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    I am Kerry McAuley and my father David McAuley died from his wife’s medical neglect August 24, 2019. He was put into a known horrible nursing rehab “Roswell Nursing Rehab Center” in GA from the hospital June 1, 2019. His wife Alma, Dutch and 21 years younger his 3rd wife married over 30 years lied in text’s telling me from Boca Raton my dad is fine when he was admitted to North Fulton May 15, 2019 In Roswell GA for traumatic injuries. His wife let him drink at a wedding and left him alone and I believe she protected herself again not my father. I even got a letter stated he cannot drink and must be supervised at all time but she continued giving him wine and leaving him alone. I found out and arrived June 10, 2019 not recognizing my dad from months earlier picking him up every day because I did not want him left alone while Alma worked 9 hours a day a Brown Jewelers. I leaned dad was not dying but was narcotized, drugged by this negligent facility and I took video’s of his severe bed sores and buttock wounds his wife ignored and my estranged siblings. Dad was Catholic an this wife a non believer and this bothered him. I got him a priest and this nurse Dee on his wife’s side interrupted twice screaming “I am not on the list and the wife does not want priest” Thank God I was video taping dads last rights and fought for his rights all on video I need help getting viral my story please. The wife told the facility she did not want me visiting and the police were called all on video because I got my dad a priest he wanted. The police thought this was strange they were called as I was not confrontal or currish as this nurse lied to his wife calling her at work rushing over telling me to leave. I went back after 5:00pm to check on my dad and their risk manager was upset I had the video’s of them changing dads diaper and seeing elder abuse and neglect and knew they were over medicating him so he could not function. I was brought into a room with 5 staff members including the risk manger threatening to delete the video of the priest or I cannot see my dad. On June 14, 2019 the Roswell Police were called a 2nd time to have me removed and a criminal no trespass the wife told them to get. I fought with them and asked her why she had not cleaned the feces in dads nails. It took me to arrive June 10, 2019 not finding out because again his wife gave him wine and left him alone causing his injuries and now early death. I had no rights to see my dad and was told his wife had POA and since he cannot speak for himself she makes his decisions. He did speak for himself even drugged stating in many video’s I took daily he wanted me to protect him and not leave and visit him. I protested fro the first time in my life knowing my 1st amendment rights across the street from the nursing rehab so they could not have me arrested with the criminal no trespass warning how insane. I bought a microphone and made signs and set up a small table and so many others that shared their story and video’s of their loved one being neglected but they were afraid to say anything because they were on Medicaid. My dad had Medicare and his days ran out an this wife and my siblings dead to me called and told me they all decided they were going to let dad die in Hospice. They actual said to me we will give you 30 minutes to say good bye to dad with my sister, Jane and the police there. I was heart broken knowing I now had no time to stop this or do anything because they told me they would testify for his wife not wanting to pay fo this care to recover. My brother when in town from Arlington 3 times since June 14, 2019 wheeled dad now in a wheel chair, diapers and speech difficulty all from his wife continuing to let him drink wine with her deigning problem causing his fall again and alone. I have a video of very visit with dad and the last one was August 4, 2019 him holding his chest telling me Alma was not getting him help for pain. My brother did not want me to video dad telling me to get POA and help him and get him out of this place. He wheeled my dad off abruptly and this was the last time I saw my dad conscience and did not even have the chance to kiss him goodbye and tell him I love him, I sent everyone the video including this nursing rehab administrator I had never met but texted and emailed that my dad needed immediate medical care for chest pain which turned out to be pneumonia they all neglected and ignored. From August 4, 2019 to August 24, 2019 when they let him be starved and over dosed with morphine when there was nothing really wrong with my dad except mild Dementia that only worsened from Alma giving him wine and not getting him the medical care he deserved and needed because of the cost. I went to the police in tears emotionally distraught demanding to see my dad. They scored me to the facility as if I am the felon when it was his wife. The administrator only gave me after 58 years to say good bye to my dad for 10 minutes. I knew dad could hear me and he was alive and warm and I asked him if he still wanted me to protest outside and keep protecting him to squeeze my hand twice and he did and hard and did not want to let go. The detective said your time is up and in tears crying I could do nothing the wife who was neglecting him had all the legal rights. I protested telling dad I was there for him and when Alma showed up called her a murderer. Because I was doing this they moved my dad to a location I could not find or at Alma’s home. My daughter, Kay a senior at UNF in Jacksonville flew in August 23, 2019 the day before he lost his battle and went to the house to ask Alma if she could say good bye to her grandfather in tears his first granddaughter. Alma said no Kay you can thank your mother. How far would my family go to now hurt my daughter who is also dealing with a rare eventually terminal heart condition she was born with everything n her body reversed Google last article I wrote (“Heart Wrenching Story 2010”) My story made national press and I was a guest with Chris Cuomo on Prime Time’s special ABC at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC where I have been bringing Kay every 6 months since a year old. I must get this story national attention and have all the video’s and need your help. His wife and my horrible siblings kept where his Catholic service was and the Northside Chapel funeral home said the wife will not let us say good bye to my dad. Kay and I went there and left notes for his coffin. I protested outside the funeral home but felt bad interrupting a 19 year old boy who hung himself over a girlfriend breaking up. Another problem happening in the country. Oddly I felt horrible for doing this the 5 minutes until I found out and left. God had me meet his father out drinking last Friday night so drunk and distraught. His friends tried to explain why he was so drunk and I knew this was the boy at the funeral home where my dad was. I hugged him and said I was so sorry crying still mourning my dad. He said he did not hear me but heard about someone doing this and forgave me. Life and karma and fate seem to prove this once again to me. My family posted dads service information after the service on the obituary site where I read what was written his devoted wife of 32 years. I was the only one to post on the wall about the truth and feel bad but had to tell the truth. Please look this up on (Northside Chapel Roswell GA David Charles McAuley. ) The story gets better. I called every Catholic Church around to ask if they were having a funeral for a David McAuley. The church around the corner where I live St Answers where I called days earlier and was lied to after reading dads obituary it was Thursday 10:30 am at St Andrews and a burial at a VA cemetery with a military memorial my dad a Marine. I called the head priest Father Dan who knew my sister, Jane and he told me he told his staff to lie to his daughter if she called or came in. He said he did not want to argue with me and said his wife did not want me there and one of my siblings had a restraining order which was not true. I asked him "Father did you ask to see this restraining order he ignored me. I will be protesting outside this church soon. I am still in such mourning my first death close to home my father. I learned a wife had no power of attorney and death succeeds. The Captain I have been working with to get elder abuse charges impossible against her and the nursing rehab another issue. He informed me the only way they can keep my daughter and I from attending the wake and his funeral and burial is a court order which I would be served and a hearing. Not to let me visit my dad because I got him a Catholic priest and then not to let me say good bye for longer then 10 minutes and not attend his services is beyond belief. I will have the last words. Kerry McAuley the eldest daughter.

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