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    Stephan shared a story:

    Stephan shared a story:

    Stephan shared a story:

    Ronald shared a story:

    In the Orlando Florida area:
    My sister, who is a Real Estate Broker in Central Florida, hated our parents yet loved their money. She had separated our parents by seventy miles, had our father sign a power of attorney and a new WILL while he was incapacitated with Alzheimer’s disease that made her co-owner of all of what he had while giving her right to survivor-ship. Our father was malnourished with a diet of breakfast cereal only where I had to step in and make his weekly meals, delivering them to his home.
    My sister used foul language on our mother and held her in seclusion with no visitors. When mother “acted up” she was cussed at and berated as well as her car privileges permanently taken away (she had died in seclusion with no visitors). When I tried to straighten out these bad acts of our sister’s, she instructed the caregivers to deny me access to mother which the sheriff deputies had enforced at the word of her attorney saying that a power of attorney was as good as a guardianship. I never was allowed to see my mother again for eight years up to her death nor was I allowed to go to her funeral. I never got to see either my father or my mother ever again nor was I allowed to attend either of their funerals.
    Our sister had tried to stop me with first a Baker Act which was absurd given that I had a licensed nursery with three thousand fruit trees. When that angle didn’t work, she filed a domestic violence case against me which was also absurd since the only record of domestic violence was perpetrated by her and our brother which is in the public record filed with the court.
    I heard that it is unlawful for a mother to be denied visitation with her children. I need to square the public record with the facts and would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you
    With all due candor,

    Christine shared a story:

    Christine shared a story:

    Christine shared a story:

    I live in Washington state. Our state has failed it’s youngest and oldest citizens by not restoring it’s visitation law since the year 2000. We have senior citizens dieing before legally being allowed to see the grandchildren they have cared for and in many cases, habe raised for years, like I have. Our grandparents are being alienated at an ever growing alarming rate in this state and it is both elderly abuse and child abuse.
    Parents deaths, their divorce, mental illness, disagreements and drug and alcohol abuse are just a few of the reasons this devastating problem is happening.
    Grandparents are older with medical problems and it is very hard for us to fight to get this law restored.
    We are the only state in the entire United States failing to have this law, the only one.
    I am desperately trying, everyday, to find ways to get through to our politicians about the severity of this family issue.
    If anyone can help us please call me at 509.378.0027.
    Thank you
    Christine Nichols
    Grandmother of Sophia

    Mukund shared a story:

    Andrea shared a story:

    Letter sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation

    May 28, 2013

    RE: MEDICARE FRAUD. David V. Jares was taken to Catawba Regional Hospice in Newton, NC on April 3, 2013 for back pain, My mother signed Hospice Paperwork. My dad did not have a disease. He was not dying and he had NEVER BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL in his life.

    Dear Fraud Task Force Agent:

    • Prohibit the deceptive practice of admitting patients to Hospice who do not have a fatal disease and require Hospice representatives to explain what Hospice will do to them.
    • Prohibit comatose drugging, dehydration, and starving of patients against their wishes and against family member’s wishes.
    • Make it a criminal offense for Hospice Staff to refuse family member’s requests to stop drugging a patient into a comatose sleep and refusing to administer an I.V.

    My dad, Marine Veteran, Dave V. Jares was an active individual who lifted 50 lbs. weights every day up until late March 2013. He was NEVER in the hospital in his life, and he DID NOT HAVE A LIVING WILL and he loved his life.

    • Dave V. Jares was under Dr. Nannette Petersen’s care at the Hickory VA Outpatient Clinic from 2006 to 2013. His last visit to Dr. Petersen was on March 11, 2013 when he told Dr. Petersen about a sudden incontinence problem that was causing him concern. Dr. Petersen told us that she would arrange for Home Health Care to come to our house and assist my dad with the changing and use of urinary incontinence wear.

    • Gentiva Home Health Care was arranged for my dad by The Hickory VA’s Nurse Care Coordinator, Leslie Langer at 828.431.5623.

    • Mar. 29-31, 2013 – A Gentiva Nurse came to visit my dad. On Mar. 31, 2013 – The Visiting Nurse, Mr. Shook called his boss from my home, and then told my mom and me that Gentiva was going to direct my dad’s care to Hospice, and Hospice would send nurses to our home to assist my dad.

