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    I am the Coordinator of organisation . My major role in the organisation are overall implementation and management of HIV/AIDS Comprehensive program for MSM/MSW/TG .Monitoring and evaluation of the project . Advocate HIV/AIDS interventation for MSM/MSW /TG and project objectives to all stakeholders in the local community . Major achievements are : get funding support through local level government (DDC) , Trans-women Get ’’Other’’ mentoined citizionship and passport from our district . Communicity people are involv in various network and political parties member .

    There are so many challenges in our local society still the constitution is very positive towards LGBTI people in Nepal . There is lack of knowledge about LGBTI and their human rights , so many menmber of LGBTI are still hesitatge to be opeaned . And other major challenge is wrong concept about msm sexual behivour , people think HIV didnt transmit among male to male sexual practice , and they dont use condom and lubricants . One of the major challenge is that constitution had addressed about LGBTI community human rights but not about the employment , reservation in governmental job and also privet company , so many people of LGBTI community are jobless and economically poor and they choose sex work to survive . Family acceptance is also major challengen, some people of community are opeaned but the were rejected from their family and society also . Sitll no good legal status of same sex marrige in nepal so many transgender and gay were forcely married with ladis , which is also main challenges and it makes huge problem in family members not only married couple .
    I had get the on the tilltle of "other"citizenship and passport first time in lumbini zone.i am working now Human Rights Activist for msm/tg in Nepal for the PLHIV people those are infected by HIV.

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    My name is Mirriam Nqwiliso , working as asocial auxiliary worker.In 2012 my colleague who worked as an intake officer, asked me to conduct a home visit in two different homes. There were two different people reported in our office a cases of abuse against older people. The situation I got was very, very bad and I was very touched. The older persons were victimized by they own family members who supposed to protect them. After that incident I decided to establish a service center for older person in that area, where they can be safe and protected . The service cater two meals per day and the are volunteers who are taking care of them and help them with their chronic medication and check-ups date in the local clinic.They meet their peers, sharing their stories and and do activities like knitting, aerobics,beads, food gardening,singing choral music and cultural performances.We have a challenge of funding, the service center is registered but we are not funded, we have nothing to give for our volunteers.We are also struggling with groceries ,kitchen equipment, office furniture and IT equipment, material and sewing machines. We also need furniture for dining hall and activity room and training for our volunteers.We also need a proper structure , our space is not enough since we have 75 beneficiaries and there are new members who are coming everyday.Your help will be highly appreciated and improve the life of vulnerable senior citizens.
    Thank you.

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    My name is Thamsanqa zamisa age 39,my grandmotherGertrude Mosemaka will be turning 85 years on the 26/08/2016. last year she fell and suffered a fructure on hipbone, since then she is always in pains and it breaks my heart to see her like that. The doctors says R100,000 wil be needed for her operation to fix the broken bone which make difficult for her to walk.I am working with 3 kids and is difficult to raise the amount,or is there any other place where she can be assisted.I believe that if she can be assisted will be the best ever birthday present.
    Please help

    Ramkrishna shared a story:

    Dear Colleague,
    National Press Club, Nepal (NPCN) is going to announce International
    Journalism Peace Award on the auspicious occasion of its
    32nd.anniversary.award is being conferred every three year since 1989. To
    inform people with truth and factual information is ethical norms and
    further we are sincere,dedicated and well-disciplined to protect
    occupational rights.

    NPCN is much interested to extend relation in the organizational as well
    as personal level for this mission we have visited many countries. We are
    keen interested to learn situation and aims of Seniar Citizens.We are visit your office Agust 19,20165.
    Ramkrishna Karmacharya
    Senior Citizen Fund.
    Social Welfare Council Nepal.
    Tourist Bus Park,Jalavinayak Marga,Pulchowk
    GREEN HOME;Lalitpur-20,Kathmandu,NEPAL.
    Member: International Association of Press Clubs.

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    Firdaus shared a story:


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    My mother was taken from my house by court and restricted me and family members from visiting. Died 1 yr after.

