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  • 1 to 2 million Americans age 65+ report having been abused by a loved one or someone they depend on for care.
  • Only 1 in 14 incidents of elder abuse are ever reported to authorities.
  • Only 1 in 25 cases of financial exploitation are ever reported, meaning there may be at least 5 million financial abuse victims each year.

You can do your part to end the silent epidemic of elder abuse by taking the pledge to stand up against elder abuse. There are 10,000 people who are turning 65 each and every day (Pew Research Center), and we are rapidly approaching a time where nearly 50% of the population will be 65 or older. Together, we can end the silence of elder abuse by standing united and raising our voices against this growing problem. 

Show your support in this movement, by pledging to end the silence, raising awareness in your community, and speaking up against elder abuse.


"Kerri Kasem is working to honor our elderly. . by God it is very important and obligation to dignify our eldery...Freedom from isolation. Go Kerri Kasem. Thank you." V. Amaral

"Without stimulation and love, people die." THANKS for pointing out that isolation is elder abuse." S. White

"I can't thank you enough for starting this conversation. Your dad would be so proud. He is smiling watching you change such an important part of wishes that I am sure were already planned. It breaks my heart for all the pain you endure to get something that should not even be a fight. You are inspirational and have helped me keep my head on straight knowing how hard you are working. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." R. Bove

"You are amazing! Keep up the fight for all those that can't." S. Benton


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  • Emily Elmendorf
    signed 2016-06-24 05:51:10 -0700
  • Lorelle Guglielmoni
    signed via 2016-06-21 12:13:31 -0700
    Any New York families who wish to

    Join filling the NY legislature/elder committee with our voices and stories … I have proximity to Albany

    Email: lmgug@yahoo.com
  • Gk Tyagi
    signed 2016-06-20 04:24:05 -0700
  • Bhupinder Singh Kohli
    signed 2016-06-19 03:38:11 -0700
    KARSEWA (The Times of India, Navi Mumbai Plus, 5th Aug,2004)

