support orders to protect bonds, the family. We have a noose around our neck.

    Why do we have laws which mirror or the potential to subject persons to the anything that could be a kind to slavery, discrimination. or reflect the horrors where one is kidnapped and stripped of identity, rights, privileges and family? Why do we have laws that destroy and financially devastate a person in the process of seeking justice. The process of getting matter before a judge has brought in public humiliation in the church, with family and friends. They do not understand how this could be knowing all the good that they know and have witnessed as loving and kind. The guardian dispatched a war party, plan, that would make it difficult for me to get help in the church, to secure the video, etc. The plan was well executed.

    However, I need help to get this matter before the Court. I have the evidence. I kept records, phone records, and communicated with the authorities well before the separation for assistance to make sure that I was informed and did the right things for the right reasons. Please understand that I am charged with emotions as you may have been in prior years. I have yet to find the right venue where I can channel my energy as you have done so very well.

    Money can buy freedom! I am 51 years old and Tori is 21 years old. Time matters and we are worthy of help. We seek help in restoring the communication and contact as recognized by the Henrico County Circuit Court.

    Oliver Wendell Pace
    5616 Indigo Road
    Richmond, VA 23230
    (804) 901-2939

    Emmanuel shared a story:

    I am a Human Rights advocate and I am presently working with Amnesty International.

    K c shared a story:

    I’m from India .We had a daughter died in 2007 .We had Brother died on 22nd Dec 2016 due to cancer I had one more younger brother died in July 2016 .

    Now myself and my wife 2 persons family .
    I’m arthirtes Patient not able to walk a long .We are facing financial crises because have no employment
    We are planning to Educate village/Rural Youths women Girls .Because Education is the great gift today’s world.
    Indian villages need it
    To start this project we need supporters Guides guardians and in esters not bigmoneyneededed only little for making. Roof for school and furniture study materials to startup the project.
    Please inform your valuable views and if consider me trustworthy please inform your views
    We wish to work for the society in our last days
    Awaiting your valuable feed back .
    Thank you
    K. C. Dixit

    Laurie shared a story:

    my mother trusted my brother until it was to late for me to help. He used his POA to move her assets, when she found out what he was doing he took all her mail and she could not talk or see anyone. I want to hold him accountable somehow

    David shared a story:

    Iyvahn shared a story:

    Hi. This isn’t my story, but it is my BFF’s story.

    He’s been separated from his daughter after 20 yrs of being actively participant in his child’s life. She got to spend time with her father every other weekend since she was a little girl. That all came to a complete halt once she turned of age because of guardianship. She is special needs child. And she has been separated from her father. No contact. No visits. No compromises from the Guardian to facilitate their reunion.

    This is truly sad & it is my hope that others that may be going through this same thing can get together and put their voices together so that they can be heard. If you have any information or services that may be of help to them, please email me. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Chris shared a story:

    My stepmom is keeping my dad away from all family and friends….. please help

    shared a story:

    Ian shared a story:

    Lloyd shared a story:

    What happened to the Kasem Girl, as seen on Access Hollywood, happened to Me~!! Exactly~!! I’m still trying to pick my jaw up, off the floor~!!! I never realized this exploitation, is so widespread~!!!! Only its my Step Sister doing it, instead of my Step Mom. I haven’t seen my Mom in years, I don’t know which Nursing Home she’s at. I begged to see her for Christmas, only to get a cold shoulder. False unproven charges was used as Tactical Maneuver, to hide her from Me, So my Step Sister could take control of ALL of her finances~!!! I called Texas Adult Protective Services, I was told they don’t investigate or locate, that I could hire a Private Investigator, if I wanted her found/checked up on… I would like to see the Kasem Video again, of what Ms. Kasem endured, at the hands of her Step Mom. Anyone know where it can be found ?
    I believe it was from the TV Show, Access Hollywood.

