What is the Visitation Bill?

The Kasem Coalition is waging a state-by-state lobbying campaign to support the “Visitation Bill” or bills with similar components. 


1. The “Visitation Bill” provides an open path for family members to ask the court to rule on visitation without incurring the enormous expense and time that comes with a challenge to guardianship or conservatorship. At this time there are no laws protecting an adult child's right to communicate or visit with an incompetent or ailing loved one when a third party is preventing it, except to file for guardianship or conservatorship.
2. Kasem Coalition believes that isolation is the first step of elder abuse. Studies show isolation will decrease an elders lifespan by more than half when they are separated from loved ones especially those that suffer with dementia. With the epidemic increase in dementia diagnosis ( 1 in 3 people over 65 have dementia with an estimate 40% increase in the next ten years) along with the enormous amount of desperate letters from family members being separated from their ailing loved ones, Kasem Coalition was formed. Their goal is to promote legislation that provides visitation rights to families with ailing loved ones.
3. The “Visitation Bill” provides an open path for family members to ask the court to rule on visitation and gives judges a law that they can reference in order to make a ruling on what's in the best interest of the ailing loved one.
4. Elder abuse is a silent epidemic affecting thousands of people across the country and ironically, elements of the current laws support the abusers. 
5. Kasem Coalition is waging a state-by-state lobbying campaign to support the “Visitation Bill” or bills with similar components.

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  • Angela Darden
    commented 2020-07-04 04:13:19 -0700 · Flag
    My father has been living with my brother since 2015. Since me and my brother do not get along, I haven’t seen my dad, spoke to him only once, and it’s only because I found out what adult daycare he was being taken to (and now he’s being taken to a new one since my brother found out I called) I know my father wants to speak to me and my other brother, because the last time we spoke he told me he missed us. My aunts and uncles have called, taken road trips and flights to see their brother and my brother won’t allow it.
    My kids are growing up without even knowing their grandfather because my brother doesn’t like people, he doesn’t know certain family members, he doesn’t like family members, he doesn’t like people knowing where he stays, he doesn’t like taking my dad out, he doesn’t want my dad on the phone…. we have no way of communicating with him.
    This bill means so much to me, my heart is filled with joy because I never even knew that people even cared about the victims in situation, families being torn apart because one person has guardianship. It hurts so bad, to miss my father like he’s gone, when I know he’s still us..but I have to live my life as if I lost him long ago.
  • Veronica Campbell
    commented 2019-01-19 23:53:50 -0800
    My siblings and I went through this with my father. Our daily conversations and weekly visits with my Dad ceased over a 6 month period. During this time his wife of 25+ years unplugged the phone, would not answer the door completely isolating my 89 year old father and refused to a!low his children visits. During this time she began to sell off and transfer all of my father’s assets into her individual accounts. AP S recorded 8 complaints for elder abuse my regarding my father’s care 3 were filed by his children the other complaints were filed by his bank and caregivers. My siblings and I met with several attorneys requesting assistance to force his wife to release funds for his care. ( His wife stated he did not have the assets for care) prior to my father’s declining mental and physical health and the isolation he endured he was a successful multi millionaire. My Father died in a board and care home alone and afraid my siblings and I were not able to be with him his wife refused to let us know where he was. This was never my father’s choice. CHILDREN HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT AND CARE FOR THEIR PARENTS !!!!!! I believe this is what is often referred to as a natural reversal of roles.
  • Kris Cerone
    commented 2018-11-25 00:29:22 -0800
    You get the justice you can afford. An open path to court is no visitation for many and time can be of the essence when a parent is in the hospital. When my siblings hid our mother in a nursing home and took away her cell phone, I called adult protective services. They told me to get an attorney. My attorney money was being spent on childcare so my granddaughter could work. The legislature needs to pass a law stating children can see their parents, period. Plain and simple. That law should be made known far and wide so this will never happen again. I believe had such a law been in place what happened with the Kasem children and their father would have never ever happened.