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    My brother alienated our mother from us starting as soon as he was released from prison for terroristic threatening. We were told by her after many altercations not to ever come back to her home that she couldn’t have us around Abe. 10 yrs later, our mother dies and we then find out over a million plus has been taken out of her name and put into our brothers with help from his girlfriend who worked for a title company she even notarized many. He unduly influenced her convinced her I was trying to poison her in her last days, I didn’t get to see her fro her last eleven days as he convinced her I was trying to steal her property. In her last 12 hrs before hospice he had her signing deeds and the griflfriend notarized them. We turned them into DHS for elder abuse and they did nothing, they financially exploited her.

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    I need help. My father is 92 years old. He was in the military from 1943-1973, serving as a veteran in three wars. He met my mother in Japan during the Korean war where she was working at a hospital that he was admitted to. They later married in 1959.
    In 2007 my mother passed away from lung cancer. My father was originally going to move close to my family so we could take care of him; however, he could not bring himself to leave the house that he shared with my mother for over 30 years. I insisted that he get a housekeeper and someone to make meals for him if he was going to live alone.
    In 2009 he said he hired a lady that he met while she was working at a 7-11 in Huntington Beach. Although she was unlicensed, I thought this would be OK since she was only going to be cooking and cleaning. I later find out that she was not doing any of these things. At this time, he had over $400,000 in savings.
    From 2010 this lady slowly worked her way into his life. Discarding all personal photos of the family as well as removing my mother’s belongings (she left the photos that were on the wall so no one would be suspicious). During this time, she convinced my dad to marry her in 2012. At the time he was 89 years old, she was 50. She never moved into the house, no one knew about the marriage, including my father’s brothers, or immediate family until almost a year later. When asked why he married her, my father stated that she wanted him to, so she could receive his VA benefits after his death.
    Since his marriage, this lady has never stayed at, or slept in his house She kept a separate apartment, and apparently also claimed Section 8 assistance… and received Section 8 funds.
    This lady alsoconvinced my father to buy her a car, as well as her daughter one. Apparently, my father started to give her money to pay for tuition for her daughter as well.
    Unknown to me, she also had me removed from my father’s bank accounts ( I was a co-owner/signer) and his power of attorney.
    On July 30, 2012 she convinced my dad to mortgage his house for $400,000 (see attached deed of trust) that was paid off without any family member knowing. At this time, I, and my doctor believe he was suffering from dementia, and possibly early stages of Alzheimers, as he was having hallucinations of people trying to break in, or on the roof of his house (he called the police on several occasions). He does not remember or know that he mortgaged his house. In June, 2013 she then convinced my father to change the family trust without anyone’s knowledge, and also had herself added to the title on the house.
    Immediately after mortgaging his house, she sent $250,000 to her mother.
    Whenever we, or family friends would visit, she was never there. Once, we arrived unannounced, and she was there, but immediately left. We found out later it was the same with our family friends that would visit.
    When questioned by family members and friends of her intentions (she still was not living with him), my father became very upset and would argue, and did not want any family members visiting. We come to find out later, that she told him it would be better for his health if he just cut off contact to us. He stopped calling, and she would disconnect the home phone so no one could call him. We did not see him from July 2014 through May 2015.
    I started receiving calls from family friends in May 2015 that they were concerned for my father’s well being. I went to visit my father in May 2015. I noticed much of his custom furniture was missing, and that there were signs all over the house …. Stating to not go out, Do not go in garage and do not use the stove. His bedroom was a mess, no bed, just a mattress on the floor. I decided I needed to take charge and contacted an attorney to file for conservatorship.

    I come to find out later that the neighbors had been calling Adult Protective Services, as my father was wandering around the neighborhood by himself, tried to climb up on the roof since he thought someone was trying to break in. I also found out after speaking with the neighbors that Rachel was only coming to the house for 2 hours a day, 2-3 days a week.