    Niki shared a story:

    I lost my father Gerry this past February at the hands of his wife of 2 years .She kept him isolated away from 7 children and and 9 grandchildren. His wife withheld meds,he had several unexplained falls,adult protection was call 13 times by family and Healthcare providers.He fell threw the system and in our options was killed. His wife didn’t not inform family he had passed . When news got out she had him creamated..and held no service…The county stated we had no rights.. sadly he died alone and abused.I miss him everyday

    Roslyn shared a story:

    I just saw your story on access..I grew up listening to your dad…so sad…this is my story. My mother 89 had a stroke almost a year ago. She was always independent . She lived in a separate apt from my sister on my sister’s gated property. After 6 months of treatments, we decided to move my mother back to my sister’s property. She has a separate apt from my sister’s home I live in California, my mom and sister lived in Calif . They moved to Nevada 20 years ago. My sister wanted me to temporarily move to Nevada to care for my mom. I told her I my life is in California but I could go up during each month. That was not good enough for her, so she has now forbidden me to visit my mother on her property. I must stay at a hotel and she will take my mother and her caretaker to meet me. My mother is wheelchair bound, can’t walk or talk. One day she will not be able to meet me and my sister forbidding me to step foot on her property, I will lose contact with her. Also my mom has a beginning of Alzheimer. What can I do? My sister is punishing my mom and I. I was told I can do nothing. I even suggested to my sister for me to go up during the week between Christmas and new years so she can take time off. She’s always loved going to mammoth…she has a cabin there. Her answer was no…she can not tell me what to do and when to leave… I will tell her. Do you have any suggestions?also she refuses to talk to me.

    Audrey shared a story:


    Judy shared a story:

    Stephan shared a story:

    Stephan shared a story:

    Stephan shared a story:

    Ronald shared a story:

    In the Orlando Florida area:
    My sister, who is a Real Estate Broker in Central Florida, hated our parents yet loved their money. She had separated our parents by seventy miles, had our father sign a power of attorney and a new WILL while he was incapacitated with Alzheimer’s disease that made her co-owner of all of what he had while giving her right to survivor-ship. Our father was malnourished with a diet of breakfast cereal only where I had to step in and make his weekly meals, delivering them to his home.
    My sister used foul language on our mother and held her in seclusion with no visitors. When mother “acted up” she was cussed at and berated as well as her car privileges permanently taken away (she had died in seclusion with no visitors). When I tried to straighten out these bad acts of our sister’s, she instructed the caregivers to deny me access to mother which the sheriff deputies had enforced at the word of her attorney saying that a power of attorney was as good as a guardianship. I never was allowed to see my mother again for eight years up to her death nor was I allowed to go to her funeral. I never got to see either my father or my mother ever again nor was I allowed to attend either of their funerals.
    Our sister had tried to stop me with first a Baker Act which was absurd given that I had a licensed nursery with three thousand fruit trees. When that angle didn’t work, she filed a domestic violence case against me which was also absurd since the only record of domestic violence was perpetrated by her and our brother which is in the public record filed with the court.
    I heard that it is unlawful for a mother to be denied visitation with her children. I need to square the public record with the facts and would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you
    With all due candor,

    Christine shared a story:

    Christine shared a story:

    Christine shared a story:

    I live in Washington state. Our state has failed it’s youngest and oldest citizens by not restoring it’s visitation law since the year 2000. We have senior citizens dieing before legally being allowed to see the grandchildren they have cared for and in many cases, habe raised for years, like I have. Our grandparents are being alienated at an ever growing alarming rate in this state and it is both elderly abuse and child abuse.
    Parents deaths, their divorce, mental illness, disagreements and drug and alcohol abuse are just a few of the reasons this devastating problem is happening.
    Grandparents are older with medical problems and it is very hard for us to fight to get this law restored.
    We are the only state in the entire United States failing to have this law, the only one.
    I am desperately trying, everyday, to find ways to get through to our politicians about the severity of this family issue.
    If anyone can help us please call me at 509.378.0027.
    Thank you
    Christine Nichols
    Grandmother of Sophia

    Mukund shared a story:

    Andrea shared a story:

    Letter sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation

    May 28, 2013

    RE: MEDICARE FRAUD. David V. Jares was taken to Catawba Regional Hospice in Newton, NC on April 3, 2013 for back pain, My mother signed Hospice Paperwork. My dad did not have a disease. He was not dying and he had NEVER BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL in his life.