    • Apr. 1, 2013. My mom signed paperwork for in home Hospice Care for my dad. Note: My dad did NOT have living will and he did NOT have dementia. There was nothing said about forcing the end of my dad’s life if he were placed in the Hospice House under in patient care!

    • Apr. 3, 2013 was the first Hospice Nurse visit. While I was at work a Nurse and Social Worker visited my dad at home. I received a call from the Social Worker at my job. I was told that they were going to take my dad to Hospice because his back pain was 10 on a scale of one to 10, and that I should come home to pack clothes for my dad. My mother agreed to this course of action. I never saw the Social Worker or the Nurse on Apr. 3, 2013. My dad did not complain about back pain to me before the ambulance came.

    • My dad was taken to The Catawba Regional Hospice House at 3975 Robinson Rd., Newton, NC 28658 about 3:30PM on April 3, 2013. My mother signed paper work there with a coordinator, Shawn. I have a copy of a paperwork my mom signed on April 3, 2013 (enclosed) and I did not read anywhere stating that Hospice would drug, starve and dehydrate my dad to death and refuse I.V. requests. We did not know that inpatient Hospice Care was based on the philosophy of the Holocaust.

    • Apr. 3 – 9, 2012. The first week in the Catawba Hospice House at in patient care, my dad he asked me for water and told me that he was thirsty and not getting enough liquids. I told the nurses that my dad needs to have liquids. I told this to every nurse that I saw at Hospice. I called the two Social Workers, Andrea and Kirsten to tell them that my dad told me he was thirsty and he needed to have fluids.

    • Apr. 8, 2013 – My dad looked okay the day of his Veteran’s Award. I have enclosed photos. It appears that he weighed 150 lbs. to 160 lbs. at the time of his picture. My dad weighed 165 on Feb. 19, 2013 (as you will notice when you read the copy of my dad’s medical report) received after his visit with Cardiologist, Dr. Issermann.

    • Apr. 10, 2013 – My dad told me that he wanted to come home. He did not want to be there. My mom still believed that the doctor and Hospice would take reasonable care of my dad when she signed my dad in there. My mom visited my dad on the weekends. I went to see my dad every day before and after work and each weekend day.

    • Apr. 18, 2013- I received a call from the Social Worker, Kirsten telling me that my dad should be in Transition Care and that my mom could pay for it, or apply for Medicaid benefits to pay for Transition Care. I told Kirsten, the Social Worker to arrange an ambulance and bring my dad home. I called my mom to tell her that dad was coming home. When I got off the phone with my mom, I got another call from Kirsten and she told me that A NURSE noticed a change in my dad, and they were going to keep him there at in patient care. I called my mom and she said she trusted them to give my dad reasonable care.

    • Apr. 19, 2013 – My dad asked me to take him home. He told it was like a prison there. My mom still believed my dad was getting reasonable care even as I told her he was not getting enough fluids. I would take several Ensure Drinks when I went to see my dad and give them to him every day until he was drugged into a comatose sleep.

    • Apr. 21, 2013 – My dad told me he wanted to go home with me that afternoon. My mom still believed my dad was getting reasonable care at Hospice even as I told her he was not.

    • Apr. 22, 2013 – My dad told me once again that it was like a prison there, and he wanted to come home. He was still drinking fluids when I brought Ensures, or coffee to drink.

    • Apr. 23, 2013 – a nurse called me at work to tell me that my dad was trying to get out of bed and remove his catheter. The nurse said it was “Terminal Restlessness” and they gave my dad something to calm him and moved his bed to the nurse’s station. I could not leave work until 4PM and then came to see my dad after work. He was in his room sleeping. I could not wake him. This is the point when I believe the excessive drugging of my dad began.

    • Apr. 24 – 26, 2013 – I was able to get my dad to drink coffee and Ensure and eat a little. I was concerned about how thin my dad had gotten this week and I asked for an I.V. for my dad, and was told they don’t give I.V.’s there. I was shocked. I did not know what to do. I have never experienced horrific events like this.

    • Sat, April 27, 2013 – the last day my dad was awake enough to drink two Ensures that I brought for him and he eat a little oatmeal that I made for him. This is the last time my dad ate or drank, Sat. April 27, 2013.