    Instead of addressing our and Adult Protective Services concerns, this lady picked up and moved my dad to Hawaii, without anyone knowing (either his brothers, or immediate family members, or neighbors). We found this out, because coincidentally, my best friend was on the same flight, and recognized my dad. When she went to find out what was going on, this lady started to yell at her, calling her names, to the point that Airport security was called.

    that day, I received a call from another lady that claimed to be her niece and that it was her mother (a CNA) is the one that took my dad to Hawaii (this is not true, as I have pictures showing it was actually the lady). She said that they would call me later to let me know what was going on. I never heard from anyone again,

    When I went to secure the house, it was obvious that they left in a hurry. The rear door was wide open, my father’s sundries and most of his clothes were still there, as was his medicine.

    My attorney immediately filed for an emergency temporary conservatorship, which I was awarded by the Orange County courts; however I could not get permanent conservatorship until I could arrange for my dad to come back from Hawaii.

    Once I was awarded temporary conservatorship, I was able to gain access to my father’s financial accounts, and research his accounts. I found out that this lady had also opened a line of credit against the home as well for $150,000, but only $25,000 was taken out. During my investigation, I found out that she would take my father to his credit union to make cash withdrawals that coincided with the electronic deposits from his pensions and disability checks. I was surprised to find out that his entire savings were gone.

    In August 2015 I found out that Rachel listed the house on June 23rd and was attempting to sell the house buy off market. She asked the real estate agent to try to sell it, without putting it on the market (I am in real estate, and would have known if it was advertised, or put in the MLS).

    I was later informed that this lady had hired a family law attorney in Hawaii and was asking for mediation. We decided to agree to the mediation, as there was no other way to get my dad back from Hawaii, if we did not.

    I do not know if this was their motivation or not, but on October 16th, 2015 I was told my father had a seizure and was taken to the hospital. I did not know which hospital, so my attorney told me to go ahead and contact her attorney. At that time, he told me my father was fine, but that he had lung cancer (as mentioned previously, my mother passed away from lung cancer). I was now even more motivated to get my father back.

    At the mediation, I was told that either I accept their terms or they would take my father back to Hawaii (I had to agree as part of the mediation that I would not take steps to keep my father here), and I could fight them from there, which would take possibly years, and my father could be dead by then since he had cancer. I of course accepted their terms, even though I felt coerced into it.

    After getting my father back, I had Drs. check him out. He did not have cancer…. It was a lie, to get me to accept the terms. He was diagnosed with having beginning stages of Alzheimer’s (see attached dr’s report)

    Right after getting my father back, I had to go in for major spinal surgery to remove a tumor on my spinal cord. I was laid up for a while due to this. I also made arrangements for daily care by professional care givers.

    I recently noticed that his disability checks from the VA were not being deposited into his account. I then contacted the treasury department and found out that as of November, Rachel requested checks be written directly to her. She then requested that they be direct deposited into a Chase Bank account with her as the custodian for my father (this is completely fraudulent, as the court had appointed me as the conservator, and she was fully aware of this). Rachel has been using this account to pay for her own private bills. These funds are not being used for my father’s health care, and in fact, I have had to use my own funds to pay his bills due to a shortage.

    The reason I need assistance, is I need someone to help guide me. The police department does not seem to take any of this seriously, and has not really investigated (originally, they did not even want to take a report). My attorney seems to have believe that I have no recourse, even though I was coerced into accepting the settlement against my will (I think he just wants it to end so he can get fully paid out), meanwhile, I have been paying for his caregivers from my own personal funds, and she is still taking money from him!….

    Help Please!

    Rajib shared a story:

    My name is Rajib Hasan.One of my village children has a heart problem and her has no nearest relative person so please please help this helpless girl.Remember that it"s not fake story i am still a donors .Please help from your humanity…

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    Many old people are killed here in my community due to superstitious belief that they are witches. In this community for a long time people have been using firewood for cooking which as a result causes the eyes to be red. But because of high illiteracy they ha ve been claiming that whoever has red eyes is a witch. Many people with red eyes are old people not young for they have been using firewood for a long time. I want to change this notion, to change their thinking. I have established the Community Based Organization named UNDUGU FAMILY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (UFADEA) and is registered so as to assist our old people from the killings.