    “Working for the poor, the downtrodden the needy and the helpless is more than just a hobby for Bhupinder Singh Kohli from Nerul. It is a daily ritual. Apart from his busy schedule as an employee of the State Bank of India at CBD Belapur and in between taking care of his parents, particularly his 92-year-old bed-ridden father, Kohli is immersed in social work and constantly attempts to find solutions to the problems of the helpless in his own unique ways. Kohli’s latest idea has been to convert his own Santro Car to a vehicle for people in distress. Explains Kohli, "Four months back, I happened to see an accident near Uran Phata at around 7 pm. The victim was fatally wounded but he could reach the hospital only after precious time had lapsed, for want of timely ambulance services. This incident made me think of alternative sources to help people in distress. And that very night, I realised that I had one of these sources with me. I could help with my new car which I’d been using sparingly. I decided to use the car in emergencies for shifting patients from or to hospitals, free of cost. " The very next day, Kohli sprung into action and inscribed ‘FREE HOSPITAL SERVICE WITHIN NAVI MUMBAI DURING THE NIGHT’ on his car. During the next three months, he helped seven patients to reach the hospital during medical emergencies. As appreciation for his dedication, the Vashi Gurudwara presented Kohli with a second hand ambulance. Pointing out the difference that the generous gift would make, Kohli remarked, “Though my car would serve the purpose of dropping patient to the hospital, proper medical equipment is not available inside the car. Now, with the ambulance service available, I’m sure more lives will be saved.” This ambulance service too comes at no cost. This devout Sikh has taken seven first-aid courses in various hospitals across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Says Kohli, “When I was studying, I happened to see many rich patients dumping expensive medicines, which were not past their expiry date, after they recovered from their illness. These medicines would have otherwise served poor patients.” From then on, Kohli started collecting unused and un-expired medicines as well as free samples given by doctors. The medicines collected thus were sent to charitable dispensaries. Kohli also collects used equipment, such as walking sticks, saline stands and oxygen cylinders, among others; he sterilises them and gives them to poor patients. He also collects old and usable clothes, utensils, reading materials and toys for needy people in villages. The jewel in the crown of Kohli’s social work is his mammoth compilation of a computerised Blood Group Directory that has a list of around 4,800 donors’ names and addresses, collected individually. This social worker, who is responsible for organising many medical camps, is also a member of Civil Defence, Red Cross Society and Traffic Wardens.
  • Jon McMillen
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-06-18 02:53:34 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares
  • Jon McMillen
    signed 2016-06-18 02:53:01 -0700
  • Alison Camhi
    signed 2016-06-17 14:33:57 -0700
    I vehemently support the Foundation’s work to educate, validate and advocate for the many victims of elder abuse.
  • Anonymous
    signed via 2016-06-17 05:10:26 -0700
  • Lisa Seymour
    signed 2016-06-15 21:56:35 -0700
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  • Lisbeth Lang
    signed 2016-06-11 18:30:15 -0700
  • Richard Howell
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-06-10 19:33:16 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares
  • carol burgett howell
    signed 2016-06-10 19:31:56 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don’t stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @kasemcares
  • Tim Phillips
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-06-10 17:21:28 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares
  • Tim Phillips
    signed 2016-06-10 17:20:43 -0700
    If you know Carrie Fords story than you and mine and my wife Amy’s story.
  • Lory Happeny
    signed 2016-06-10 15:37:38 -0700
    Please don’t stop. This is a plague on our nation. So many I speak to have no clue it’s even happening. Awareness is the key!!! Keep it up!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  • Shari Lynne Tribble
    signed 2016-06-09 12:17:10 -0700
  • Paul Crandall
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-06-09 07:03:30 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares
  • John Bass
    signed 2016-06-09 07:03:06 -0700
    Kerri, I fully.applaud your efforts against elder abuse. Looking forward to Kasem Cares organizing a conference in Hawaii one of these days. Ill be sure to help
  • Bart Levine
    signed 2016-06-05 06:35:06 -0700
  • karin freuler
    signed 2016-05-26 10:19:08 -0700
  • Joy Lim
    signed 2016-05-22 22:55:50 -0700
  • Danielle M
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-05-22 10:40:22 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares
  • Danielle M
    @iwalani2 tweeted link to this page. 2016-05-22 10:40:19 -0700
    I just took the #KasemCares pledge. Don't stay silent, join me #‎TakeThePledge #‎StopElderAbuse @KasemCares http://www.kasemcares.org/take_the_pledge?recruiter_id=35619
  • danielle kockos
    signed 2016-05-22 10:36:26 -0700
    My stepmom would not tell me that my father was dying and not doing well. I suspect she had my father’s Will changed so she would not have to share anything with me and my sisters. My father was legally blind and poor hearing that could only hear with a hearing aid. this is when she had her friend re-voke his Will and the new one she sent me is for my Stepmom to be the sole beneficiary if she survives him. My stepmom is 18 years younger so I’m sure she knew with my Dad’s heart condition to be very rigid with care. Last September 2015 she took my Dad out of state to a County Hospital who knows what she told them. My Dad could not hear or see so it was up to my stepmom to ensure proper care. Of course she did not and Oh no my father was put on Life Support then she decided immediately after speaking to the doctor to pull the plugs. No notification except to tell my wealthy sister only. Unfortunately I’m not wealthy so she doesn’t talk to me since I don’t mix with her social class. I found out through another relative. I rushed back East and got a flight drove to my Dad’s house and stepmom would not give me any solid information just that you know my father wouldn’t want me to spend money on a trip. Very insensitive when I was there stated that my father was already cremated ! I got there a day after he passed she said oh yes the hospital took care of it nothing to see. Let me stay the night, then she was very unhospitable left and went back to California. After a month went by I wrote to my Stepmom regarding a Will my diplomatic father stated in the 1995 that not to worry I would get my share . My stepmom called my wealthy sister and told her not to worry about a Will that I get nothing ! I then called the other executor on my father’s Will and she sided with my stepmom. The executor at least told me she wrote the Will for my father but that is my Stepmom’s friend. How could my father really know what they are doing when my father cannot see or hear well for that matter ! Moreover the executor family husband, mother and grandmother signed to be witness all the family and friends of my stepmom ! Bottom line my stepmom did not care for my fathers health and got rid of him and cremated quickly and re-wrote the Will to favor herself. She probably paid her well to stand by her for the Will they did when my Dad cannot she or hear well ! My stepmom added injury to the insult left his ashes out of State and she hates to drive in Boston she said so why would she leave him there ? If she truly loved him she would of have had him close to her home ! I inquired to have some of his ashes but she is the only one who can give authority to give his ashes out. Her friend and her wrote in the Will that my father did not want a funeral ! My father wanted to be cremated but never spoke of never funeral. It just makes her life easy that way take the death certificate ,take all his financial investments , house and make sure her life is comfortable and no regard to me his daughter She told my sister to stop looking for anything that I would get nothing ! Not even any memorabilia ! I still want to fight for my rights as a daughter and be compensated for being mistreated regarding my father’s death and for my father’s abuse by my stepmom who only cares for herself and took advantage of his disabilities !

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