    • Sun, Apr. 28, 2013 – Day 1 – no food, no water. My dad was drugged into a comatose sleep in which he was unable to awake to eat or drink from April 28 – May 4, 2013. I begged for an I.V. and was told me they do not do that there.

    • Mon, Apr. 29, 2013 – Day 2 – no food, no water. I came to see my dad in the morning and evening…he was in a comatose sleep. No food, no water. I asked for an I.V. for my dad. I was told again that they don’t do that there.

    • Tue, Apr. 30, 2013 – Day 3 – no food, no water. My dad was in a comatose sleep in the morning and evening when I came. I asked if he ate. I was told no he did not eat or drink. I asked for an I.V. I was told again that they don’t give I.V.’s there.

    • Wed, May 1, 2013 – Day 4 – no food, no water. My dad was in a comatose sleep in the morning and evening again….He did not eat or drink again. I asked for an I.V. for my dad. I was told they don’t do that there.

    • Thu, May 2, 2013 – Day 5 – no food, no water. My dad still not awake to eat or drink. I asked for an I.V. No food, no water for 5 days! I was told again that they don’t give I.V.’s there.

    • Fri, May 3, 2013 – Day 6 – no food, no water. I was with my dad in the morning I got there about 6:30AM. I was talking to my dad while he was in the comatose sleep for a long time and suddenly, he sat up in bed several times trying to scream, holding my hands really tight. I rang for the nurse to ask what was happening. The nurse gave him a liquid by mouth. My dad continued to sit up and hold my hands really tight trying to scream again, when the next nurse on the shift change came in and gave my dad a liquid by mouth. My dad then went to sleep. I did not go to work and stayed with my dad several hours, called my mom, and went home to bring her to see my dad. I asked for an I.V. again and again. ”We don’t that here,” was the reply once again.

    • May 4, 2013 – Day 7 – no food, no water. My mom and I were getting ready to leave our home to come see my dad when a nurse called and said they noticed a change in my dad’s breathing. I told her we were on our way there. When we got there, we were told MY DAD died before we arrived. Hospice succeeded in murdering my dad after 7 days of no food, no water, no I.V.’s.
    My mother and I stayed with my dad for a few hours with my dad in his death room until the funeral home attendant arrived to take my dad.

    • As God is my witness, my dad should NEVER have been placed in Hospice. But, the doctor and the staff at Catawba Regional Hospice made sure he would die. My dad was drugged into a coma so that he would not be capable of eating or drinking and was dehydrated to death and denied the I.V.’s begged for. My dad was MURDERED in Hospice. If this was done to a dog, there would be a prison sentence for this. How can people be murdered?

    • May 8, 2013 – My dad’s death certificate was received by my family and I was shocked to see the cause of death listed as Dementia. That is a lie. My dad was dehydrated to death! My dad suffered for Seven Days no food, no water. My dad was murdered and he must have weighed about 120 lbs. when he died.

    PHOTOS – The enclosed photos of my dad taken on April 8, 2013 and the photos of my dad taken at his funeral on May 7, 2013 are proof that Hospice violated the ethics of medical oath to “DO NO HARM to a patient”. Instead, my dad was murdered just as millions were murdered during the Holocaust. I suspect that my dad’s medical records at the Catawba Hospice House were altered, or destroyed to conceal the way he died.

    My dad did NOT want to die. He was NOT senile. My dad wrote his spring plan for the garden (attached copy of his notes from Feb. 15, 2013 and notice that he wrote that he planned to live 20 more years) and he wrote in other copied notes that I’ve enclosed how blessed by God he has been in his life. My dad also wrote to you and I’ve enclosed copy the letter you sent him.

    My dad wanted to live that is why he did NOT have a Living Will. Instead, my dad was murdered in Catawba Regional Hospice House in Newton, NC. He wanted to work in his garden this summer and he wanted to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. but Hospice made sure my Dad died before God was ready to call him home.

    Please require Catawba Regional Hospice in Newton, NC pay hefty fines for Medicare FRAUD.

    • Prohibit Hospice the deceptive practice of admitting patients to Hospice who do not have a fatal disease and require Hospice representatives to explain what Hospice does.
    • Prohibit comatose drugging, dehydration, and starving of patients against their wishes and against family member’s wishes so that they can claim the patient was indeed dying when it was not true until
    • Make it a criminal offense for Hospice Staff to refuse family member’s requests to stop drugging a patient into a comatose sleep and refusing to administer an I.V.

