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    my sister lived next to my mom and had MPOA and guardianship. I live 2 1/2 hours away. Without my mom knowing or my brother or I she forced my mom into assisted living even though she was living independently on her own and doing well. It has been a nightmare ever since and a 2 year court battle to get her home. Because my mom had no idea she was leaving her home and going straight to an assisted living she freaked out as did I. The facility in Rochester Michigan began immediatley drugging her to restrain her emotions. She has been on a psychotropic drug that causes dementia, parkinsons, memory loss and a host of other 150 detrimental side effects. She went in walking and talking on her own, communicating well to becoming wheelchair bound and over medicated. My sister would not let us talk to the doctors or have any information regarding my mom. We have been batteling in court and the court system sucks. It’s been a nightmare to say the least. We were trying to get her home but my sister destroyed her home that she lived in for over 60 years by keeping the heat low during winter months which caused a water burst and utterly destroyed her home which is like an art museum. She had my mom sign a quick claim deed to her other mansion up north to ensure she would inherit it. So much more but it has been a very expensive fight and my sister is draining my mom financially by using over 50 thousand already on her lawyer of my moms money. Something definitely needs to be done about elder abuse in Michigan. It’s criminal when parents own children have absolutely no rights.

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