    I need your great assistance to education first to Youth, for seminars,meetings and many workshops. WILL YOU BE OF ASSISTANCE TO SAVE THE OLD PEOPLE !!!!!!!

    Frederick shared a story:

    I was elected u opposed to represent Older Persons in Nakaseke District of Uganda found in Central Region. The District has 15 Sub counties wirh over 30,000 older persons who are at 60+ years as per the Constitution
    This being a new age bracket to be included in all governance levels in the country the mandate is challenging. I and my Executive committee will need a lot to share from the developed world for capacity building of my teams at District down to lower governance levels. So my sharing his info is to identify international partners and collaboration agencies working with Older Person Worldwide.
    Thank you
    Fred M.Lutaakome
    Older Persons Council
    Nakaseke District

    Barbara shared a story:

    “Hello? Yes, this is Barbara Hoffman” From there the nightmare begins with the Washington State Guardian System. I am not nearly through the system but, Our son working hard to stop what has been going on. It was a Friday, I had just been out looking for a home for my husband to be placed. He has Ataxia, the symptoms are very similar to ALS and he had been sick and then placed in a Rehab. At that time he was working to regain strength and get to come home. This was not going to be the case after the phone call.

    “My name is Lisa Rasmussen and I am your husbands guardian, you no longer have any say or control of what happens to him. You have abused him and abandoned him, you want him dead, you cannot see him again or you will be arrested.” I am calling your work and having you fired and I will own you right down to your socks.” Imagine my confusion. Vic, and I have been married for 41 years, I still love him with all that I am. We were hard working people who saved a tidy sum for retirement and had made our plans for our years together. I was shocked and I was alone, I did not think for one minute that this would not get resolved quickly.

    In May of 2015, the VA started sending caregivers into the home 3 days a week 4 hours at a time. Our daughter was coming in on the days that they did not come. We were in a one level home and he had all the bells and whistles to help him with his daily needs. In July Vic told me there was something wrong with the checking account and he believed that Mary was writing checks. She actually wrote $1180.00 in checks over a short time.

    In August Vic developed a UTI and he was in the hospital. From there he went to the Rehab in Camas, WA. He never came home again. He was back in the hospital with a UTI and was returned to the rehab with IV antibiotics. About 2 weeks later Vic developed a new UTI and was put on back on IV antibiotics. Then the rehab told me his time had run out and that he needed to leave. He still had time left on his IV and they said they would remove that and get pills. I said no, he needed to finish the course and then come home. I filed for an extension and got it. This was the end of September.

    It was at this time I got a letter saying someone had opened a credit card in my name. I talked with the people and the address they had was our daughters. I called the police and filed a report. My daughter was furious, her wife told me that she was a vet and that I owed this to them. I told her that I was not going to work to support her alcohol habit. I told her to get a job. It was a tough time and relations were strained.

    In early October I developed pneumonia and was hospitalized. I was released and within the week the social worker at the rehab had left a list of homes for Vic to go to. He had looked over the list and told me that they were too expensive and that he wanted to come home. I said home it will be then. I left a note saying that these were too expensive, my mistake, I put it in writing. Putting something is writing was not the long suit of the rehab. I had never received a phone call or report on Vic’s condition and his abilities to take care of his basic needs. He told me he was getting stronger and could do the transfers. They did not allow him to have all of his equipment so there were a few gaps in his rehabilitation.
    By Thursday the 3rd week of October, I got a call from the Social Worker at the rehab. I had to get Vic out of there by Monday or I would be charged $800 a day. My guess is they were done and wanted nothing more to do with him. I also believe there may have been some neglect on their part. At times it would take them 45 minutes to respond to his call to get assistance to use the bathroom. Wonder why he had UTI’s. I told the social worker I would bring him home and have the VA start coming in again. She said they would not do that as he needed more care than that. I asked what I should do? She told me to “quit my job”. I asked how I could pick a home on such short notice, how would I know he would get the proper care, that it wasn’t a shiny rattrap, flea bag? Looking good on the outside and no care on the inside? She said that was my problem. I was crying and distraught, I was on some heavy medications still and I was watching all our dreams and hopes go out the window. She told me to, “get over it”. I said that Vic and I had discussed this time in our lives and we both had said that it would be better to close our eyes and go to sleep than to go through or put each other through this type of situation. We had filled out DNR paperwork and he even refused water at the end.