    I wish someone had told me that a doctor would lie, drug and dehydrate my dad. I never know that someone who is not dying would be murdered by a doctor for 30K in Medicare money. Nor did I know how horrible VA health care was to send my dad to hospice for back pain.

    I obtained my dad’s medical records from the demonic hospice and found out how much they lied to me. Dad was given Haldol, Hydrocodone and Therazine. He was drugged so much he could not wake up to drink water or eat. The doctor ignored me when I said I wanted my dad home.

    The demonic doctor wrote cause of death as dementia on my Dad’s death certificate. Another lie. My dad was as alert as me until he was excessively drugged. The cause of my dad’s death was FORCED DEHYDRATION.

    Wendi shared a story:

    I saw your story tonight on inside addition. It broke my heart because I’m going through something similar. My mother wouldn’t let me see her mother who took care of me in my late teens early twenties. I recently found out that my mother had thrown my grandmother into a home where she’s in a small room with three other people. She has no privacy,one tiny little bed and no tv. Also can’t even go outside. My mother is trying to take everything she has left and my mother and her new husband mentally abused my grandmother. I feel your pain when you have no control to take care of someone you love. It’s a horrible thing to see someone hurt and take advantage of someone who can’t take care of themselves. I hope you get your answers and I hope I can find a way to fight for my grandmother while she is still in this world. My heart is broken she’s 92 and alone in a hell hole and I can’t get her to come live with me cause she’s trying to fight for what is hers. Good luck I grew up listening to your father. I hope you get answers and I hope I find a way to help my granny that was abused by her own daughter.

    Yvette shared a story:

    My uncle was at the same rehab center in Santa Monica. As a healthcare worker, I was appalled at my uncle’s care. I reported my findings to CMD. Medicare sent a surveyor. They were cited on several basic sanitation rules. It is s beautiful center, smells good and they have a pet therapy dog. The staff cared but the were very lax in basic sanitation rules. My complaint did have a positive effect to protect others. My director was shocked at the report and said I had a good case for litigation. However, that was not and is not my motive. My motive is to educate the public. Simple hand washing is the most effective tool against infection. In addition, my uncle had to ask to be changed. That is unacceptable. A person’s dignity should NEVER be taken away. Coming in and being friendly holding someone’s hand is nice. However, it is like cotton candy with no real nutrition. If you really want to help—- let’s educate the public on protecting their lives by careful selection of healthcare agents and basic, basic things to look for. Now every room in that institution had hand sanitizer mounted in the room. Nurses are mandated by CMS to wash their hands before putting gloves on and after removal of gloves. Furthermore, an English proficiency test should be given. If you are really interested in helping others, feel free to contact me at We cannot bring our loved ones back, but education can help someone else. My deep condolences. Yvette Bunch

    Ahmed shared a story:

    Cultura Nueva Vida y Salvación

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    Obra del Señor en el Norte de África.
    Mediante internet, con muchas site web aunque nos cuesta mucho dinero de nuestro bolseo, pero vale la pena, porque predicamos a Cristo crucificado al mundo del norte del áfrica, que necesitan amor, paz, e salvación,
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    Bendiciones, Abu

    Annie shared a story:

