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  • Troy Martin, Kerri Kasem and Kathleen Wright-Brawn at the signing of the Kasem Cares Visitation Bill with Governor Scott Walker.

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  • Kerri Kasem on WHO News Radio 1040. Thanks to Simon Conway who helped get the nation's first visitation bill signed by Iowa Governor Branstad!

  • Kerri Kasem at Iowa Capitol before signing of the Visitation Bill

  • Press Conference: Elder Abuse Laws to Have Strict Penalties

  • Kasem Cares Awarded With Certificate of Congressional Recognition

The Kasem Cares “Visitation Bill” has been passed in 11 states so far with CA, TX, IA, UT, LA, VA, AL, WI, IL, AR, NE and 9 other states adopting a version of the Kasem Cares bill to make it a total of 20 states.

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Only a few tickets remain for the Kasem Cares 2nd Annual Conference on Elder and Dependent Abuse with the California District Attorney Association to be held in Orange County!

Cocktail Reception will be held on Tuesday, November 28th from 5-6:30p with a performance by a singer from "The Voice." Martin Kove from Karate Kid movies, reality TV stars, Glen Campbell, Mickey Rooney and Casey Kasem's kids.

To purchase tickets, click here. Why attend?

This conference is designed for individuals interested in learning more about the challenges that exist within today's elder community. Whether you are an advocate or victim, you can benefit from the issues faced in elder abuse and dependent abuse. You will get answers, resources and support if you or your loved one are facing issues in elder or dependent abuse.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN and who you will meet at our two day conference:

Survivors Panel: Kerri Kasem, Kelly Rooney, Travis Campbell, Trudy Campbell, Julie Belshe, Kathy Brawn, Phyllis Kalbach, Carrie Jones. Hear stories of isolation and elder abuse directly from those affected, including the children of Glenn Campbell, Casey Kasem and Mickey Rooney.

Lessons from the Frontlines of the Elder Fraud War :Mark Mermelstein, along with Olivia Robinson and Laurie Martinez

It Can Happen To Anyone: Lessons Learned From Cases of Celebrity Isolation & Elder Abuse - Lessons Learned From Cases of Celebrity Isolation & Elder Abuse : - Troy Martin - Attorney at Law; Lurie, Zepeda, Schmalz, Hogan & Martin

Fraudulent Guardianships: Everything Law Enforcement Needs To Know - Rick Black

Look Deeper: Unraveling Deceitful Guardianships - Diane Dimond

How To Overcome Barriers To Successful Investigations and Prosecution: - Paul Greenwood, Deputy District Attorney, San Diego County, CA

Lessons from the Frontlines of the Elder Fraud War - Mark Mermelstein, along with Olivia Robinson and Laurie Martinez

Kerri Kasem Closing Keynote- with special guest Kathy Brawn

The conference takes place November 28-29, 2017

Sponsorship and resource table opportunities are available. Contact us today!

Thank you for taking the time to join and learn from leaders in the field of elder and dependent abuse. All proceeds support and benefit Ka sem Cares, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.


We welcome the advocacy efforts of every individual, organization, or agency in this fight against elder abuse and isolation.

As we are able to unite in this mission, we will be able to bring about great change. We also work alongside Kasem Coalition and its passing "visitation bill" state by state.

Love and support of victims, unity, and healing can start to take place on an individual and national level as we move forward in this fight together.

Our Mission

The mission of Kasem Cares and the Kasem Coalition is to eliminate all forms of elder abuse, including isolation through education and awareness, support of social change, and community service programs. We are dedicated to fighting elder abuse and protecting the integrity of the family unit through advocacy, and seek to empower and unify individuals and organizations in having a voice to speak up against violence against seniors to help the aging population maintain their independence and dignity.





Kasem Cares is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and donations are tax deductible. For your reference our tax identification number is 47-3610518. Please contact your tax professional for additional details.

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    Stop the Silence. Promote Awareness. Raise your Voice.

    • 1 to 2 million Americans age 65+ report having been abused by a loved one or someone they depend on for care.
    • Only 1 in 14 incidents of elder abuse are ever reported to authorities.
    • Only 1 in 25 cases of financial exploitation are ever reported, meaning there may be at least 5 million financial abuse victims each year.

    You can do your part to end the silent epidemic of elder abuse by taking the pledge to stand up against elder abuse. There are 10,000 people who are turning 65 each and every day (Pew Research Center), and we are rapidly approaching a time where nearly 50% of the population will be 65 or older. Together, we can end the silence of elder abuse by standing united and raising our voices against this growing problem. 

    Show your support in this movement, by pledging to end the silence, raising awareness in your community, and speaking up against elder abuse.


    "Kerri Kasem is working to honor our elderly. . by God it is very important and obligation to dignify our eldery...Freedom from isolation. Go Kerri Kasem. Thank you." V. Amaral

    "Without stimulation and love, people die." THANKS for pointing out that isolation is elder abuse." S. White

    "I can't thank you enough for starting this conversation. Your dad would be so proud. He is smiling watching you change such an important part of wishes that I am sure were already planned. It breaks my heart for all the pain you endure to get something that should not even be a fight. You are inspirational and have helped me keep my head on straight knowing how hard you are working. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." R. Bove

    "You are amazing! Keep up the fight for all those that can't." S. Benton


    Will you sign?

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    A Personal Message From Carrie Jones

    By Carrie Jones Sadly my great uncle, Ray Edwards, suffered Elder Abuse not only at the hands of his wife, but also at an assisted living facility (ALF).  While Ray was at a skilled nursing facility, and I had power of attorney, my family and I started researching a permanent residence for him.  I am just a young girl and had no previous knowledge of what to do or where to look for help.  My mother and her sister flew to California to help me.  We narrowed our search to a beautiful facility in Pasadena, CA.  The facility rolled out the red carpet for us.  They took us to a private room, offered us coffee, tea, sparkling water.  They began to tell us everything that they could offer to my uncle.  3 meals a day in an immaculate dining room, snacks in between meals, bathing once a day, laundry once a week, special attention to his dietary needs.  They told us they would get him involved in various activities.  They even had me fill out a questionnaire regarding his interests.  They said that he could garden, go out on group outings, play games, woodworking.  We were sold!!  Almost $5000 a month, however we still had to cover expenses. 
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    * Please note that we do not share your information with other organizations. We are here to support you and we may reach out to you to learn more about your story. Please let us know immediately via email if you are contacted by groups other than Kasem Cares as a result of your communication with us.