    That evening I was trying to regroup, our daughter called and said she would help me the next day find a good home for her father. I was appreciative. Within minutes of that phone call 6 police officers showed up at my home because they were told I was suicidal. I had no idea what they were talking about. They told me my “sister” had called them. I explained that I do not have a sister. They looked like circus clowns at this point trying to figure it all out. They left and I am still here.

    The next day our daughter and I found a home close to where we live so that I could even walk to see him. It was a lovely place with only 4 men total. It was clean and it was stable. I was allowed in all areas of the home and I heard one of the men ask for a McDonald’s cheeseburger and the husband left to get him one. There was a great feel and lots of kindness in the home.

    I walked through the door and home the phone rang and that is where the nightmare starts. Lisa Rasmussen was on the other end screaming like a wild woman. She told me:
    I will have everything you own
    I will own you down to your socks
    You will be standing on a corner with a cardboard sign
    I will make sure you never see Vic again, she never once referred to him as my husband
    You try to see him I will have you arrested
    He is mine now and I have all the control
    I wanted him dead
    I had abused him
    I had abandoned him
    I refused to pay for his care
    This one sided conversation went on for 45 min. I was in shock, I told her we could work this out in a civil manner and that all the threats were not necessary. When the conversation was over I was completely shaken I did not know what to do.

    I called a friend and she said that I needed a lawyer. I went to a lawyer and he called Lisa Rasmussen to find out what was going on. We could hear her screaming at him from across the desk through the phone. He said very little to her, she ranted for 15 minutes. When he hung up he said, “I do not know everything, but Lisa Rasmussen has something for your daughter”. That was when the lights went on.

    The system took hold and kept me at bay saying they were going to file a VAPO, vulnerable adult protection order against me. That was the statement each time we tried to do anything. The attorney I ended up with could only tell me to get a divorce. Through all of this I am sure he should have been going after them, did not happen. My guess is that he was afraid of this woman, many of the attorneys in this area have told me they cannot fight them since they have to work with them and they are unregulated and can do as they please.

    At one point Lisa Rasmussen was going to place Vic with our daughter, she knew of the pending charges and did not care. He was going to move into a house with 3 adult women, one teenager, a baby and 5 dogs. This is a three bedroom townhouse with no bathing facilities on the main floor, Vic cannot do stairs. He was to live in the dining room with a curtain around him. I was instructed to buy him furniture and bedding to accommodate his needs in the home. I went shopping with our daughter and bought what was needed. This was not good enough, Lisa Rasmussen, knowing there were pending charges of credit card fraud and identity theft, handed our daughter my husband Visa and told her to buy what she needed and I would pay for it. Over $500 was spent. I did not know that he would be needing a new dining room table. When I called her about it she told me that was her call and she could do as she pleased. I closed the credit card account.

    I was waiting for the VAPO to be filed, it did not come. On December 31, 2015 Lisa Rasmussen started an investigation into the abuse charges. This was done this late into the guardianship because the court date was January 8,2016, one week away. There was no way in the world that the investigation could be completed in this amount of time and they could have their way with whatever they wanted as the charges still stood. In March 2016, I was cleared of all charges, all accusations were found unsubstantiated.