    My name is Annie, originally from Socorro, New Mexico and growing up in the Santa Fe area, I now live in Gilbert, Arizona with my husband and two amazing kids. My story began 43 years ago as a new born baby from an affair. My biological father was married and had a family of his own, so needless to say, he was not a “father figure” in my life. That role would be filled some years later by my loving Step-Father. Growing up, I had many questions about who my father was, but those answers would not come for many years. Wanting to know more about my father and half-siblings, about seven years ago, I started to research my father. With a little hard work and dedication, I was able to connect with one of my half-brothers who lives there in Socorro with my father. Our friendship grew over the course of several years and through many phone conversations we set up a time to meet. Everything was going smoothly, I was able to connect and meet with several other family members and shortly there-after, I was able to finally meet with my father.
    Growing up, I knew who my father was and actually met him a couple of times… as he was having an ongoing affair with my mother. As a child, I was not aware but their affair went on for several years until my Step-Father came into the picture. Through my “investigation work” looking for my father and putting the pieces together of my family history, I was able to locate another half-brother living in a different state who was also a product of an affair my father was having (at the same time) with another woman.
    As a child, I never could understand why my father did not want me in his life and as I grew up, I learned to dislike my father more and more throughout the years. His lack of support became a thorn in my side which I carried with me for many years.
    My husband was with me when I reconnected with my father for the first time in 20+ years. The bitterness was gone and all I felt was love and compassion for him. My father, is 85 was very open to my questions and throughout our visit, he walked around his house showing us pictures and telling us stories of the past. We had a wonderful visit together and my husband took several pictures of us together. For our next visit together, we brought my kids and introduced them to their Grandfather. Again, we all had a wonderful time together which also included my half-brother and his family. Little did I know, behind the scenes, my half-brother and his wife was plotting against me. During our last and final visit together, after seeing my father, my half-brother’s wife pulled me aside and read me the riot-act. She implied that I was not truly my father’s daughter and that I was producing more problems for their family than anything else. She insisted that my half-brother felt the same way towards me and my family and asked us not to return again to see my father. Since then, she has completely turned her husband/ my half-brother against me and I have not been allowed to speak with my father when I have tried calling him.
    Since then, over a year has passed and my father’s health has taken a turn for the worse. He has dementia and is now having a difficult time even remembering who my half-brother and his family are. I have made several attempts to contact my half-brother in order to check on my father but all my efforts have failed, my brother and his wife will not allow me to speak with my father. I am very concerned for my father’s health and am afraid that something will happen to him and I will not know about it.

    Susan shared a story:

    Hi, I’d like to share several blog posts I think you and your audience might find of interest:


    Nobuzwe shared a story:

    Human rights organisation , also have a program of elderly people, day care center, counselling, exercising in the morning,grocery club , budget making sure dont go to money sharks . I the end of year fundraiser for everybody’s birthday and closing party. Also making sure abuse is reported and they als support each other.

    Subrat kumar shared a story:

    Richard shared a story:

    I am on my way right now to spend thanksgiving with my mommy so I will be back to share my story, thank you…

    Tatenda shared a story:

    Syd shared a story:

    My sister and I have not been able to see our elderly father who is our 84 years old since 2009.our hearts are broken. We want to see him. Help us please

    Ahmed shared a story:

    Ahmed shared a story:

    Ahmed shared a story:

    Misión Cristiana Evangélica CNVS.
    “….. De gracia recibisteis, dad de gracia.”
    Mateo 10:8,
    Queridos hermanos y amigos,
    Doy gracias a los amigos de buena voluntad y que tienen interés hacia la obra del Señor.
    Siéntase libre de compartir mis pensamientos y mi ministerio con buenos amigos y fieles como tú. Tus comentarios pueden ser de interés para mí. Espero que tu tus amigos puedan obtener información en esta carta, y eso sería útil para comunicarse con su red de apoyo para esta labor preciosa que puede cambiar el norte de áfrica para que puedan personas de trasfondo musulmán conocer y aceptar a Jesucristo el Señor y Salvador.
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    Sarah shared a story:

    My name is Sarah kasoga Am from Africa in Uganda. In my country there are no homes of the elderly it has always been on my heart that although I am a teacher I will build a home for the elderly when I get the ability.
    I was touched by an old man in my village who had a big piece of land but died a miserable death because no one was ready to help him .All his relatives were eager to take his land but no help was given to him he died alone in the house and it was realized three days later after the kids playing in his compound went to get their ball from his house because the door was always open since he was too sick to go and close it. I will never forgive myself when I passed by his house with my sister and I asked her about that old man called Oleke who used to give us jack fruit when we were kids.
    All she said was my dear he is inside his house full of darkness no one to light a candle, to clean up or cook his food.
    The relative gave him cassava daily but didn’t care whether he ate or no, As we passed by with my sister it was dark but we could hear him groan in pain we moved near his house we said hello but he just continued with groaning in pain and we left but a week after he was found dead. He was childless but he worked hard in his afternoon years if he was helped he would not die such a lonely painful death.
    His lazy relative were just waiting for his land which he worked hard for but they didn’t have the heart to sell a small piece and bring him to hospital and even to take care of him all they needed was his land that is all. I felt sad he lived the saddest last days on this planet I was touched I wished Could help he had his property which could be sold to help him, he begged his relatives to sell and bring him to hospital but in vain. They just burried him like an animal and now they are happily cultivating his land.