    Dear Fraud Task Force Agent:

    • Prohibit the deceptive practice of admitting patients to Hospice who do not have a fatal disease and require Hospice representatives to explain what Hospice will do to them.
    • Prohibit comatose drugging, dehydration, and starving of patients against their wishes and against family member’s wishes.
    • Make it a criminal offense for Hospice Staff to refuse family member’s requests to stop drugging a patient into a comatose sleep and refusing to administer an I.V.

    My dad, Marine Veteran, Dave V. Jares was an active individual who lifted 50 lbs. weights every day up until late March 2013. He was NEVER in the hospital in his life, and he DID NOT HAVE A LIVING WILL and he loved his life.

    • Dave V. Jares was under Dr. Nannette Petersen’s care at the Hickory VA Outpatient Clinic from 2006 to 2013. His last visit to Dr. Petersen was on March 11, 2013 when he told Dr. Petersen about a sudden incontinence problem that was causing him concern. Dr. Petersen told us that she would arrange for Home Health Care to come to our house and assist my dad with the changing and use of urinary incontinence wear.

    • Gentiva Home Health Care was arranged for my dad by The Hickory VA’s Nurse Care Coordinator, Leslie Langer at 828.431.5623.

    • Mar. 29-31, 2013 – A Gentiva Nurse came to visit my dad. On Mar. 31, 2013 – The Visiting Nurse, Mr. Shook called his boss from my home, and then told my mom and me that Gentiva was going to direct my dad’s care to Hospice, and Hospice would send nurses to our home to assist my dad.

    • Apr. 1, 2013. My mom signed paperwork for in home Hospice Care for my dad. Note: My dad did NOT have living will and he did NOT have dementia. There was nothing said about forcing the end of my dad’s life if he were placed in the Hospice House under in patient care!

    • Apr. 3, 2013 was the first Hospice Nurse visit. While I was at work a Nurse and Social Worker visited my dad at home. I received a call from the Social Worker at my job. I was told that they were going to take my dad to Hospice because his back pain was 10 on a scale of one to 10, and that I should come home to pack clothes for my dad. My mother agreed to this course of action. I never saw the Social Worker or the Nurse on Apr. 3, 2013. My dad did not complain about back pain to me before the ambulance came.

    • My dad was taken to The Catawba Regional Hospice House at 3975 Robinson Rd., Newton, NC 28658 about 3:30PM on April 3, 2013. My mother signed paper work there with a coordinator, Shawn. I have a copy of a paperwork my mom signed on April 3, 2013 (enclosed) and I did not read anywhere stating that Hospice would drug, starve and dehydrate my dad to death and refuse I.V. requests. We did not know that inpatient Hospice Care was based on the philosophy of the Holocaust.

    • Apr. 3 – 9, 2012. The first week in the Catawba Hospice House at in patient care, my dad he asked me for water and told me that he was thirsty and not getting enough liquids. I told the nurses that my dad needs to have liquids. I told this to every nurse that I saw at Hospice. I called the two Social Workers, Andrea and Kirsten to tell them that my dad told me he was thirsty and he needed to have fluids.

    • Apr. 8, 2013 – My dad looked okay the day of his Veteran’s Award. I have enclosed photos. It appears that he weighed 150 lbs. to 160 lbs. at the time of his picture. My dad weighed 165 on Feb. 19, 2013 (as you will notice when you read the copy of my dad’s medical report) received after his visit with Cardiologist, Dr. Issermann.

    • Apr. 10, 2013 – My dad told me that he wanted to come home. He did not want to be there. My mom still believed that the doctor and Hospice would take reasonable care of my dad when she signed my dad in there. My mom visited my dad on the weekends. I went to see my dad every day before and after work and each weekend day.