    During this time Vic was isolated. He was only allowed to talk to Lisa Rasmussen, her lawyer, our daughter and a brother and sister he had not talked to in 10 years. He was told I was abusive to him, that I had stolen from him, that I wanted him dead, over and over and over. Our son tried to talk to him and Lisa Rasmussen told him if he talked to him about me or the case again she would get a court order to keep him away from his father.

    January 8, 2016, Vic was declared incompetent on a felonious psych report. He was assigned a professional guardian. This woman with a sweet smile and friendly voice was not that at all. She has spent over $33,000 in 3 months. Her reports of money spent and monthly expenses are inflated. We are questioning everything through the courts.

    I had an attorney until May 2, he is an honest man. He too insisted that I get a divorce to protect my assets of 41 years. I did not want to but, I did follow his advice and start the process. Again, we were not addressing the real problem. Vic was in a money pit, his money being spent on guardians, attorneys and court fees. They charged over $350.00 to take him to a Dr. appointment. We were to go to court on the 6th and start the process, and fight the guardians reports. I was asked by his assistant if I expected him to be there on Friday? I was taken aback. I said, “Yes, why wouldn’t he be?” She said, “He had not planned to be there but, he could if I thought he needed to be.” I could not breath, my chest ached, I lost vision, my stomach was churning, my head was swimming. I had been through this before, I had been told by many attorneys they would not fight these people and here I was facing this again. I said I understood that he could not fight these people because he had a business to maintain, he could not rock the boat. This enraged my attorney and he resigned from the case on Tuesday. I had until Friday to pull it all together, find an attorney, bring them up to speed and be in court. That did not happen.

    Our son went to court for me. He filed for a continuance, he filed for guardianship. Before he stepped into the courtroom the professional guardian and her attorney pulled him into a room and told him to sign the papers and then they could all go home. He did not sign the papers and said he wanted to talk to the judge. They turned and walked out.

    Long story short, the judge was receptive to our son, allowed him a continuance and helped him with the process for getting guardianship. He explained to the court that the abuse was unsubstantiated gave him the documentation from DSHS. He told him his qualifications, and that he had taken the guardian class and passed. We now have 2 weeks and I have found an attorney in another county that we are going to talk to Monday. We finally got a break, this is just the opening volley, these people are going to fight hard to get all the money they can grab. It is a mess, we will continue to fight.

    Washington is completely unregulated and it is up to us to expose this mess. We need to make enough waves in public that the legislators cannot ignore us, that the general public is angry about this. Everyone needs to be aware that it only takes one angry person to tell lies, and make up stories to cause this kind of damage to a family. I beg all of you in Washington to contact the foundation, they will give you my number and we can begin to change this unregulated system.

    Sherry shared a story:

    first i took care of my Mom right to the end she had ALS. after that i helped out with my mother in law she had 2 types of cancer. i then took my Dad out of the nursing home since i had to clean him up everyday and my Mom why she could shaved and dressed him for bed every night. When i put my Dad in the hospital at the end i was asked by the doctors above the doctors in ICU what is it that i did to keep him alive for so many years i told them he had a place with his daughter he had his tv, puppy. kitty and his little granddaughter. My Dad had dementia, stokes, delusions sickle cell, many heart related aliments . He served in WWII passed at 85. Between both my parents they had 6 children together they had me. I am so proud of the both of them that i can say i love and still love their ex-spouses. My Dad was also legally blind and still took care of his children. My Mom is a Saint she was so patient and the glue to our family. What a horrible disease to watch her go through. Although my father was also mentally ill he or the doctors at that time my Dad was never properly treated for that which i feel is so heart breaking.