    Ericka shared a story:

    I am in need of an advocate or legal assistance for my father. There is a long story that I will make short. My blood mother, my dads wife put him in a locked Alzheimers/dementia facility and he has neither. I took him out as he was able to express to the director that he did not want to be locked in there and he did not want to go home to his wife. He has been a victim of elderly abuse for years- isolation, verbal and emotional abuse, and most recently financial abuse. She had him sign a POA to her and he was not even aware of it on morphine, without glasses, and misled that a woman(sorority sister of my mothers) was me and another sorority sister acted as a notary when it was signed. I was told that she was acting like she was me, his daughter with the medical professionals as well. He is voicing now that he wants the POA reversed and given to me as she has shown no love for him or interest in his well being. Recently put "do not resistate " on medical records and he knew nothing about it. She is abusing her POA in many ways. She says she has moved money, closed accounts, changed his will and trying to sell everything he owns. 6 months ago he was hospitalized from an unwitnrss fall and has not been able to go back to the home he has lived in for the last 40+ years. He has said some things to social workers, doctors, friends and family that are all consistent of someone who knows what they are talking about and aware of his surroundings. I do as well as others believe that if he would have stayed under his wife’s authority he would not have a chance for life. She has called the police and they came to interview him at the hospital , but I do not know the outcome because I called the police department and they have no record of this. There is much more … but I am reaching out desperately for assistance as I can not tell if my mother’s hate and resentment for my father is being exploited and used against her for criminal type involvement or she is acting out on her own. Please contact me 818-941-4341 or 619-846-0495. Or 818-454-4934 . Thank you.

    Buchibabu shared a story:

    Basanta kumar shared a story:

    Dear A F F
    I was on bangalor(India) on 14/09/2016 for personal work. I saw from net and registrar my name . A phone call coming from a ff service lady mb no is 8371940797 i agree with him and deposit Rs 2500 in ff service a/c no 35777649644 ifsc code SBIN0014549 branch HAIDERPARA . F F Service lady contact with another lady gave her mb no to me and give a no- Rncd11185 name Nisha mb no is 9564493260 before that she gave a no Fiscd 1016 . When i talk with nisha lady she told me for medical I D . I INFORMED to ff service lady she told me to deposit RS 15500 IAND SHE TOLD ME IT IS Refundable in afternoon again ff service lady told me to deposit again Rs 3000 i did it. When ask Nisha lady foer meeting she told me for massage cream. i am unable to pay because i had gone to Bangalor for personal work. i have no money . So i refused to deposit. everything i told to ff service lady but she is not helping to me. Finally i am not getting service from A F F. I AM UNABLE TO FIND OUT WHERE IS MY FAULT? I am mailing to everybody but no action. Your ff service lady told me rs 18500 will get back. Both lady were switch OFF there mobile . What shall i do. when i will get back my money. I am from India. odisha this was happened when i was in bangalor India.

    B K Patel

    Antonia shared a story:

    Elder abuse. There is no doubt in my mind that more elderly people suffer from abuse than we are aware of.

    Arlene shared a story:

    I’m bullying for vitiligo but I healed with the help of lucid love

    Venkateswar shared a story:

    Dear sir/Mam/ Managing Trustee
    I interact with grass root NGOs of ODISHA they are interested for doing oldage homes
    paid/unpaid homes for the needy senior citizens or oldage persons. Oldage homes highly needed for present situation. You feel free any quaries regarding this matter you sent a mail to our Desk. Land donated by the NGOs for the benovelent gasture. We want some financial assistance for the nobel cause. on priority basis the projects will be implemented in a phased manner.

    Venkateswar shared a story:

    Dear sir/Mam/ Managing Trustee
    I interact with grass root NGOs of ODISHA they are interested for doing oldage homes
    paid/unpaid homes for the needy senior citizens or oldage persons. Oldage homes highly needed for present situation. You feel free any quaries regarding this matter you sent a mail to our Desk. Land donated by the NGOs for the benovelent gasture. We want some financial assistance for the nobel cause. on priority basis the projects will be implemented in a phased manner.