    • Apr. 18, 2013- I received a call from the Social Worker, Kirsten telling me that my dad should be in Transition Care and that my mom could pay for it, or apply for Medicaid benefits to pay for Transition Care. I told Kirsten, the Social Worker to arrange an ambulance and bring my dad home. I called my mom to tell her that dad was coming home. When I got off the phone with my mom, I got another call from Kirsten and she told me that A NURSE noticed a change in my dad, and they were going to keep him there at in patient care. I called my mom and she said she trusted them to give my dad reasonable care.

    • Apr. 19, 2013 – My dad asked me to take him home. He told it was like a prison there. My mom still believed my dad was getting reasonable care even as I told her he was not getting enough fluids. I would take several Ensure Drinks when I went to see my dad and give them to him every day until he was drugged into a comatose sleep.

    • Apr. 21, 2013 – My dad told me he wanted to go home with me that afternoon. My mom still believed my dad was getting reasonable care at Hospice even as I told her he was not.

    • Apr. 22, 2013 – My dad told me once again that it was like a prison there, and he wanted to come home. He was still drinking fluids when I brought Ensures, or coffee to drink.

    • Apr. 23, 2013 – a nurse called me at work to tell me that my dad was trying to get out of bed and remove his catheter. The nurse said it was “Terminal Restlessness” and they gave my dad something to calm him and moved his bed to the nurse’s station. I could not leave work until 4PM and then came to see my dad after work. He was in his room sleeping. I could not wake him. This is the point when I believe the excessive drugging of my dad began.

    • Apr. 24 – 26, 2013 – I was able to get my dad to drink coffee and Ensure and eat a little. I was concerned about how thin my dad had gotten this week and I asked for an I.V. for my dad, and was told they don’t give I.V.’s there. I was shocked. I did not know what to do. I have never experienced horrific events like this.

    • Sat, April 27, 2013 – the last day my dad was awake enough to drink two Ensures that I brought for him and he eat a little oatmeal that I made for him. This is the last time my dad ate or drank, Sat. April 27, 2013.

    • Sun, Apr. 28, 2013 – Day 1 – no food, no water. My dad was drugged into a comatose sleep in which he was unable to awake to eat or drink from April 28 – May 4, 2013. I begged for an I.V. and was told me they do not do that there.

    • Mon, Apr. 29, 2013 – Day 2 – no food, no water. I came to see my dad in the morning and evening…he was in a comatose sleep. No food, no water. I asked for an I.V. for my dad. I was told again that they don’t do that there.

    • Tue, Apr. 30, 2013 – Day 3 – no food, no water. My dad was in a comatose sleep in the morning and evening when I came. I asked if he ate. I was told no he did not eat or drink. I asked for an I.V. I was told again that they don’t give I.V.’s there.

    • Wed, May 1, 2013 – Day 4 – no food, no water. My dad was in a comatose sleep in the morning and evening again….He did not eat or drink again. I asked for an I.V. for my dad. I was told they don’t do that there.

    • Thu, May 2, 2013 – Day 5 – no food, no water. My dad still not awake to eat or drink. I asked for an I.V. No food, no water for 5 days! I was told again that they don’t give I.V.’s there.

    • Fri, May 3, 2013 – Day 6 – no food, no water. I was with my dad in the morning I got there about 6:30AM. I was talking to my dad while he was in the comatose sleep for a long time and suddenly, he sat up in bed several times trying to scream, holding my hands really tight. I rang for the nurse to ask what was happening. The nurse gave him a liquid by mouth. My dad continued to sit up and hold my hands really tight trying to scream again, when the next nurse on the shift change came in and gave my dad a liquid by mouth. My dad then went to sleep. I did not go to work and stayed with my dad several hours, called my mom, and went home to bring her to see my dad. I asked for an I.V. again and again. ”We don’t that here,” was the reply once again.

    • May 4, 2013 – Day 7 – no food, no water. My mom and I were getting ready to leave our home to come see my dad when a nurse called and said they noticed a change in my dad’s breathing. I told her we were on our way there. When we got there, we were told MY DAD died before we arrived. Hospice succeeded in murdering my dad after 7 days of no food, no water, no I.V.’s.
    My mother and I stayed with my dad for a few hours with my dad in his death room until the funeral home attendant arrived to take my dad.