    Susan shared a story:

    My Dad sacrificed a lot during his life to make sure that if he died before my Mom, there would be enough money and assets to takecare of her needs until her passing. My father died in 2009. At that time, it was a known fact by my three brothers and myself that Mom had dementia. The oldest brother was living at my parents home at the time of my father’s death, and was not working. Within one month, he had used one of my father’s credit card accounts to issue a card in his name, the account had a credit limit of $50,000. I asked my Mom if she authorized this and she no, that was your father’s account. So, I called the credit card fraud unit to open an investigation. They sent an alert through email which went directly to my brother, when the fraud dept called to talk to my Mom to see if she authorized it, my brother was sitting next to her, telling her what to say. When this effort failed, I contacted my brother in NV and told him what was going on. He didn’t want to get involved, little did I know he was in on the whole plan. My Mom became totally dependent on the brother living with her. She would no longer let anyone else take her to the doctors, grocery shopping or anywhere. She became afraid of him because of his intimidation. It got so bad when my daughter took her young son to visit his Grammy that she stopped going to her home. He eventually convinced my Mom that I was going to steal all her money and put her in a nursing home. My daughter and I invited her out for her birthday, we were told never to come to her home again. My daughter was crushed that her Grandmother would say this to her, and I was still recovery from caring and watching what was once a very active father, die from congestive heart failure. I didn’t have any energy within me to fight anymore. The brother in NV came to MD, added his name to her checking account, purchased the house next door and furnished it with funds from the investment account my father had left for my Mom. He knew when Mom died, the house would become his clear and free. In 2010, they moved my Mom to NV, while the brother in MD remained in her home. Before she left, he had her sign over ownership of my Dad’s RV and her vehicle. Dec 2013, I received a call from my brother in NV, crying and apologizing and asked me to come she my Mom. I made two trip to NV within one month and it was the second trip that revealed that she was very unhappy being isolated from everyone and her health was failing. They attempted to change her Trust when there was no longer cash value in the investment account. I brought her back to MD and immediately took her to my father’s attorney for help. BIG MISTAKE !!! He had my Mom resign as Trustee, making himself the Trustee, I am the Successor Trustee. We closed out her checking account which my brother in NV was paying all of his bills, those of my brother in MD and his daughter who was now also living in the MD home. The investment account was placed in the Trust so they wouldn’t have access to it. I retained an attorney on behalf of my Mom to have the courts declare her incompetent so that I could become her Guardian as stated in her Advance Directive. A hugh legal battle ensued because I had shut down their funding source and had Mom in my custody. They accused me of kidnapping even though she had only been with me two weeks at this point. During all of this, I had a full time job and she couldn’t be left alone during the day. My daughter tried to help when she could, but with a young son and watching other children during the day it was too much for her. We agreed that best thing for her was to move her into a Independent Senior Living Apt where she would be able to socialize with people her own age and get involved in daily activities. I hired homecare to be with her during the day to help her with meals and person hygiene. My Mom was adjusting so well, she started gaining weight, joining the other residence for activities and dinner in the evenings. She was looking forward to taking day trips provided by the Property Management. Once she was settled into her new home, I advised the attorney/Trustee of her new residence. He immediately notified my brothers attorney, and they were able to gain access to the building by a Postman who gave them her apt number and they took her clothes and all. I was able to reach my Mom by a cellphone that I purchase for her, and she was so confused. They were hiding her out at different locations so I couldn’t find her. I contact Office on Aging, Adult Protective Services, Police Dept and eventually State’s Attorney Office to open an investigation into financial exploitation/abuse. APS sent a case worker and reported that she was fine, closed file. I requested a meeting with the APS case worker and was denied, yet he was meeting with my brother and niece every visit. I never had the opportunity to tell my story, they only were hearing from the very people that were abusing her mentally and financially. Police Dept wanted to help get her back, but was stopped by the States Attorney Office, she hadn’t been declared incompetent by the court. So, in their mind she could go or do whatever she wanted regardless if it was in her best interest or not. My brother’s attorney advised him to return her to NV, because the State’s Attorney would not spend the resources to have her returned to MD for court. My brother and his daughter drove her back to NV, three months after I had brought her home. State’s Attorney closes their investigation. The last time I saw my Mom was on April 17,2013. Now, three years later my Mom has four beautiful great-grandchildren that will never know her. My daughter, my Mom’s first grandchild has been denied having a Grandmother in her adult life. I have been denied a Mother, who I have care for and did everything in my power to protect her … but have failed. I was recently advised that my Mom has been placed in a Nursing/Assistant Living Home somewhere in NV,, and that if I want to see her I will have to coordinate my visits through my 26 yr old niece who now has POA. I just turned 60 in March, and I will be damn if I ask permission from anyone to see my own Mom. I recently retained an attorney to request an accounting of the Trust, because I have evidence of mismanagement. My attorney agreed that things were not right, however, I was not entitled to an accounting until such time that I become the Trustee or my Mom dies. So, this Trustee/Attorney can continued to send money to my Mom who’s account is being control by the very people that having been stealing from her for the past 7 years !!! Unbelievable Signed : A Voice for Mom

    Barbara shared a story:

    My husband was taken from me in Oct. I was told that I would never see him again. I was told by the Guardian Ad Litem that she would own me right down to my socks. She said I would be on the street and she was going to have my job. She went on for almost an hour about how horrible I was. She said I abused my husband and was stealing from him and that I had abandoned him. He had been either in the hospital or a Rehab since August. They investigated me for a VAPO and found all allegations were unsubstantiated. But, they will not let me be his guardian. They have appointed a guardian that has a history through the courts, (article in Wall Street Journal), of misappropriating funds of the people she was to protect. My husband was isolated and told repeatedly that I was stealing from him, that I was abusive and that I had abandoned him. I was not allowed to see him until February, I took him to a public place with a witness in tow. I have only been able to see one other time. When I picked him up he was dirty, his urine bag was full. He told me he was just staying in his room. He seemed afraid to tell me anything. He has a degenerative disease and I am afraid that he will die before I get to hold him again. We have been married 41 years and I am being forced to divorce him to protect my assets. This is such a mess, I had caregivers in the house before he went in the hospital, they are mandatory reporters and never once found anything to report. This was all brought about by my daughter and an over zealous social worker. If there is anybody else out there that lives in Clark County WA contact me and let’s start changing things.

    Nancy shared a story:

    My Mom is 90 years old, the younger daughter my mother help her to continue to work, mom stay since the first one born about 26 years old and her daughter made my mom to move to her home. MY mother and father left they jobs to stay in the house with baby, plus cooking to everybody, cleaning house and laundry from everybody in the house.First husband she had 2 boys. Later they got divorced and she already got a boyfriend who was married after he got divorced and this FUCK woman has 3 more children, my parents were over 85 years old. My rental an apartment and she brought all his 5 children to take to school and she never pay her nothingChildren grew up and older. my father died and she placed my mother to Wanaque Center nursery and she never allow my mother to go out with any of us, MOM`s children.
    MY mother trust noemi due how much help her but noemi placed in Wanaque nursery and she stated since my mom signed papers in English and mom does not understand, she took adsvantage of her, She got the papers my mother signed and refused to give my mom the papers she signed. My Mother is US Citizen, and she got the right to get her papers she signed. Nobody can do nothing about it. My mother is like in prision due noemi requested place some alarm in her wrist so nobody will take care out. NO HOLYDAY, NO CHRISTMAS, NO THANKGIVING AND MANY OTHERS HOLYDAYS JUST noemi mc andrewSTATED NOBODY WILL TAKE HER OUT. SHE IS 90 YEARS OLD. I must to do something to help with gov. but useless, I complaint Senior rights but I waste my time. I comes to see her but she is always crying, nobody come to see her. I got home so desperate how long my mother is going to live like that. She is 90 years old I want my mother delete papers she signed to her. HOW SHE IS GOING TO DO IT IF noemi REFUSED TO GIVE HER A COPY. MY MOHER IS US CITIZEN, noemi CAN NOT REFUSED TO GIVE MY MOTHER A COPY, noemi is COMMIT A FRAUD TO REFUSED MY MOTHER HAS COPY OF THE PAPERS SHE SIGNED., THEY ALL IN ENGLISH AND MY MOTHER SPEAK SPANISH AND ENGLISH.
    I am already retired and I just count with my Social Security pension.