    • As God is my witness, my dad should NEVER have been placed in Hospice. But, the doctor and the staff at Catawba Regional Hospice made sure he would die. My dad was drugged into a coma so that he would not be capable of eating or drinking and was dehydrated to death and denied the I.V.’s begged for. My dad was MURDERED in Hospice. If this was done to a dog, there would be a prison sentence for this. How can people be murdered?

    • May 8, 2013 – My dad’s death certificate was received by my family and I was shocked to see the cause of death listed as Dementia. That is a lie. My dad was dehydrated to death! My dad suffered for Seven Days no food, no water. My dad was murdered and he must have weighed about 120 lbs. when he died.

    PHOTOS – The enclosed photos of my dad taken on April 8, 2013 and the photos of my dad taken at his funeral on May 7, 2013 are proof that Hospice violated the ethics of medical oath to “DO NO HARM to a patient”. Instead, my dad was murdered just as millions were murdered during the Holocaust. I suspect that my dad’s medical records at the Catawba Hospice House were altered, or destroyed to conceal the way he died.

    My dad did NOT want to die. He was NOT senile. My dad wrote his spring plan for the garden (attached copy of his notes from Feb. 15, 2013 and notice that he wrote that he planned to live 20 more years) and he wrote in other copied notes that I’ve enclosed how blessed by God he has been in his life. My dad also wrote to you and I’ve enclosed copy the letter you sent him.

    My dad wanted to live that is why he did NOT have a Living Will. Instead, my dad was murdered in Catawba Regional Hospice House in Newton, NC. He wanted to work in his garden this summer and he wanted to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. but Hospice made sure my Dad died before God was ready to call him home.

    Please require Catawba Regional Hospice in Newton, NC pay hefty fines for Medicare FRAUD.

    • Prohibit Hospice the deceptive practice of admitting patients to Hospice who do not have a fatal disease and require Hospice representatives to explain what Hospice does.
    • Prohibit comatose drugging, dehydration, and starving of patients against their wishes and against family member’s wishes so that they can claim the patient was indeed dying when it was not true until
    • Make it a criminal offense for Hospice Staff to refuse family member’s requests to stop drugging a patient into a comatose sleep and refusing to administer an I.V.

    I wish someone had told me that a doctor would lie, drug and dehydrate my dad. I never know that someone who is not dying would be murdered by a doctor for 30K in Medicare money. Nor did I know how horrible VA health care was to send my dad to hospice for back pain.

    I obtained my dad’s medical records from the demonic hospice and found out how much they lied to me. Dad was given Haldol, Hydrocodone and Therazine. He was drugged so much he could not wake up to drink water or eat. The doctor ignored me when I said I wanted my dad home.

    The demonic doctor wrote cause of death as dementia on my Dad’s death certificate. Another lie. My dad was as alert as me until he was excessively drugged. The cause of my dad’s death was FORCED DEHYDRATION.

    Wendi shared a story:

    I saw your story tonight on inside addition. It broke my heart because I’m going through something similar. My mother wouldn’t let me see her mother who took care of me in my late teens early twenties. I recently found out that my mother had thrown my grandmother into a home where she’s in a small room with three other people. She has no privacy,one tiny little bed and no tv. Also can’t even go outside. My mother is trying to take everything she has left and my mother and her new husband mentally abused my grandmother. I feel your pain when you have no control to take care of someone you love. It’s a horrible thing to see someone hurt and take advantage of someone who can’t take care of themselves. I hope you get your answers and I hope I can find a way to fight for my grandmother while she is still in this world. My heart is broken she’s 92 and alone in a hell hole and I can’t get her to come live with me cause she’s trying to fight for what is hers. Good luck I grew up listening to your father. I hope you get answers and I hope I find a way to help my granny that was abused by her own daughter.

    Yvette shared a story:

    My uncle was at the same rehab center in Santa Monica. As a healthcare worker, I was appalled at my uncle’s care. I reported my findings to CMD. Medicare sent a surveyor. They were cited on several basic sanitation rules. It is s beautiful center, smells good and they have a pet therapy dog. The staff cared but the were very lax in basic sanitation rules. My complaint did have a positive effect to protect others. My director was shocked at the report and said I had a good case for litigation. However, that was not and is not my motive. My motive is to educate the public. Simple hand washing is the most effective tool against infection. In addition, my uncle had to ask to be changed. That is unacceptable. A person’s dignity should NEVER be taken away. Coming in and being friendly holding someone’s hand is nice. However, it is like cotton candy with no real nutrition. If you really want to help—- let’s educate the public on protecting their lives by careful selection of healthcare agents and basic, basic things to look for. Now every room in that institution had hand sanitizer mounted in the room. Nurses are mandated by CMS to wash their hands before putting gloves on and after removal of gloves. Furthermore, an English proficiency test should be given. If you are really interested in helping others, feel free to contact me at We cannot bring our loved ones back, but education can help someone else. My deep condolences. Yvette Bunch

    Ahmed shared a story:

    Cultura Nueva Vida y Salvación

    Lucas 2:14
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    Obra del Señor en el Norte de África.
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    Gracias. El equipo de Facebook.
    Espero vuestra oración por los gastos de la obra del Señor.
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    Bendiciones, Abu

    Annie shared a story:

    My name is Annie, originally from Socorro, New Mexico and growing up in the Santa Fe area, I now live in Gilbert, Arizona with my husband and two amazing kids. My story began 43 years ago as a new born baby from an affair. My biological father was married and had a family of his own, so needless to say, he was not a “father figure” in my life. That role would be filled some years later by my loving Step-Father. Growing up, I had many questions about who my father was, but those answers would not come for many years. Wanting to know more about my father and half-siblings, about seven years ago, I started to research my father. With a little hard work and dedication, I was able to connect with one of my half-brothers who lives there in Socorro with my father. Our friendship grew over the course of several years and through many phone conversations we set up a time to meet. Everything was going smoothly, I was able to connect and meet with several other family members and shortly there-after, I was able to finally meet with my father.
    Growing up, I knew who my father was and actually met him a couple of times… as he was having an ongoing affair with my mother. As a child, I was not aware but their affair went on for several years until my Step-Father came into the picture. Through my “investigation work” looking for my father and putting the pieces together of my family history, I was able to locate another half-brother living in a different state who was also a product of an affair my father was having (at the same time) with another woman.
    As a child, I never could understand why my father did not want me in his life and as I grew up, I learned to dislike my father more and more throughout the years. His lack of support became a thorn in my side which I carried with me for many years.
    My husband was with me when I reconnected with my father for the first time in 20+ years. The bitterness was gone and all I felt was love and compassion for him. My father, is 85 was very open to my questions and throughout our visit, he walked around his house showing us pictures and telling us stories of the past. We had a wonderful visit together and my husband took several pictures of us together. For our next visit together, we brought my kids and introduced them to their Grandfather. Again, we all had a wonderful time together which also included my half-brother and his family. Little did I know, behind the scenes, my half-brother and his wife was plotting against me. During our last and final visit together, after seeing my father, my half-brother’s wife pulled me aside and read me the riot-act. She implied that I was not truly my father’s daughter and that I was producing more problems for their family than anything else. She insisted that my half-brother felt the same way towards me and my family and asked us not to return again to see my father. Since then, she has completely turned her husband/ my half-brother against me and I have not been allowed to speak with my father when I have tried calling him.
    Since then, over a year has passed and my father’s health has taken a turn for the worse. He has dementia and is now having a difficult time even remembering who my half-brother and his family are. I have made several attempts to contact my half-brother in order to check on my father but all my efforts have failed, my brother and his wife will not allow me to speak with my father. I am very concerned for my father’s health and am afraid that something will happen to him and I will not know about it.